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Saturday, February 10, 2024

Ghoulish PALE CRAWLER HUMANOID Encountered in Tall Grass Near Rockford, Illinois

A teen is helping their veterinarian mother at the clinic. The witness is outside with a dog when they notice a humanoid, that is emaciated, hairless, and pale moving through the grass.

I received the following account:

"This occurred about 5 years ago. I'm 20 now. My mother is a veterinarian and we have a clinic at the edge of Rockford, Illinois. Big town, roughly 150,000, however when I say the edge of town I mean cornfields for 30 miles plus to the west and 5 miles to the north with intermittent forestry in that area.

I went with my mother to check on an overnight dog that was recovering from extensive treatment. However, there was a small pug 9-15 lbs also there overnight so I offered to take the dog out to do his business and save my mom one more chore. The back of the clinic faces a grass-covered pond/marsh. It dries up from time to time but the grass is 3-4 feet tall. I don't remember if it was late winter, early spring, or even early fall but no snow and the grass was tall so my guess was early fall. The front of the clinic is next to a road and other commercial buildings, however, the back of the building like I said is very undeveloped. There were some leftover cookies in the clinic so I being a kid grabbed one and munched on it as I waited for the pug to do his thing. I am not super fond of sweets so I get halfway through the cookie and decide I've had enough. I remember the night having a vaguely eerie feeling. There are flood lights on the back of the clinic though not so good lighting and I didn't see anything and brush it off as another Midwestern night of feeling creepy. It's not uncommon. If you're from the Midwest I'm sure you can agree, but it was quiet more so than normal.

The pond is full of sounds, frogs, and insects most of the time but like I said it wasn't summer or spring so I brushed that off as well. I had lost interest in my cookie and decided I would throw it into the grass for small critters to have a good snack. So I launch this half cookie into the grass maybe 15 yards away. I don't have a great arm and it's half a cookie so nothing super far away. It lands in a taller thicket of grass towards the east and from the west. I hear and see something roughly the size of a deer or person take off as soon as my cookie lands heading straight for it. I am well versed in local wildlife and I know how deer move. But this thing moved like a person except it was as pale as paper and had no fur at all. I can still see its spine pushing against its skin, no arch like you get with a quadrupedal animal pulling with its front legs. Instead, like an ape or person hunched. Its spine never straightened like it was niched over running in an inhuman way on two legs all I saw was the shiny semi-reflective skin of its back about 2 feet of it stopping at where the neck or shoulders would have started and it had no large shoulder blades like a deer or dog or any quadruped. Instead had a narrow chest like a sighthound or deer but bipedal with ball and socket shoulders. Not to mention deer don't run to things you throw in the grass. They are skittish.

The second that cookie landed both me and the dog stopped cold. I have never been frozen by fear, but I was then and we just watched it for 2-5 seconds as it ran from one end of the grass to my cookie where it disappeared and I heard it run away from me after getting or investigating the cookie. Once I couldn't hear it anymore I immediately decided I was going back inside. The dog, however, was fixed and took a small tug of the leash to convince but that was it. If you know small dogs they are obnoxious and overly brave, barking at everything they don't know. But this dog never made a peep and as soon as it realized I wanted to leave was in complete agreement.

I am not one for the paranormal or religion but this was something I could never explain. I know deer and this thing was no albino hairless deer, it was something else, with its emaciated body and pale white skin. I can still remember that night in perfect detail. It still raises the hair on my neck." N

NOTE: We have received several reports of crawler humanoid or other human-like beings in the Chicagoland region since we started investigating the Chicago Mothman phenomenon. The Rockford area has had winged humanoid sightings as well. Lon

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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