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Monday, September 12, 2016

Possible Dogman Encounter After UFO Sighting

There have been witness accounts describing UFO activity in conjunction with Bigfoot sightings. Pennsylvania UFO / anomalies researcher and colleague Stan Gordon has detailed these events for many years. Does the same phenomenon occur between other cryptids and UFOs? The following account is from 'Farland' in Ada, Oklahoma who called in to tell of a strange encounter he had with his daughter:

“One Saturday night my teenage daughter was bored, so I said lets go out of town on a hill and sky-watch. Maybe we'll see a satellite. And she saw something up there. She thought maybe it was a satellite. She said, do they zig zag and go in circles? I said, no! Her vision was so much better than mine, I had to get my night-vision goggles out. (George Noory asks if he saw the object) I did. It was zig zagging, going in circles, reverse direction.

So, she got bored with that after awhile, but I certainly wasn't getting bored with it. So she was ready to go and so, since I do Bigfooting occasionally, I decided to scan the treeline with my binoculars and when I did, I noticed some eye-shine. So I said, Jessie, look! And I had her look through the night-vision and she said, I can see its ears. Now I don't understand what she's talking about because I'm totally thinking Bigfoot. She said, I'm scared, I don't like it. I want to get in the truck and you should get in the truck too. I said, no, why don't you keep looking through the night-vision goggles? Maybe you'll get to see it run away. That's my brilliant strategy. She said, no, I'm not having any part of it. She gets in the truck.

I'm looking through the night-vision. I'm walking towards where I seen the eyes and when I get to maybe 30 yards away, finally, I notice what she was talking about. There's two ears sticking up on the top of the head. Just like German Shepherd ears and then my heart went into my throat. I realized I'm throwing this old laser beam out and it's got its eyes squinted shut. And so I dropped that laser beam off of its face. When I did, both of its eyes slowly began to open up and that just gave me chills down my spine. I started walking backwards. I was still looking through the binoculars. I did not want to take my eyes off of it but I finally had to and then I just panicked, hurrying up to try to find it and make sure it was still there. Then I just turned around and got back in the truck. I told her I finally saw the ears and she said, I tried to tell you. She was borderline disrespectful to me but I felt I had it coming so I let it stand.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - September 9, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

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