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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why Does My Crystal Skull Move?

I received an email from an Arcane Radio listener:

OMG! I listened to your radio broadcast last night. In particular, your conversation about crystal skulls.

A few years ago, I received a golf ball sized Smoky Quartz skull from a friend on my birthday. She told me that it would bring good luck and to keep it near my bed at night. So I took her at her word and placed it on my night stand.

Starting with the first night, I had trouble sleeping and would hear ringing in my ears. You had mentioned the Bluestone causing you problems at night in your discussion.

I decided to place the skull on my shelf, but I continued to have trouble sleeping. I eventually placed it in my home office.

The problem now is that it somehow finds its way to various parts of my office desk! On it's own! This has happened 3 times since I've owned it. One day, while I was working at my desk, I observed it slowly spinning! What could be going on? Jill

I called Jill and asked her if I could post her inquiry on the blog. I thought that the skull was not moving on it's own...but I did believe that an earthbound spirit at her location, with quite a bit of energy, was moving the skull for some reason. Smoky Quartz is a powerful crystal, but only for collecting and expelling energy...not moving by its own volition.

I asked Jill if she had ever experienced paranormal activity at her location. She said that she had not. That being the case, the skull is most likely the culprit...in the sense that there is an energy attached to the object (while with a previous owner).

Crystals and other minerals can store energy and give off certain vibrations...but not to the point where they move about from place to place. This particular crystal skull has an energy attachment that needs to be 'cleaned.' Then the crystal can be charged and prepared for positive use. You can read more about this at Cleansing Crystals Will Create Positive Energy Within Them. I use my own liquid concoction for cleansing, then use white light and Yttrium Fluorite in order to charge and dedicate the object. Lon

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