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Monday, February 12, 2024

Witness Watched 8-FOOT-TALL BIGFOOT ATTACK DEER on RT. 62 in Venango County, PA

On Christmas Night 2018, the witness is driving home along Rt. 62 near President Township, PA in Venango County. He sees a young deer enter the roadway, suddenly attacked/killed by a Bigfoot.

I received the following account:

"I was at my cousin’s home in Tionesta, PA for Christmas dinner in 2018. I stayed until 9:00 pm. On my way back home, in Oil City, I was driving near PA State Game Land #47. There was a slight downhill on the left side of the road and it goes uphill to a ridge top and is very dense with hemlock and mountain laurel-covered on the steep river hillside, above the Allegheny River. I have hunted the area before, so I generally drive a little bit slower and am a little more attentive in areas where we frequently see the deer to prevent hitting them.

So, I was driving home, watching for deer, when a young deer, I would say a yearling or early fawn from this year came stumbling onto the road like it had been tripped or pushed. In seconds, a huge, hairy figure jumped off of the bank and landed in the middle of the other lane next to the deer that was just regaining its footing. In one motion, it scooped the deer up in its left arm, which caused it to blat loudly, similar to a spine-shot deer that needs to be finished off to prevent its suffering. By this time, I'm barely moving while watching this scene unfold. In just a moment, it took its right hand, grabbed the deer's head, and twisted and broke its neck effortlessly. It seemed to have been so concentrated on catching the deer, that it didn’t notice me right away.

After it dispatched the deer, it turned slightly to its left, towards me, and, having my high beams on, I saw it well, only 15-20 yards from my bumper. Its lips parted slightly and it let out a low, rumbly growl and just hurdled the far guardrails, easily and must have sprung at least 20 feet in that one leap. It was a dark auburn to black, but it seemed to have reddish highlights in front of the headlights. I only got to see part of its face, the left side, and from the back really well. It was 8 feet or so tall, longer from the waist to head than waist to foot, and didn’t seem to have a cone-shaped head from the angle I saw it from, hands had to have spanned a foot or more across. It was at least 4 feet across the shoulders, legs as big as my waist and I am 6 feet and 270 lbs. I know without a doubt this was a Bigfoot, a flat nose, had pointed canines, upper and lower on the left side when its lips parted, not really pronounced, but noticeably pointed. It had fairly long hair, and its face was bare from its protruding brow ridge to its lower lip. Gray/black skin kind of looked like supple leather, not worn.

I just sat there for several minutes to get my composure. As much as I wasn’t quite sure what I saw those years ago, I’m convinced it wasn’t a black bear, but I am positive that this was a Sasquatch. I have looked into it the past few days and here it’s not more than 3 miles from where another guy had had a couple encounters when hunting and trout fishing along Rt 62 between Oil City and President Township in Venango County. I was open that they may exist, but still somewhat skeptical. Not anymore! This happened so quickly, but long enough there is no doubt in my mind what I saw.” H

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Have you had a sighting or encounter?
Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974
Thanks. Lon

Contact us by email or call the hotline at 410-241-5974

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