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Thursday, February 08, 2024

Argentinian Uncle Describes FLYING 'MUCHACHITOS' (Little Guys) Descending From the Sky

An uncle talks about his sighting of the 'muchachitos' in a neighbor's yard when he was a boy. These flying humanoids descended from the sky after being summoned by the woman next door.

The following account was forwarded to me

"At a family gathering in a city in Argentina, a second cousin asked an old uncle who used to spend summer as a kid in the house where we were partying if he could show the place where this uncle and his sister saw the flying "muchachitos" (little guys) when they were little. This uncle was a bit upset about the request but after lunch, a group of young relatives followed him to the backyard.

Houses in most major Argentinian cities are built without gaps among them, you share walls with neighbors. Backyards are walled gardens, and this one is huge since it's a lot in the middle of the block, the back reaching its center. The family has at the end of the backyard a tiny "apartment", two floors high, that it seems was designed to be used by a servant. Only space for a small kitchen and a latrine on the first floor and a bedroom on the second floor, more like a prison cell. For two sides that part of the backyard was surrounded by tall walls of a warehouse on the other side of the block and the back of a tall house next door. The third side that corresponds to the neighbor next door has a no-so-tall wall, and from the window of the second floor, you could see its backyard. Now it is only grass but in the old times, it has a really big eucalyptus tree.

So that spot was very isolated in the center of the block, and when my uncle was a kid the backyard had lemon trees around that apartment that gave it more privacy. Adults would send kids to sleep over on the second floor as an adventure on hot summer nights since nobody lived there, it was used as storage. At the time I visited, it was empty and almost in ruins, going up to the second floor was somehow dangerous because the wood on the stairs and floors was in bad condition but my cousins really wanted to see the place where that story happened. I had no idea what was going on, then someone asked my uncle to tell the event again. That could have happened around the early 1930s.

One summer night when this uncle was 10 years old he was sleeping there with a bunch of other kids, all family related. Just before the sun rose he woke up hearing hushed voices coming from outside. His little sister was also awakened by the voices, and after a while without saying anything both uncle and little sister crawled in silence among the kids sleeping on the floor toward the window to spy the backyard. To keep the place cold during the hot nights, the windows were left open with a tulle as a curtain to protect kids from mosquitos; therefore was easy for them to see outside.

Nobody was in their backyard, but in the backyard next door the old lady living there was standing near the eucalyptus tree wearing a robe and holding a candle in her hand, whispering. The siblings recognized her immediately so they did not get scared, just the neighbor looking for a cat or something. At some point, the lady started to look to the sky and make gestures with her hand like inviting something to come down.

The siblings freaked out when around five figures slowly descended on the lady's backyard and kneeled on the ground; They were coming from the open sky, not from any tree. My uncle described them as young lads, slim, dark not-so-short hair, and brownish skin that looked "opaque".

The five creatures remained sitting or kneeling around the lady for what seemed to be 15-20 minutes; she was smiling all the time and whispering back and forth with them. Meanwhile, my uncle and his little sister were silently frozen in the window, just peeking and not seeing. Even when they were shocked at the beginning of the experience the siblings stayed calm, just curious about what they were seeing. That time before dawn was very calm, with no wind and no birds singing, the rest of the kinds on that second floor were sound sleeping.

All of a sudden, one of the creatures dropped lower to the dirt and started to convulse. That lasted a few seconds and my uncle said that immediately it stood up without hesitation, but what was standing there was like a shadow of the critter. On the floor there was a body heavily breathing and moaning that looked "real"; the lady took her robe to cover that creature and helped to walk away from the rest of the group. At that point, my uncle's sister started to shake with terror, he told us he tried to comfort her but she was losing control of herself. He was also getting uncomfortable with the experience and could not take his eyes off the scene for a second, but then he realized that somehow all the creatures in the group were standing and looking shadowy like the one that convulsed. The one that was covered by the lady with the robe could not be seen around.

After a few more whispers between the lady and the creatures, the lady blew out the candle and all creatures started to slowly ascend to the morning sky. The little ponchos were flapping around their bodies, but he could not hear any sound; when the creatures were closer to the top of the eucalyptus tree, my uncle said he could hear the leaves rustling by them touching them. At some point, they were out of sight behind that tree and the siblings dropped to the floor and let themselves cry a little, hugging each other.

Suddenly, a horn/siren from a factory in the city loudly went off to call employees to work. My uncle told us he and her sister just freaked out and screamed like crazy, waking up the rest of the kids, and the adults and dogs and cats in the main house. It was pandemonium, but the siblings did not say a word of what they saw. Adults were confident that one of the kids had a nightmare or something like that. Anyway, the kids and the siblings kept sleeping on summer nights in the same place for a few more years; the sighting did not repeat. And since they visited that house for summer vacations and did not live there they never saw that lady after that.

It took several years for the siblings to share the experience, my uncle told us that both were sure it was not a dream but they did not feel they wanted to talk about it. They finally shared it when they were young adults and in a family reunion, the owners of the house where this thing happened dropped a comment that the lady next door had passed away. Both siblings started to ask questions and more questions about the lady and the house next door, nonstop. Since that old lady was a little reclusive they could not get answers, In the end, they were confronted why so many questions and they just opened the memory gates. That was another pandemonium, family laughing at them, criticizing the siblings for talking that way about such a nice neighbor that just passed away, she never was on anything weird, living along poor lady, etc. The siblings did not bring up the story anymore but started comparing the experience and sharing memories. They finally were able to validate that was not a dream and that they saw something.

The rest of the family knew about it from this last gathering, my cousin who asked to see the place knew about it from his parents being present there; I'm sure on my side close to me knew but I never got it. After my uncle shared this with the young generation, he told us that he felt some relief. For my cousins and me was a nice way to feel connected with the big family, but I think that all of us considered it not a real thing just a nice tale.

Recently, I talked about it with someone present when my uncle told the story and showed us the place. She told me after that experience she had a few dreams where naked characters would drop down from the ceiling/sky and just be a backdrop of the dream scene. Other cousins also had similar stuff happening in dreams or while meditating.

In my case, on a windy day I was driving my car with my wife and a burlap sack flew in front of the windshield and blocked my view, I pushed the brakes to the floor. When I got out of the car to get that potato sack from the windshield, I saw a huge branch from a tree on the sidewalk break and crash on a spot on the street where I should have been if I had not stopped. When I went back to my car and told my wife that this could be related to my uncle's experience. (burlap poncho flying around?) She got really, really mad, a big fight about being credulous. This is the first time I shared my experience!" D

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