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Friday, September 16, 2016

BEK In The Philippines

On our last Arcane Radio show, Anna Manalo was discussing the paranormal in The Philippines, her native home. It just so happens, I received the following account the next day:

Hi Lon. BEK stories have been my favorite to read about since I first discovered them last year. I've always thought of them as just that, stories. Until now. On September 8, my friend that lives in The Philippines told me about an experience she had the previous night.

Around 6 PM, her and her cousin cleaned and trimmed the excess leaves and branches along the path to their laundry area. At 9 PM, a thunderstorm occurred and she ran outside to make sure the front gate was locked and that there was no laundry on the line. As she was heading to the front gate, she glanced over at the laundry area to check it and that's when she saw him. She was about 4 or 5 feet away from a boy that was about 14 or 15 years old. He was wearing a long baggy shirt and shorts that were dark grey in color. He was just standing at the end of the small gate leading to the laundry area (I'm providing a picture of the area) with his hands at his sides staring at her. This took a few seconds until she made it to the front gate and checked that it was locked. She immediately turned around and headed back, but the boy was gone. She got goosebumps then and quickly ran into the house. I thought at first she had just seen a neighborhood kid up to mischief and jokingly asked if his eyes were black and she said yes. Thinking she thought I had just meant the pupil and iris, I looked up pictures of BEKs that have been created for articles. I showed her one and she said "Yes. Like That." She then said maybe it was just her imagination, but she had never heard of BEKs until I mentioned it after sending the picture.

The skeptical part of me wants to say it was just her imagination, but she didn't know the description of a BEK until after I mentioned them, which was after she described what she saw. So, maybe it was just a neighbor kid out trying to scare someone. Full black eye contacts are available for sale, but are they easily accessible to a teenager in The Philippines? Was it really a BEK, or was it just a ghost that was checking out the freshly cleaned and trimmed path? Whatever it was, it has made my Believerism greatly overcome my Skepticism.

NOTE: I'll admit...that the first BEK account I've received from The Philippines. So I went searching and found the following accounts:

I really like playing games, specially mmorpg. I always stay up until 3:00 AM. All that changed. I heard of stories going around on the neighborhood about an old lady with black eyes wanting to come inside the their house, there were about 4 or 5 that experienced it and because of fear they never even answered the old lady, then after a few weeks it was a man with black eyes, I didn't really believe it, I was about 17 years old back then. and most of my male neighbors also doesn't believe it. They even pulled a prank and put a candle at a turtles back at night and claimed it was a gnome to scare the children. I was playing Dreamland online on Facebook and then at 3 am I suddenly heard something, I ignored it. Until I heard it again and this time it was clearer. It said "bata asan ka? Tatae ka ba?" it basically asked a certain kid where he is and if he want's to shit. It kept saying it over and over. There wouldn't be any kid's outside at 3 am, it's really dark and scary. That's when i got curious and looked outside, there is only one kid there. I haven't seen him before, he looked at me and his eyes where like marbles, big black marbles. and he said "tatae ka". if it wasn't so scary I would be laughing cause he basically asked if I want to shit. He started coming towards me at the window and keeps saying "tatae ka?" so I ran and took a metal rod about the 5.7 ft. in length and was ready to take him out if he ever gets near me, I was actually good in using it so I took it instead of a knife, oddly enough he didn't break through or pass through the window like I expected even though I was body is shaking and my legs could barely move. he just kept looking, I decided to wake my mother up cause I'm really scared but then he walked away and I dropped on my knees, my body was still shaking. I didn't sleep back then. -Kaizerprince21 on Reddit

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