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Thursday, September 08, 2016

Chased by a 'Woman in White'

Eddie in Maryland called in to tell of his 'woman in white' encounter:

“This is my freshman year in college and this is actually pretty much the same time I discovered your show so it's kind of interesting. We all decided to go to Denny's which is a sit out, sit down, eat out restaurant. We weren't under the influence of anything. So, we're driving down this road and it's dark. It's our first time deciding to drive somewhere we don't know the exact location. It was just going off of somebody telling us where to go.

Now we're going down this road and it's completely... it's really dark. And there's like maybe two light-posts in maybe, I'm talking about maybe, a five mile distance. So there's four of us in the car. I'm sitting in the backseat on the left side and my friend is sitting on the right side. So he's looking out the back window and he's just staring and he's just like... And I look back too and he's just like, man, this road looks scary. I look back and I was like, yeah, it does look kinda scary, you know. I was kinda scared.

So, for some reason, we just kept looking back and next thing we know we see this, like a figure... I don't know how to truly explain it but it was like a white figure from far away. It was like way down the street but it was like keeping up with the car. It was keeping up with the car even though it was far. I was like, what in the world? So, this one light pole comes up and as we are looking back as the side of the light comes over it, it speeds up to the car more faster than we were going and we were going at least 50 MPH. When I saw this figure, it was in the shape of a woman. Caucasian, maybe in her 20s. Very ghostly. I could see through it and it was like, I seen like a white gown on her and it was like, I couldn't see her feet. But when I saw that, how close it came, it was maybe like 20 feet from the car and I turned around and I said... I like yelled out really loud. When I turned around, it was gone. My friend said, when I told them I didn't see any feet but my friend said he saw feet running really, extremely fast, like something out of a movie fast.”

Source: Coast To Coast AM - August 19, 2016

Transcribed by Jamie Brian

NOTE: This apparition may have been a 'banshee' type entity. I wish that the location would have been mentioned...not positive the college was in Maryland. Lon

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