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Saturday, February 17, 2024

'GLIMMER MAN' Enters San Bernadino County, CA Home

A Montclair, California teen is at home washing dishes when he notices 'something' while looking out of the kitchen window. The 'Glimmer Man' entity eventually got into the house, alarming the witness.

I received the following account:

"I always liked hearing "ghost stories" as a kid but never found them scary as I firmly believed that such things did not exist. This view changed during my high school freshman year in the early 1990s when I was living in Montclair California, which is in San Bernardino County about a half-hour drive east from Los Angeles. So not some rural or remote area. The house I lived in was about a 10-minute walk from the high school so each day my Mom would take my sisters to school on her way to work and pick them up on her way home, this meant I had the entire house to myself from about 7:00am to about 6:00pm. This incident took place in the afternoon after school let out, around 3:30pm-4:00pm. So not in the dead of night when the eyes can play tricks.

The house had no dishwasher, just a double basin sink, and a drying rack. So, I did dishes by filling one side of the sink with hot, soapy water and using the other side for rinsing. Being Southern California was literally a desert before the city was built there we were going through our regularly scheduled California droughts and everyone had to do their part to save water. For me this meant filling the hot water side of the sink only about a third of the way, maybe 4 inches or so, and laying the drinking glasses on their sides so they could be completely submerged. I also pulled out and scrubbed every dish before turning on the water to rinse anything. So, on this particular afternoon, I was washing glasses and had a few on the left side soaking and 2 on the right side waiting to be rinsed. I had grabbed and started scrubbing a 3rd glass when I saw It.

Like most houses, there was a kitchen window right above the sink and this one gave a view into the backyard. My hands were sort of on auto-pilot as I had been doing dishes by hand for years, and I was just staring mindlessly out the window. What I saw looked like the faint outline of a person, maybe 5 feet tall, walking through the yard. It immediately made me think of the movie Predator as this thing had a head, shoulders, and torso. The legs were a bit harder to see just from the angle of how I was looking through it. But I didn't believe it was an entity of any sort. I guessed that there was a length of fishing line caught in the wind or hanging from a helium balloon or kite that just happened to be blown into this shape by the wind. Except it maintained the same shape and wasn't moving like it was being blown, it seemed to be moving against what wind there was. It then went under the overhanging branches of a large tree and just sort of stopped there. I was now completely at a loss for what it could be as I stared at it. Presumably, it was also watching me as well, it seemed to be swaying back and forth like a person shifting their weight from one foot to another. I started drying off my hands so I could go out the back door to get a better look at It. It suddenly took off toward the corner of the house and out of sight from the kitchen window.

I quickly went to the back door so I could catch whatever it was before it was gone. But a loud, hollow thump sound stopped me. It sounded like something had fallen or collapsed inside the house. I left the back door and went looking room by room for what happened. I found something amiss when I got to my bedroom. My closet door was open (I have an almost OCD habit of keeping drawers, cabinets, and closets closed) and a shoe box of trinkets that I kept on the top shelf of the closet was in the middle of the room, open and all the stuff inside arranged in a circle around the box. However, I ignored this for a moment to look out my bedroom window as when I lost sight of the 'Invisible Man' it would have been right outside that window. I didn't see anything.

I picked up the items, put them back in the shoe box, and placed them back on the shelf where they had been. My mind started trying to figure out how it got on the ground to begin with as it wasn't on the floor in front of the closet but a few feet away and off at an angle in the middle of the room. I also wondered how it could have hit the ground just right to have everything in it "splash" out in a circle and not just dump out in a pile. But I set that thought aside and went back to the back door to see if whatever I had seen earlier was still around. I stopped dead in my tracks walking through the kitchen because the glasses I had scrubbed were back in the left basin, the basin itself no longer had water in it but the plug was still in place and the glasses that had been on their side (along with the two that had been taken from the right basin) were now upright, filled completely with water and arranged in a circle in the sink around the drain. This was not something that could happen by accident, it was a deliberate act. Which meant there was someone in the house!

I reached under the kitchen sink and grabbed a big, heavy pipe wrench for protection. I then went to the back door to find it locked, the deadbolt locked and the security latch locked. I went to the front door and it also had all three locks secure. I then checked all windows in the house looking for a break-in and half expecting to see our idiot, drug-dealing neighbor rummaging through our stuff. However, all the windows were closed, intact, and latched. I checked under beds, in closets and even the crawlspace/attic storage area but found nothing. The whole time I was announcing myself saying things like "Whoever you are you better come out and show yourself right now!" But nobody came out because nobody was there.

I was understandably frightened but once I had cleared the house and found nothing I was more confused than scared. I grabbed the cordless phone and stuck it in my back pocket thinking I would call 911 once I found a broken window or intruder. I was getting ready to call 911 anyway but was suddenly struck with the realization that I didn't know what I was going to report. Someone broke into my house, moved dishes around, and left locking everything, from the inside somehow, behind them?

I went back to look at my closet and look at the sink trying to find some sort of explanation other than another person in the house. I had temporarily forgotten the thing I saw in the backyard but remembered when I was retracing my steps. Could whatever It was in the backyard be linked to the things happening inside the house mere moments later? That seemed impossible. The idea that some sort of entity walking through the backyard came into the house and did this was completely ludicrous, but it was also the only explanation that I could find, even though I really didn't want to believe it. Because that would mean such beings really do exist and everything I thought I knew about science was wrong." SS

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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