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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Female Reptilian In My Bed -- Human Skulls Found In Santeria Store -- Djinn Blamed For Fires In Egypt

Female Reptilian In My Bed

Van Nuys, Santa Barbara, CA, - 2000: many times at night, in bed or awakened from sleep. Human like female no hair at all anywhere on body, levitating or in the bed with me...alligator like head, no body under blankets... Grey-type alien face outside window at night. experienced paralysis, inability to scream or move. matching scars on each hand between thumb and pointing finger. ufos, three, daylight, came together into triangle and then moving off in formation. late afternoon over ocean. Chronic nightmares, phobias, occasional paralysis, flashbacks, total fear of being alone or leaving house alone. Other...hallucinations? Lost time throughout life. Sister hassimilar experiences. Ritual...Longterm abduction one possibility. Need to explore. have checked several possibilities including Sleep Paralysis and Disociative Identity Disorder. Diagnosed with Post Tramatic Stress Disorder among other things. I would like to rule out...in order to recover. Please respond. Thank you. - MUFON CMS


Nine Human Skulls Found In Compton Santeria Store

The magic of Southern California strip malls is that though they fall into somewhat predictable archetypes of nail spots, weed stores, and Middle Eastern food joints, ultimately you never know what you're going to find.

Like on Friday, in Compton, when somebody called the L.A. County Sheriff's Department to investigate claims of animal cruelty at a storefront Santeria religious institution on Long Beach Boulevard, according ABC 7. Once there, Sheriff's Deputies discovered what they believed were nine human skulls.

To investigate further, the Sheriff's department called in the L.A. County Coroner's department. Coroner's investigators found several other bones along with the skulls, though they were unable to immediately determine whether or not they were animal or human in origin.

Possessing skeletal human remains is legal in California, though it can be challenging to navigate through the state's health-and safety bureaucracy to do so. The job of the Sheriff' and Coroner's departments is to now determine if the bones actually are human, and if they are, whether or not the Santeria store legally obtained them.

"There is nothing sinister here," said Sheriff's Homicide Capt. Steve Katz to the Los Angeles Times. "The skull and possible eight other skulls in vessels were being used in Santeria. The question is were the skeletal remains acquired appropriately."

Santeria is a Caribbean religion said to have originated with the West African Yoruba people, and was transmitted across the Atlantic through the slave trade. There, the religion mingled with Catholicism until it became the mix that it is today.

At this particular Compton location, spiritual advisors dressed in all white during ceremonies, and pontificated they could cast away negative energy bonded to ceremony participants.

Sometimes the ceremonies involved the sacrifice of live chicken or goat, leading to original animal cruelty call.
Like we said, you never know what you'll find in your average, unassuming strip mall. - Nine Assumed Human Skulls Found In Compton Santeria Store


Djinn Blamed For Fires in Egypt

A village in northern Egypt has been gripped by panic after dozens of houses were burnt in a series of mysterious fires.

A police investigation is still under way, but villagers believe the cause of the fire is supernatural, started by "djinn" - mythological evil spirits.

Several families in Mina Safour have abandoned their homes and are staying in the streets over fears that they could be the next victims.


Arcane Radio Presents: Jay Bachochin - Founder, 'WPI Hunts The Truth'

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This week we welcome our friend & colleague...'Truthologist' Jay Bachochin to Arcane Radio. Jay is the founder of 'WPI Hunts The Truth' and states 'I am not a ghost hunter, ufologist, or a cryptozoologist ... I am a Truthologist (one that seeks the truth of anything paranormal).' His group has been involved with many investigations throughout the Midwest since 2007. The group website can be found at www.wpihuntsthetruth.com. This should be a very informative show! Join us on Monday, February 1st - 10PM ET / 7PM PT - go to www.arcaneradio.com and click 'Listen Live' for listen & chat.



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