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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Does Former CIA Operative Possess Actual Knowledge of REPTILIAN INFLUENCE ON HUMANITY?

Former CIA investigator John Ramirez discusses the topic of UAPs and alien beings, including reptilians, and their alleged involvement in government and their influence on humans.

In recent years, John Ramirez, who worked for the CIA for 25 years, emerged as a voice on UAPs and shared his insights on the subject that he learned during his career. He states that the exploration of consciousness and its connection to the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena issue can significantly shape our understanding of the phenomena and their implications on humanity.

During an interview, Ramirez stated that non-human intelligence has been around us for a long time. He referred to the Roswell incident and mentioned that there were accounts of telepathic communication with survivors of the crash. He also stated that the CIA had separate divisions focusing on the aerospace and aerodynamic qualities of UFOs and the biological connections with the non-human occupants. These interests by the CIA led directly to the development and use of remote viewing within the department. He further discussed his beliefs regarding alien forces and their influence on humanity throughout history.

Ramirez suggests that ancient myths and legends are a part of lost human history. He believes that the ancient accounts document instances of contact with non-human intelligence, which he believes are divine beings.

“If you look at the Sumerian texts, they knew a lot more about the world than we give them credit for because we look at history so linearly. You know, we think that we are the pinnacle of knowledge and that before us, they didn’t have the knowledge we have now. But what I think happened was that they did have the knowledge. However, that knowledge was lost or suppressed by other humans with agendas. And now, we are rediscovering that knowledge through science. But through that science, we are going to rediscover our connection to the Divine and these non-human intelligence who have been here and want to help us, not destroy ourselves."

During his time at the CIA, Ramirez began experiencing frequent contact and communication with beings that he could not see the faces of, but who appeared shrouded in a cloak.

Ramirez later discussed the topic of reptilians and their alleged involvement in society and governmental structures. Ramirez clarifies that when referring to reptilians, he does not mean actual lizards, but rather individuals with reptilian ancestry who may appear human. He stated that humans may have had advancements and influences from other beings, including reptilians.

“It’s interesting though when I look at some of the official logos launched by the NRO, which is the actual secret space program of the US intelligence community, they launch secret spacecraft into orbit and I can say that much, but they use these lizards as part of the logos and I find that very strange. And they’re lizards that are crawling all over the Earth.”

Some of the information and statements can be found in the video below or click on this link:

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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