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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Daily 2 Cents: Happy Birthday 'Star Trek' -- Chasing Aliens -- Rogue Clowns Bad For Business

Happy Birthday 'Star Trek'

Happy 50th anniversary to Star Trek, a 23rd-century tale of exploration and hope that became the seminal space saga of the late 20th century.

With a cast that was startlingly diverse for its time and pie-in-the-sky technology we can hold in our hands today, the voyages of the Starship Enterprise have left an indelible mark on our culture, inspiring manyyoung scientists and a supportive base of "Trekkie" (or Trekker, as many fans prefer) followers that evolved into today’s powerful fan culture,

The initial 1960s NBC series, which centered on the able crew of the Enterprise as it explored strange new outer-space worlds, led to five more TV shows (one animated) and 12 films. A thirteenth,Star Trek Beyond, opened July 22, and a new Star Trek series is set to boldly go into the world of streaming on CBS All Access in January.

To paraphrase Leonard Nimoy’s inimitable first officer, Mr. Spock, Star Trek has indeed lived long and prospered. Read more at Happy 50th birthday to 'Star Trek'


Chasing Aliens

The rancher called Chuck Zukowski in a panic.

“I think it’s happening again,” the farmer named Miller said nervously on Aug. 8, 2011.

“I’ll be right there,” Zukowski reassured him.

The 58-year-old alien investigator threw on his tactical vest, jumped into his black Ford truck and sped over to Miller’s farm two hours away in Trinidad, Colo.

The spooked cattleman greeted Zukowski with a solemn stare and pointed toward the carcass of a cow plopped in the dirt.

The mutilated red angus was missing its ears, tongue and genitals, similar to the previous two incidents at Miller’s ranch.

Each body part was dissected in a clinical way, leaving cauterized surgical wounds, but the earth surrounding it was left completely undisturbed.

Zukowski had no doubt that this was the work of aliens. And they were once again operating on the 37th parallel.

“I started to realize the cattle mutilations, UFO sightings and major events like Area 51 all lined up,” Zukowski said, referring to the 37th degree of latitude, which forms the borders between Utah and Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico, and Kansas and Oklahoma.

The true believer had investigated more than 1,000 paranormal incidents over 30 years — and 200 of them landed on the 37th parallel.

“It’s America’s paranormal highway,” the self-described “UFO nut” proclaimed.

Zukowski believes the aliens have a predilection for places with a proximity to underground water and a high level of hydrogen, which they use for energy.

He became fascinated with ETs as a kid, but began to get serious about his “research” in the late 1980s.

On weekends, he’d pile his three kids and his wife, Tammy, 56, into a beat-up RV to go UFO hunting. Like the “Ghostbusters,” Zukowski is always fully strapped for action. Read more at The man who chases aliens on ‘America’s paranormal highway’


Alien at the Window

Detroit, MI - 2016-09-06 - 5:15AM: I was laying in bed with my boyfriend unable to sleep for some reason. I tossed and turned the whole night. So, I looked at my phone it was 5:15am. I turned towards him (he was laying with his back turned towards the window facing me) because sometimes I stare at him kiss him and then I fall asleep. But when I looked at his face something caught my eye like a glare or something out the window. I raised my head up to see what it was and it was a being. It was a brownish tan color. It was short. I couldnt see the eyes or mouth. It had a head like oval shaped and you could see the impressions where the eyes and mouth were supposed to be but it wasn't there. It had its fist balled up and I didnt see fingers just the roundness of the fist. It was looking left to right like it was looking for something. When I seen it I panicked I jumped up and yelled "BAE BAE BAE". (thats what I call my boyfriend) I turned on the light. He jumped up. I told him something was outside. He looked out the window but was unable to see anything because the light in the room was reflecting the darkness back through the window. He said "Bae , I can't see turn off the light". I turned off the light he looked again and he said he didn't see anything. Then our dog started barking like crazy. So, my boyfriend grabs his pants. My heart is beating out my chest by now. I asked him where was he going. He said "Outside to check and see what's out there." I grabbed him and begged him not to go. I couldn't let him go. I was too afraid. So, we laid back down in bed. When we laid down we be began to hear a strange sound. I cant describe it because I never heard anything like that before. My boyfriend held me tight until it went away. - MUFON CMS


Mysterious 'Ghost Lights' in Forest Draw Thrill Seekers

Ghost hunters and mystery buffs in Michigan's Upper Peninsula often seek out a lonely road at a remote spot in the woods near the Wisconsin border hoping to see a mystery known as the Paulding Light. Some come prepared with bug spray and beer, while others arrive empty-handed. All, however, harbor hopes of seeing the mystery for themselves.

Mysterious lights in the sky are of course as old as antiquity and come in many forms, ranging from meteors to UFOs. Lights such as those seen in the Upper Peninsula are often referred to as ghost lights or spook lights.

These lights are not merely encountered as factual, visible anomalies but instead often appear in the context of ghost stories. Local folklore provides a legendary "explanation" for the lights, part of a long tradition of creating narratives to explain natural celestial processes (Greek mythology held that the sun was not a stationary dying star, but instead the god Helios driving his golden chariot around the Earth). Read more at Mysterious 'Ghost Lights' in Forest Draw Thrill Seekers


Professional Clowns Say Mysterious Sightings Have Crippled Business

Just this week, we've heard of at least six reported clown sightings between Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem and Rural Hall. Whether the reports are real have certainly concerned parents and puzzled law enforcement.

It's proving to be a serious situation for professional clowns. So much so, one clown couple has considered giving up the profession altogether. They say they don't have many other options.

Joseph and Lisa Brown, better known as Jazz and Jojo, have made clowning a major part of their livelihood.

"We want to make kids laugh and adults laugh and ease worries away for the day or the hour that we're there or the two hours that we're there," said Lisa.

She’s been a professional clown for 14 years. Joseph, a clown school graduate, is in his 25th year as a clown.

"That shows you how much that I have put into it and have enjoyed the career that I've had being Jojo the clown," said Joseph.

For the Forsyth County couple, it's upsetting to hear about people impersonating clowns and scaring children.

"I'm angry because what we've worked so hard for, they're ruining, it's sadness because I don't understand why they would have to do it," admitted Lisa.

Now they say they're scared to go out in public in costume.

"What would we run into?” asked Joseph. “Would we be pulled over by the Sheriff or police? Would we be chased down by somebody?"

Birthday parties, nursing homes, restaurants, the couple used to have as many as 10 gigs per week. Since the clown sightings, that number has dropped to zero.

"The phone's not ringing and we have talked about seriously between the two of us well why don't we just give it up," admitted Joseph.

A tough decision to consider knowing why they do it in the first place: the kids.

"And just to see that smile on that face before we leave there," added Joseph.

Joseph and Lisa hope their profession, decades in the making, doesn't have to end this way.

"It hurts from the heart." - Clown Couple Says Mysterious Sightings Have Crippled Business



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