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Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Western North Carolina Deer Hunter Encounters HUGE UNKNOWN BEPEDAL CREATURE

A western North Carolina deer hunter hears the loudest scream he has ever heard, near his tree stand. As he is descending from the stand he hears heavy bipedal steps crashing through the woods.

"I'm from western North Carolina in the Blue Ridge Mountains. I'm a deer hunter and that's where I had my encounter with the big gun on the afternoon of December. Three deer had run out of the thicket through the bottom and up the ridge past me when. I say running I mean they were running for their lives. I could tell they weren't running from a rutting buck but I got ready anyway.\

About 15 minutes later I hadn't seen anything else and it was pretty dark by then. I then spotted something on the edge of the pond and it was big. I looked through my scope but I couldn't see anything. I lowered the gun and I'd see movement again. I know I was looking at the right spot. It's pretty dark by now so I started packing everything up and I was about 35 feet high in a popular tree in a climbing stand so it took about 5 minutes to get to the ground. Once I got to the ground it was black in the woods.

I started shaking my stand off the tree and that's when I heard a scream, the loudest thing I've ever heard in my 32 years. This scream started out high and ended up as a low growling sound. I would say it lasted maybe 4 to 6 seconds. I hit the ground and cut off my light. I could hear it walking on two legs in the creek bottom. It was super thick down there and man could not walk through it in the dark without a light. It sounded like it was coming up the ridge toward me and I had to do something. I ripped around into a big oak tree close to me. When I did it took off and ran back through the creek bottom and into the pines, like its butt was on fire. I got my stand and got the hell out.

Two days later I took a friend back in there with me to look at the limbs it broke while running. It was on white oak limbs 3 inches thick and was broken off 6 feet high off of the ground. The mountain laurel bushes were mowed down. It was a sight to see."

Transcribed Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8pEcZTNwts

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My alien disclosure began when I first started working with experiencer David Eckhart almost 15 years ago. As time went forward I realized that I would become a part of his ordeal. David warned me that 'THEY' knew about me and that I would eventually communicate and learn from these otherworldly beings.

In 2015, I started to experience a series of unexplained events, including hearing, reading & observing daily references to owls. My friend & associate Butch Witkowski & I started to compile the incidents, which culminated in my eventual encounters at home and then my subsequent abduction by the '3 Tall Greys.'

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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