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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Experiencer Describes Regression Sessions: REPTILIANS, MANTIDS, GREYS, & CELESTIAL PAST LIVES

An East Indian experiencer describes his multiple encounters since childhood, including incidents involving Reptilians, Mantis, and Greys, and references to past lives on other star systems.

The following experiencer report was forwarded to me:

"I've been a childhood experiencer, and have endured other experiences all my life. I saw a UFO with my twin at age 11 and orbs spirits after that. During my twenties, I had heaps of sleep paralysis with what looked like a tall Grey always looking down at me.

I did a regression session early this year and memories of past lives came flooding back. Now, I had no idea about any other race of beings besides the typical Greys. But in my regression, I saw the past lives of Lyra and Alpha Draconis as a Reptilian. The clearest memory of my regression is being laid down on a gurney and being wheeled through a craft in my Reptilian form to a room where I believe a soul transfer procedure was being done on me. I physically felt immense pressure on my temples and I could see a short Grey working around my temples with his hands whilst looking beyond my body seeing two tall Greys on one side, a Reptilian on the other side, and what I perceived to be a tall Mantid in the middle. I don't recall any other time I've dealt with or seen Mantids.

I went through a second regression with Mary Rodwell. I was immediately shown an ancient Mantid who seemed like my guide in a grassy field. It telepathically told me about my connection to Orions Belt (where my orbs originate from) and the Avian Beings that are my star family. It points to the constellation and with one of his hands, places another on my heart to communicate with the stars. (Rendering below)

Almost immediately a golden triangular craft descends from the region of Orion’s Belt. Three-headed avians in golden armor land and offer to take me on a ride. (seen these in my meditations, the one being named Abraxus)

I was taken on a golden triangular craft with them to learn my true purpose in this incarnation: to be part of the ones that are awakening and leading humanity through the next phase of our evolution.

I was taken not to a planet but what looked like a golden sun. When I asked my avian brethren, “Where are we? Where did you take me?” They said. "We are here at THE ALL or what you call GOD SOURCE." P

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My alien disclosure began when I first started working with experiencer David Eckhart almost 15 years ago. As time went forward I realized that I would become a part of his ordeal. David warned me that 'THEY' knew about me and that I would eventually communicate and learn from these otherworldly beings.

In 2015, I started to experience a series of unexplained events, including hearing, reading & observing daily references to owls. My friend & associate Butch Witkowski & I started to compile the incidents, which culminated in my eventual encounters at home and then my subsequent abduction by the '3 Tall Greys.'

During this presentation, I will answer questions from the LIVE CHAT throughout the show. I hope that you enjoy this format.






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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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