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Tuesday, February 06, 2024

DEMON-WINGED CREATURE Seen in Sons' Bedroom in Cicero, Illinois

A Cicero, Illinois resident was walking past her son's bedroom when a huge dark entity with demon-like wings and a brief flash of bright red color. Was this sighting related to the Chicago Mothman?

I recently received the following account:

"I'm not even sure if I'm explaining this right because I don't have the right words but I am gonna try. I have 3 kids, and they're pretty active. It was a summer evening in 2020. The boys asked to go outside into the yard so I said yes and they headed into the back. I had to go to the bathroom so I had to walk passed my boy's room to get there. They had left the dresser light on which was against the wall shared with the bathroom wall. When I walked passed the door, something huge flew passed the light making a shadow that had wings. Not like bird wings or insects but like those cartoons or drawings of demons where they have like pointy edges in the flaps? It also saw a brief flash of bright red color for a second.

It literally scared me so much that I jumped back and hesitated walking by the door, but I heard some toys shift and the dresser being closed. But, there is no one else inside the house. My kids are outside with my husband and I'm alone (or was I, so I thought?) So what the hell would make that shadow? I walked into the room and everything was normal looking except my son's Gundams, which are these Japanese build-your-self toys of giant robots that vary in size. The one that normally is up on the shelf, too high for my kids to reach, was down on the dresser away from the other 3 that are on the shelf above.

Now normally I would just assume that my son was fixing it or something but it just didn't add up as I had been inside doing laundry, putting clothes in that same dresser just a few minutes before. My son hadn't been in his room, and my other son could not reach them and would break them if he grabbed them.

When I went outside I asked everyone if they had been moving the Gundams or fixing them and instantly my oldest was concerned someone broke it and had to go check, saying he hadn't touched it since we put them on the shelf. Now, when he returned from their room, he was annoyed asking me why I was making stuff up about the Gundams because they're all in their places. I asked about the one on the dresser and he said, "No, you put it back just fine, thank you for being gentle." I cannot reach the shelf without a chair or step ladder and neither of those things are in their room, so whatever moved that thing made me look crazy or like I was playing some prank.

So what was in the room and how was it big enough to cast a shadow that darkened the whole room? Maybe it was just my mind playing tricks on itself. But my dog hasn't gone into the boy's room since and both of my boys slept in the living room last night, saying they kept hearing scraping and scratches in the wall behind the dresser." C

NOTE: The witness got back to me by email and told me that they live in Cicero, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. I mentioned the winged humanoid sightings in the Chicagoland region. She was not aware of the phenomenon. Was it the Mothman? A winged humanoid? A brief flash of bright red and bat-like wings? She refused to give me her address, only that they live a few blocks north of Chicago Midway International Airport. Hopefully, she will eventually allow me to talk to her by telephone. Lon

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According to First Nations legend, the Thunderbird is said to have a wingspan the length of two canoes with the ability to deafen people with the sound of its flapping wings.

In March 2010, the late Jc Johnson of Crypto Four Corners contacted me about an incident where twenty-four sheep were mutilated at a farm near Hogback, New Mexico, on the Dine' Navajo Reservation. The livestock owner explained that there were large talon marks but very little blood and no evisceration. The prints on the ground were only seen in the corral, not anywhere else on the farm. Was this an attack by a large flying predator? Why were the carcasses left intact?

Jc mentioned that a large cryptid bird or pterosaur may have been responsible for this act. That theory is not as far-fetched as it may initially sound. For many generations, people in New Mexico and parts of Texas say they've seen birds so big they seem prehistoric. There is convincing anecdotal evidence that many of these legendary winged creatures are connected to modern sightings.

I believe that many of these winged cryptids are corporeal beings that can manifest on our plane of existence. Their point of origin and means of conveyance is speculative. But this is the reason why we research and investigate this phenomenon. The search continues.

So, listen to the reports, and form your conclusions about what these monstrous birds are. If you have questions, feel free to post them in the live chat. I will do my best to answer everyone.



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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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