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Friday, January 08, 2016

The Weird Man With Black Eyes

I received the following account from a witness who referenced one of my black eye kids post:

Hello Sir,

I came across one of your reports concerning black eyed kids in Pennsylvania. My cousin and I had a very weird experience in September 2011. We both lived in the town of Wolverine, Michigan and our dads are brothers. My cousin and I have been hunting and camping together since we were 12 years old (we're 2 months apart in age).

We had graduated from high school that spring and planned to go camping later in the summer. We finally got permission to use my dad's pop-up camper and headed off. We planned to stay a week or so at a place southwest of Mackinaw City in the forest near the state park. We drove back into the woods about 4 miles off the main road and set up in a small clearing. We both thought the area looked familiar, but could not recall when we had been there. It was weird because we both commented at the same time to each other.

We really didn't have much planned to do other than be together and hike the area. Both of us were going to move away from home the next spring, so we didn't know when we'd see each other again. I'll be honest, the camping trip was a good excuse to get away from my girlfriend for a while.

We didn't do much that first night other than drink a few beers and talk. We were in our racks early that night,

The next morning we decided to explore the area. We started about 10am and headed west towards the lake. We had been walking no more than a hour when we heard somebody yelling ahead of us. It didn't sound like they were in trouble, so we cautiously continued walking towards the sound. After 10 minutes or so the yelling stopped and we never saw anyone. I had a GPS with me so I figured we'd be able to find our way back pretty easy. We did get crossed up a few times, but we got back to the campsite late afternoon. There was a small creek nearby so we washed up and started cooking dinner.

As we sat to eat, there was the sound of something moving through the trees north of us. There were a lot of small animals in the area, so I figured that's what it was. A few minutes later we heard thrashing sounds, like something was sweeping at small trees and bushes. Since we were eating I thought maybe a black bear got wind of our food. Whatever it was, it soon stopped - but every once in a while it would start up again. That night we could hear the sweeping sound coming from the same area, which really seemed odd to us.

The next morning it was quiet so we walked in the direction of the noise from the previous night. We didn't see anything but it did look like something had been kicking up the ground in a few places. We walked back to the campsite and started to eat breakfast. I just wanted coffee so I went into the pop-up and searched for a coffee cup. As I was in there, I heard my cousin say something. I asked what he wanted. He replied that I had better get out there. I looked through the netting and there was a tall man with a black track suit standing at the edge of the clearing.

I stepped out and asked the man if we could help him. He smiled and said "maybe I can help you." My cousin and I both looked at each other and kind of laughed. The man started to slowly walk towards us, and I asked what he wanted. He stopped walking and was about 15 feet from us. Right away I noticed that his eyes were totally black and that the track suit had caked mud and dirt on it. I asked who he was. He smiled and said 'I'm just taking a walk and meeting people."

By this time I was freaked out and my cousin walked towards the pop-up. I knew he was going to grab his shotgun. The man got a serious look on his face, like he sensed we were alarmed, so he turned and walked towards the woods. At the edge of the clearing he stopped and turned around and said "I'll be seeing you boys later' and started to laugh as he moved towards the woods.

We didn't need another confrontation like that, so we gathered everything and hauled ourselves out of there. We did set up at another area about 70 miles south of there, and we had an enjoyable couple of days. But when we get together, we still wonder aloud who the weird black eyed man was. HH

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