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Monday, February 26, 2024

HUGE WINGED CRYPTID Reported in Rural Quebec, Canada

I received the following report and subsequent follow-up. Other colleagues and I have been tracking flying cryptid & humanoid encounters in Quebec, Ontario & northern New York state for quite a while. The eyewitnesses have described huge winged beings, as evident in the Ottawa Angel Incident and Niagara Mothman accounts:

"I was visiting rural Quebec (St. Edgar, New Richmond) over the holidays in December 2017. My boyfriend’s mom and grandmother live there along with most of that side of his family, since his parents are long divorced. There was a lot of snow on the ground and more coming down every day and night, but on this night, there was very little snow coming down and it was easier to see at night. My boyfriend and I had taken his grandmother’s car out to go drifting down a long road surrounded by forest - it’s the same road everyone who is local to the area uses for racing. There’s so little to do in this tiny town that people will actually get drunk and go racing down this winding road for fun, and friends and family will come to watch and cheer them on. There are a lot of car accidents in this area and this area is also overflowing with wildlife. Deer, bear, moose, coyotes, wolves, rabbits, skunks, etc. It’s a fantastic area for hunting (when legal).

So picture this: my boyfriend is driving us to his mother’s house and we’ve been drifting on purpose and laughing and obviously scared of what we were doing but having a great time. We’re almost to the end of the road and because of the drifting, it’s taken longer than usual to get home. Something swoops through the trees to our right, just above where the headlights are lighting up so we can’t see all of it anymore. The thing is so large and heavy that the trees it touched are swaying all around.

It had huge black wings that acted as a sort of “blanket” that covered and blacked out an already dark sky, and its shape was indistinguishable beyond that. The only thing I could think to describe its size was a moose with wings...minus the 4 legs. Definitely not a moose! That’s just to explain the size of the thing.

My boyfriend almost swerved into the trees. He and I were really startled and panicked the whole rest of the drive home, and instead of drifting, we just drove straight home. He refuses to believe it was anything supernatural and decided it must have been the world’s largest owl. I told him that if he ever finds an owl the size of a car he should rest assured it is NOT an owl.

I hadn’t thought about this until a couple of days ago when I was listening to a compilation of stories about skinwalkers, and it got me thinking if what my boyfriend and I saw was some sort of cryptid. The closest resembling cryptid is a mix of a mothman or Jersey Devil? I have no idea. Hopefully this is useful to you.

Thank you, PS"

I contacted the witness and asked that she answer a few questions. I explained that there have been similar encounters in Quebec and Ontario in the past. I later received the following information:


Holy smokes, so there are other sightings in Quebec! So it was in New Richmond, specifically St. Edgar, and the road is called Chemin Mercier. It’s a very long road to take in the snow. Wingspan...15 or 20 feet? The wings did not look like skin, but rather dark and feathery. The body itself wasn’t very big compared to the wings. Maybe like a fat and very tall person? But I can’t tell you it looked like a person because it did not. It was also very dark outside so I don’t want to come up with a fake description. I wish I could tell you more. It was more vertically significant than wide, like tall instead of broad. Two legs, based on the height of the thing, and definitely not any more legs than that. I did not see arms or a face. I also did not see eyes.

We would have seen it some time between Dec 28-30 (I know this because the 27th was a relaxed day after arriving and the 31st we went skiing... and I ruined my ACL). I recently texted my boyfriend to confirm that it wasn’t just a dream or something and he promised he remembered it too, vividly. The description I gave you includes what he said he saw, too!

If I were to compare it to something, I would say the structure looked like a sinister version of the earth sprite from Fantasia 2000 in the Firebird. Obviously not as big as that, but the way the wings drooped and the breadth from wing to wing is comparable. Scale it down to 15 or 20 feet across and paint the whole thing pitch black - and you have something to compare it to in shape.

Thank you for the reply. I was never a believer in cryptids until recently, when I started wondering again about what I saw.

I hope this helps! PS"

NOTE: the comparison to the Earth Sprites from Disney's 'Fantasia 2000' (accompanied by Igor Stravinsky's 'The Firebird' - one of my favorite ballets and orchestral concert works, BTW) is an interesting description. The sightings in the region have been of very large winged beings, somewhat larger than the winged humanoid descriptions from Chicago and Florida. Lon


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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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