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Friday, September 23, 2016

Living Near Bigfoot - Marion County, Florida

I recently received the following email concerning activity at a residence. The witness had read the Unknown Activity in Mingo County, WV account and states he and his wife wanted to detail some of the Bigfoot activity occurring around their home:

Sir - After reading the Mingo County, WV resident and other stories, we thought that you may want to read what we are putting up with at our home. We live in Marion County, Florida and are a retired couple. We are in a neighborhood very near Ocala National Forest.

When we moved here in 2014, we were told of strange sightings in the area - in particular Bigfoot. We had moved from NYC, so I figured it was just a bunch of hogwash - just like the alligators in the NYC sewers.

To make a long story short, here is a list of things going on here:

- Howling late at night. Intense guttural screams to be exact. Many times they come from different directions at one time.

- I know the Bigfoot are making the noise because we have encountered them. One broke my side garage door not long after we moved in. We weren't home at the time, but I have no doubt that's what did the damage. My wife saw a young one in her garden one evening. She turned the porch light on and it scampered into the brush. She described it as 4ft or so, with long dark hair all over its body.

- They like to leave things around the yard and patio. Usually it's other people's garbage - cans and bottles for the most part. I don't want to encourage this activity by leaving something for them, but I'm sure that they mean no harm.

- I have never seen another animal in our yard, which I believe is unusual because of where we live. We feel that the Bigfoot roam so near to our property that small animals avoid the area. This could be the wrong assumption, but the lack of raccoons, opossums, etc. is strange.

I'm not going to try and take photographs, because I believe that they know better and that it would anger them. A fellow on our block tried to set out a motion sensitive camera. Well the damage they endured from a Bigfoot (a busted camera, broken lawn furniture and uprooted plants) changed those plans.

I have seen people going into the forest at other locations - and it's obvious that they are searching for the Bigfoot, even though the wildlife is protected. My feeling is that they should leave these creatures alone, though I doubt they'll ever find one. They are very keen and aloof - almost magical in the way they go about their lives.

I didn't want to give out our exact location. We don't want the Bigfoot people trampling about the neighborhood. VB

NOTE: It's an interesting account. They didn't leave a phone number, but they did return my email with a few more details I added to the original inquiry. I'm not sure whether they have learned to live with the Bigfoot or rather that they be gone. But I do think that they have gained a certain amount of respect for their neighbors in the forest. Lon

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