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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Weekend 2 Cents: 'Angel' Witnessed Before Fatal Crash -- Arcane Radio...Paranormal Researcher & Author Timothy Renner

'Angel' Witnessed Before Fatal Crash

David wrote in to tell of his strange sighting in Newberry Springs, California:

“A couple of years ago I was a long haul truck driver. This instance I was on I-40 in Newberry Springs, California. I'd probably been through this area previously 30 or 40 times but had never really paid any attention to the name of the town. While travelling through the area, I noticed a woman standing in the desert dressed in bright white. It really caught me off guard because it was so out of place. I looked when I went by and she appeared to be in middle eastern type clothing but she appeared to be bright white. I couldn't really make out any facial features, as well, as her feet and hands appeared distorted almost like she was levitating.

I called my sister and told her about it immediately. I told her the name of the town and what I saw, so she gets on Google to see if anything like that had been reported but it hadn't. 36 hours later, I pull into a rest area in Dragoon, Arizona to go to bed for the night and I was scrolling through Facebook and an article caught my attention. It said something to the effect of a tractor trailer-car accident in Newberry Springs, California. Now keep in mind I never paid any attention to the name of that town before so I clicked on the article to find out that right after I came through there were a few cars and a tractor trailer that were involved in an accident. I think there ended up being about five fatalities in the accident. I immediately thought back to the woman I had seen standing in the desert. My thoughts - maybe she was an angel waiting to usher these souls to the other side. Maybe she was something else but the whole experience left me with more questions than answers.

NOTE: Could this be the accident he's talking about?

Source: Darkness Radio - August 29, 2016

Transcribed by JLB


This week we welcome paranormal researcher & author Timothy Renner to Arcane Radio.

Timothy Renner is an accomplished musician - as well as a member of Seekers, a cryptid & paranormal investigation group located in south central Pennsylvania. His book, Beyond the Seventh Gate: Exploring Toad Road, The Seven Gates of Hell, and Other Strangeness in York, Lancaster, and Adams Counties was published recently. Extensive research and on-site exploration was combined to dispel urban legends while revealing stranger truths. True tales of bigfoot creatures, witches, ghosts, werewolves, and flying phantoms.

NOTE: The area Timothy concentrates on is south central Pennsylvania...basically where Butch and I live. He has done a wonderful job of research. There are a few of my accounts in there as well. Lon

This event is listed at Arcane Radio Presents: Timothy Renner - Author - 'Beyond the Seventh Gate'



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