Saturday, January 09, 2016

No Tropical Paradise: Abductions & Lost Time

The following is a preliminary report of concerns & torment experienced by a witness who recently contacted me.

Over the past 3 weeks I have had continued contact (by email and telephone) with a 32-year-old single mother named Sally, who resides in western St. Croix Island in the territory of the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Sally originally contacted me through email and described unusual incidents that she's experienced during the past 2 years. Each of these experiences consisted of 'lost time' and/or abduction events...which occur during days and evenings when she is home from work. She is a supervisor at one of the resorts...offering tropical paradise getaways. She asked that I not be specific, even though many of her friends and staff are aware of the situation.

Most of the abduction episodes occur in the evening while she is at home doing household chores. The duration of lost time varies, but it is usually for 30 minutes to an hour. One particular incident lasted for several hours, which frightened her because her child was alone and vulnerable. Since that episode, her close friend now lives with her and drives her back and forth to work.

Her friend Bebe verified to me that Sally actually disappears during these lost time episodes. In fact, she stated that her and Sally were in the kitchen cooking dinner one evening and Sally simply vanished. About 20 minutes later, Bebe found Sally laying on the floor by the couch in the living room. She was slightly disoriented, but able to speak and stand up. Bebe witnessed a similar episode when Sally had a very bad cold with a fever and was in bed. Bebe went to check on her about 8:30 pm and Sally was gone. About 5 minutes later, she heard Sally calling for her, and found Sally nude and shivering in the living room. Bebe has no explanation for these incidents and swears there is no possible way that Sally is scheming.

As soon as the abduction would start, Sally said that she would 'see' a bright flash of light. Bebe states that she never witnessed a bright flash. During an ordeal, Sally says that she is always laying face down and nude on a wet, cold surface. She is confined somehow and unable to move. Her face is placed in an opening on the surface which restricts her from seeing anything. Her ears are covered by some kind of device that emits a humming sound. Each time a sharp object, most likely a needle, is inserted in her right buttocks and left calf. There is no pain, but there is an uncomfortable pressure around the injection point, then later a sickening sweet taste in her mouth. As soon as those procedures are performed, she is returned. There have been no marks found anywhere on her body. Sally also mentioned that she had a deep cut on her hand from a broken dish, which required 6 stitches. The next evening she taken, and when she returned, the wound was completely healed.

Sally says that her overall health has been excellent throughout the ordeal. She also states that she no longer suffers from psoriasis on her back, which she had since she was a child.

None of the abductions have occurred while Sally was sleeping or in the presence of her young child (who is usually sleeping or taking a nap at the time). There have not been any episodes during the time when Sally has been on her job or anywhere outside of her home. She has never seen any of her captors. There have also been a few abductions where she has not noticed any lost time at all. Sally estimates that she has been abducted approximately 28 times since the first episode on December 5, 2013.

During the 3 weeks I have been conversing with Sally, there have not been any lost time / abduction episodes. I don't attribute this to anything I may have done...and, according to Sally, there have been time gaps up to 2 months since these events started. It took several conversations with Sally for her to begin feeling comfortable with me, which I understand and appreciate. She was informed from the beginning that it was not only my objective to determine and possibly help her with this situation, but to also be able to tell her story on the blog...which she eventually agreed to. I will continue to monitor this case and update any changes and revelations. Your comments are welcomed. Lon

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