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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Suttle Lake Bigfoot

Mike in Eugene, Oregon called in to tell of his Bigfoot encounter:

“I want to share a story. I was 14 years old in 1974 in church camp up in the Cascades between Suttle Lake and Blue Lake. It's kind of a spacious little wilderness area. We decided to try to sneak out and steal a gallon of milk from the kitchen so we were taking this sort of round about way in the middle of the night. We started hearing these footfalls, breaking branches and I stopped Ken and I said what the heck was that? And it got louder and louder, then it just stopped. I was so scared, I was just sitting there shaking. I finally got the nerve to shine the flashlight and we noticed there was a herd of deer there too, kind of off in the distance. We shined the flashlight and this thing starts screaming, a sound like I've never heard before. Kind of like an electronical elephant kind of noise. And it took off, running up the hill... The branches breaking, screaming and these footfalls like an elephant running through the woods. I mean, I've never heard anything shake the ground like that. It's just like I remember it like it happened last week.

Scared me so much that the next day we both went up and checked it out and there was... there wasn't any mud to see toes but there was in the bank and stuff, there was big footprints. Much bigger than mine. I tried to jump up into the air and make a footprint like that and I couldn't do it. Me and some friends showed our guy that was in charge of our thing and he didn't know what to say. To this day, I'll never forget that. That's the Sasquatch that lives in the Cascades, I guess. (The guest for the night, Seth Breedlove, asks if he had any side effects.) No, I didn't. I was scared. There was a lot of adrenaline. He said that he looked at it and he thought he saw red eyes but I didn't. I would not look. He shined the flashlight and, he was smaller than me, he laughs to this day, you know, there was this big guy behind me, like huddled over me. The sound was like something I've never heard before or since. That's what I kept saying, Ken, that sounded like some kind of electronic noise or something. I just never heard anything like that and the footfalls is what impressed me. For something to have that much weight to distribute to sound like it was shaking the ground – Boom! Boom! And it ran up that hill in no time. I mean it took off. I think it wanted to... I think it might have been hunting the deer when we saw it and it ticked it off or, you know... It definitely knew we were there and then when we shined the flashlight...”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - September 9, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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