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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Bizarre...Twice Seen Shape-Shifting Black Shadow

2006 - Seguin, Texas

Truck driver Terry in Shreveport, Louisiana called in to tell of a bizarre shape shifting object he observed outside Seguin, Texas:

“I was wondering if somebody could help me out with a phenom that I've seen twice, about a month apart. It was down by Seguin, Texas on Highway 123 down where I was living.

About nine years ago, me and my wife had gotten up about a half an hour after sunrise and we were heading out with a pick-up on a car trailer in east Texas. About three miles outside on Highway 123, we witnessed a very black-looking object that moved across the highway from left to right. It was doing about 10 miles an hour. And then it was changing shapes and it was about the size of a tractor trailer. We were moving at about 65 miles an hour and we watched it cross the highway up ahead of us which was about 3 or 400, maybe 800 yards, something like that. And it lasted probably about 4 to 5 minutes just watching it go off and over a hill and then just disappeared. It was such a deep black, deep, I mean blacker, it was than pitch... bright daylight. Sun had been up a half hour and the object was blacker than looking up at an unlit moonlight sky.

The first thing, I told my wife, 'Are you seeing what I'm seeing?' And she goes, 'Yeah, I'm seeing what you're seeing.' Whatever that is, she goes, it feels, she said the first thing she felt like was that it was some type of intelligence but she said that it was like pure evil going across the highway.

The second time, the second sighting of this object, was that we were coming back the other direction, about three and a half weeks later after we picked up her daughter from school in the afternoon. It was about an hour before dusk, in the same area but about two miles further up the highway. We were following a tractor trailer and I was doing about 70 miles an hour and all of a sudden the first thing we thought was that a wheel, we thought a tire had blown off the tractor trailer, we saw this thing come spinning off the back, it looked like, off the truck in front of us which was about ten truck lengths ahead. And so I started to hit the brakes and it's me, my wife and my 14 year old daughter. And all of a sudden what we thought was a tire actually spun into the object that we had seen before. It took the shape of about the length of the truck and it was moving alongside the tractor trailer at 70 miles an hour for a distance of probably a mile and then it moved off to the left at 5 to 8 miles an hour. We watched it move over a hill and then it just accelerated at an unknown speed, just up and out and gone.”

Source: Coast to Coast - September 25, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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