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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Flying Serpents, Dragons & Humans

What are 'flying serpents / dragons' and what connection, if any, are there to humans?

The Egyptian tales of flying snakes captured the curiosity of the Greek historian Herodotus (ca 460 BC). These winged drakontes were said to live under frankincense (Boswellia) trees in the Arabian Desert. To gather the incense, the Arabians burned styrax (resin of the Liquidambar tree) because the smoke drove the winged snakes away. Herodotus described the flying reptiles as small with variegated markings, shaped like a water snake but with wing like membranes, like bat wings.

Drakon: Dragon Myth and Serpent Cult in the Greek and Roman Worlds describes humanoids (Titans) that repeatedly interact with drakontes, both fighting against them and indeed alongside them, as masters and mistresses of them. Amongst males Apollo and Heracles are noteworthy in this regard, but it is the females that stand out more, notably Athene and Medea.

Flying serpents and snakes are also mentioned in The Hebrew Bible and the Book of Mormon, sent by God to control humans. The Book of Enoch talks about the Watchers...supposed Angels dispatched to Earth to watch over the humans. They soon begin to lust for human women and, at the prodding of their leader Samyaza, defect en masse to illicitly instruct humanity and procreate among them. The offspring of these unions are the Nephilim, savage giants who pillage the earth and endanger humanity. Samyaza and his associates further taught their human charges arts and technologies such as weaponry, cosmetics, mirrors, sorcery, and other techniques that would otherwise be discovered gradually over time by humans, not foisted upon them all at once. Eventually God allows a Great Flood to rid the earth of the Nephilim, but first sends Uriel to warn Noah so as not to eradicate the human race. The Watchers are bound "in the valleys of the Earth" until Judgment Day. Is there a connection between the Flying Serpents / Dragons and those rebellious 'Angels' who survived the deluge and were made to hide in the dark recesses of the Earth?

In more modern times, these beast are still seen and reported. Here is an interesting vintage cryptid account:

Fiery Flying Serpent

Mr. M. N. Ward, a gentleman connected with the mission at Pedang, on the coast of Sumatra, has published a well attested account of a flying serpent seen by the narrator. He saw the animal fly from a tree at the height of some fifty or sixty feet, to another tree some forty fathoms distant. It supports itself in the air by drawing its belly, widening itself and forming an arch as far as the ribs extend, and forces itself ahead with the rapidity of a bird, by sinuous motions, like a serpent swimming.

There is nothing in the reptile which bears any resemblance to a wing. Its length is about four feet, and bite is dangerous. Another description of flying or darting serpents, is described by the natives, whose bite is instant death. It leaps or flies only about half the distance of the other, and makes none of the sinuous waving motion in the air. This discovery, of the truth of which there can be no doubt, shows the portion of Scripture which speaks of "burning fiery serpents" had a literal fact for the basis of its figurative language, though the species is now extinct in the region spoken of in the Bible. What a terrible scourge must be such an animal. Give us the sterility of the frozen, rather than the fertility of the torrid zones with such drawbacks. Polar bears are more agreeable than flying serpents. - Holly Springs Gazette (Holly Springs, Mississippi), August 04, 1841

On September 25, 2001, a 19-year-old driving along Pennsylvania’s Route 119 reported what he described as “flags flapping in a thunderstorm” coming from above his car. When he looked up, he was astounded to see what looked like a bird with a 3–4.5 meter (10–15 ft) wingspan and a strange, elongated head flying above him.

Over the next few months, two more witnesses would report seeing similar creatures in Greensville and Erie County, Pennsylvania. The reports were reminiscent of a string of sightings that took place in Texas in 1976 and 1982. In all cases, the creature described sounded remarkably similar to a Pterosaur. The sightings in Texas even occurred near to where the fossil of Quetzalcoatlus northropi, a large Pterosaur of the Late Cretaceous, was first discovered. Interestingly, these “Pterosaur” sightings seemed to occur close to each other in waves. That suggests that people were really seeing something...but what?

In Africa, the native people of the Congo, Zambia, and a number of other regions speak of Kongamoto: “the Overturner of Boats.” It is described as featherless with smooth skin, a beak full of teeth, and a wingspan of 1–2 meters (4–7 ft). On the Gold Coast, British explorers in the 1920s heard tales of the Susabonsam, which grew to the height of a man and had thin, tenebrous wings like a bat.The truly large sightings of Kongamoto could be a surviving group of Quetzalcoatlus northropi, which, at the height of a giraffe, was the largest flying animal to have ever lived. Of course, they could also be condors, various storks, or other large birds seen in silhouette—or they might only be legends or outright hoaxes. But in 1988, Professor Roy Mackal led an expedition into the deserts of Namibia. He was investigating intriguing reports of a creature with a 9-meter (30 ft) wingspan seen gliding through the air. Eyewitness reports stated that it would appear at dusk, flying between two hills. Some even claimed that the winged monstrosity glowed in the dark. While the mission was unsuccessful, one expedition member claimed to have seen it from a distance, describing it as “a giant glider shape, black with white markings.”

Then there was an encounter in Powys, Wales in March 2001 around 7:30 PM...as reported in 'Strange' Magazine.

A British biologist and a few colleagues were conducting some research in the area after being notified by a local of "something" strange that was witnessed a month earlier. As they stood at the edge of some woods by a quarry they suddenly looked upon an extraordinary entity. Measuring 3 ft. or so in length, it resembled a serpentine dragon with four short limbs, but its head was shaped very like that of a sea horse, and it was airborne...undulating and wriggling as it flew about 10 ft above the surface of the quarry in a wide circle.

They were unable to recall seeing any wings, but it had a long tail that ended in a pair of horizontal, whale like flukes. The entity was green in color and shimmered somewhat, but appeared solid, not translucent or ethereal. They watched it for 3-4 minutes, at a distance of approximately 50 ft, before it finally vanished into one of the numerous caves and large crevices pitting the quarry. The biologist had the distinct impression while watching this creature that it was deliberately seeking to keep them at bay, warning them off from approaching further into its territory.

A 'dinosaur-like bird' was reported near Murmansk, Russia in Summer 1995 at 8:30 PM by St. Petersburg, Russia's state controlled newspaper.

Two men were riding a car on a local road outside of Murmansk. Despite being in the evening it was still light out. The road was about 4 meters wide and was asphalt and surrounded by fields and tall canes on both sides. The road was straight and there was excellent visibility.

At approximately 15-20 meters in front of the car a strange creature was seen running across the road. The creature looked bird-like and it was visibly huge. The entity had long legs, about 2 meters long, dark feathers along the back and an odd shaped body. Unfortunately the witnesses were unable to see any additional details, but discerned that the strange 'bird' was similar to a 'running reptile.'

They stopped the car but realized that it was useless to look for the strange entity amid the dense cane fields. One of the witnesses, while reading a book on dinosaurs, found a picture that depicted almost exactly what he and his friends had seen. The image was later identified as a dinosaur from the Order Ornithischia.

Local naturalist stated that no species of animal fitting that description lives in the region.

In the book Native American Prophecies: History, Wisdom and Startling Predictions there is an excellent reference to 'Deganawidah: The Two Serpents':

When Deganawidah was leaving the Indians in the Bay of Quinte in Ontario, he told the Indian people that they would face a time of great suffering. They would distrust their leaders and the principles of peace of the League, and a great white serpent was to come upon the Iroquois, and that for a time it would intermingle with the Indian serpent as a friend.

This serpent would in time become so powerful that it would attempt to destroy the Indian, and the serpent is described as choking the life's blood out of the Indian people. Deganawidah told the Indians that they would be in such a terrible state at this point that all hope would seem to be lost, and he told them that when things looked their darkest a red serpent would come from the north and approach the white serpent, which would be terrified, and upon seeing the red serpent he would release the Indian, who would fall to the ground almost like a helpless child, and the white serpent would turn all its attention to the red serpent. The bewilderment would cause the white serpent to accept the red one momentarily.

The white serpent would be stunned and take part of the red serpent and accept him. Then there is a heated argument and a fight. And then the Indian revives and crawls toward the land of the hilly country, and then he would assemble his people together, and they would renew their faith and the principles of peace that Deganawidah had established.

There would at the same time exist among the Indians a great love and forgiveness for his brother, and in this gathering would come streams from all over -- not only the Iroquois but from all over -- and they would gather in this hilly country, and they would renew their friendship. And Deganawidah said they would remain neutral in this fight between the white and red serpents.

At the time they were watching the two serpents licked in this battle, a great message would come to them, which would make them ever so humble, and when they become that humble, they will be waiting for a young leader, an Indian boy, possibly in his teens, who would be a choice seer. Nobody knows who he is or where he comes from, but he will be given great power, and would be heard by thousands, and he would give them the guidance and the hope to refrain from going back to their land and he would be the accepted leader.

And Deganawidah said that they will gather in the land of the hilly country, beneath the branches of an elm tree, and they should burn tobacco and call upon Deganawidah by name when facing the darkest hours, and he will return. Deganawidah said that as the choice seer speaks to the Indians that number as the blades of grass, and he would be heard by all at the same time, and as the Indians are gathered watching the fight, they notice from the south a black serpent coming from the sea, and he is described as dripping with salt water, and as he stands there, he rests for a spell to get his breath, all the time watching to the north to the land where the white and red serpents are fighting.

Deganawidah said that the battle between the white and the red serpents opened very slowly but would then become so violent that the mountains would crack and the rivers would boil and the fish would turn up on their bellies. He said that there would be no leaves on the trees in that area. There would be no grass, and that strange bugs and beetles would crawl from the ground and attack both serpents, and he said that a great heat would cause the stench of death to sicken both serpents. And then, as the boy seer is watching this fight, the red serpent reaches around the back of the white serpent and pulls from him a hair which is carried toward the south by a great wind into the waiting hands of the black serpent, and as the black serpent studies this hair, it suddenly turns into a woman, a white woman who tells him things that he knows to be true but he wants to hear them again.

When this white woman finishes telling these things, he takes her and gently places her on a rock with great love and respect, and then he becomes infuriated at what he has heard, so he makes a beeline for the north, and he enters the battle between the red and white serpents with such speed and anger that he defeats the two serpents, who have already been battle weary.

When he finishes, he stand on the chest of the white serpent, and he boasts and puts his chest out like he¹s the conqueror, and he looks for another serpent to conquer. He looks to the land of the hilly country and then sees the Indian standing with his arms folded and looking ever so noble that he knows that this Indian is not the one to fight. The next direction that he will face will be eastward and at that time he will be momentarily blinded by a light that is many times brighter than the sun.

The light will be coming from the east to the west over the water, and when the black serpent regains his sight, he becomes terrified and makes a beeline for the sea.

He dips into the sea and swims away in a southerly direction, and shall never again be seen by the Indians.

The white serpent revives, and he too sees the light, and he makes a feeble attempt to gather himself and go toward that light.

A portion of the white serpent refuses to remain but instead makes its way toward the land of the hilly country, and there he will join the Indian People with a great love like that of a lost brother.

The rest of the white serpent would go to the sea and dip into the sea and would be lost out of sight for a spell. Then suddenly the white serpent would appear again on the top of the water and he would be slowly swimming toward the light. Deganawidah said that the white serpent would never again be troublesome to the Indian People.

The red serpent would revive and he would shiver with great fear when he sees that light. He would crawl to the north and leave a bloody, shaky trail northward, and he would never be seen again by the Indians. Deganawidah said as this light approaches that he would be that light, and he would return to his Indian People, and when he returns, the Indian People would be a greater nation than they had ever been before.

Going beyond terra firma the Alpha Draconians are possibly the oldest known Reptilian race in our galaxy. All Reptilian species are thought to be genetic hybrids and manipulations from an original race called the Winged Ciakar. A specific description from an alleged witness states:

Alpha Draconians can be huge in stature, growing up to 15-20 feet tall and can weigh up to a ton. Some can parallel the dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor in appearance...while others relate closely to legendary Dragons / Dracos, including wing structures for flying. They have black leathery brown scale bellies, with multiple abdomens. There are whiskers along their chin and jaw line. They possess a mating claw and multiple tongues.

They lay eggs and what is called a battle hormone is used to accelerate the birthing process. They are a duality. This is why ancestral females did not participate in war, because if they did, there wouldn’t be others to help with the eggs and to secrete this hormone.

Stronger young females were expected to defeat and kill older and weaker leaders in ritual combat.

The Ciakar race is ruled and managed by genetic lineage. Genetic lineage always follows the mother, because you always know who the mother is, you don’t always know who the father is. In that particular line the females have all the say.

Ruled by the monarchy of a queen genetic lineage they are one of the most powerful races in the galaxy. They have some of the greatest military might that has ever been seen in the galaxy and most of the clan members are zealots and will do anything for the glory of their clans, of their lineage.

They have been the chief enemy of all human races in this galaxy in past conflicts. Again, we are talking about hydrogen breathers vs. oxygen breathers. They have three spinal columns. One spine is located ventrally near the stomach; the other two are located dorsally on the left and on the right of the Ciakars body.

Spinal columns join near the dorsal of the geometric center at the extreme posterior of the trunk to form a long and very powerful tail. Inside of the hands are claws containing jelly-like sacks that excrete the various hormones and substances when the Ciakar is aroused, either for sex or for battle. - bibliotecapleyades.net

There are different theories concerning the Alpha Draconians...but for the most part, they seem to subject control over some of the other alien races. Their aggressive ways and scientific abilities suggest that they are the most dominate of the Reptilian races.

You may wish to look at the Wes Penre Papers which offers information that suggests that the Alpha Draconians may have been responsible for the creation of an evolved human race, known as Starhuman.

I believe our understanding of non-terrestrial and ultra-terrestrial beings is evolving...possibly to a point where tangible evidence surfaces proving our connection to other races of our galaxy and the multiverse within. Lon

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