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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Weekend 2 Cents: New Thylacine Video Surfaces -- Arcane Radio...Paranormal/UFO /Anomalies Investigators Dave & Kira Williams

New Thylacine Video Surfaces

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Unseen footage of what appears to be a live Tasmanian tiger in Victoria has appeared on social media.
The second video of an alleged thylacine to have been posted online this month by the Thylacine Awareness Group of Australia, this latest video, which was filmed back in 2008, shows what some believe to be a live Tasmanian tiger running around in a field in the south-east of Australia.

Neil Waters, who heads up the group, maintains that what the footage shows is the real deal.

"This thylacine here was a lot bigger and broader than the fox," he said. "It does appear to have its rear hock go flat when it steps which would give the indication that it has that typical rear foot like a thylacine. It's got an incredibly thick neck and it's very stocky in its build."

"It also has that very long, stiff tail that looks like an extensions of the back bone essentially, it doesn't really move, it certainly doesn't sway side to side like a dog."


This week we welcome paranormal/UFO /anomalies investigators Dave & Kira Williams to Arcane Radio.

Dave & Kira Williams are an up and coming paranormal investigating & research team - covering all things paranormal and beyond. Dave originating from England, Kira from Canada - had a mutual bond instantly for darker world history, para-phenomenon, anomalies, aliens (to name a few) among many other things and became life partners as well as an investigations duo. Each had grown up on separate sides of the world, but immersed themselves in all things UFOlogy, cryptozoology, and paranormal studies related. They like to gets their hands dirty, and be in the trenches with many other great teams! They're very hands on and eager to get out to some of the lesser known places worth investigating. Always experimenting with new and old technology in the field.

Working on their Phd's together,they want to create and be part of a common collective of minds that are concerned with getting to the truth and the hard & science driven facts of the situation, while helping families and clients from the beginning to the end.

Married, and residing in Canada- they work with many groups in the USA, Canada, and recently England. All possible now with the internet and Skype and lots of hours of hard work.

Dave has 15 years of hands on technical experience, and a wealth of knowledge in many para-categories. Kira has a lifetime of knowledge as well, on many subjects - and also has very 'in tune' spiritual/psychic medium abilities - along with sensitive intuitiveness to aid in investigations across North America.

This event is listed at Arcane Radio Presents: Dave & Kira Williams - Paranormal/UFO /Anomalies Investigators



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