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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Crypto Four Corners International: Northwood Lycans

By Jane Rodriguez - Crypto Four Corners International correspondent - This is going to be about upright walking canids, AKA “dog people”/ “dog men”. I'm just going to jump right into it because there is such a long history with continuing present day developments into this ongoing saga involving generations of dogmen (and dog women).

Click for video - Northwood Lycans

This Crypto Four Corners International investigation includes founder JC Johnson and the rest of the team.

Jesus Jr...from the 'Breaking Bad' TV series and other film appearances, has had his own Lycan sightings, as he explains in the video.

Jack Cary continues to look into sightings around Colorado...in particular Lost Creek area. He himself has seen upright canines through thermal imaging. He's working on getting video as well.

Team member Jane Rodriguez began helping as a correspondent, collating the facts and reporting them in video format. She is going to be in the field, reporting on any encounters with these beasts during early September of this year.

It begins on Ron Shaw's land in Minnesota, shortly after WWII ended. His grandparents purchased land in northern Minnesota and began trapping for the Department of Natural Resources. Shortly after they began trapping, they noticed all kinds of disturbances that would cause alarm to anyone familiar with the lay and ways of the land.

After Shaw's grandparents began to trap the animals, they saw that many of the carcasses were getting torn apart in the traps, or out of the traps. There's nothing in the woods that has the kind of dexterity necessary to do the kinds of flesh rendering, and trap release that was shown with the bodies of these dead animals.

So naturally this caused some alarm with Ron's grandparents. Ron Shaw shares some family stories about their long standing encounters with these mysterious creatures, including the following:

"The first one was a black Bear that was trashing crops and damaging property. Grandma shot it so she got my three cousins, brother and I to go get the hide and head for proof. When we got to the kill there was blood and fur everywhere but no carcass. Instead we found huge wolf-like track's. Anyway, you could tell something freaky was in the woods because grandfather would go from carrying a .22 revolver to a .357 mag or his .45 auto. He'd pull all his traps. He'd stop by at times and get my dad and uncle for backup. I remember seeing half eaten beaver/raccoon in the traps or traps bent out of shape.( Spring steel)

Dad had a huge Dodge van that he would pick up all us kids for church so we could do our confirmation. The adults would go too. It was getting close to the end of trapping season so grandma decided to skip church and go pull her traps. When we got home she was in freak out battle mode, dogs in the house and all gun's loaded.

Grandpa: what's going on ma?

Grandma: damn Bigfoot or wolf head!

Grandpa: probably just a bear.

Grandma: damn it Bill I know what a bear is and this ain't no damn bear!

Grandpa: well then it's probably the Devil messing with you because you skipped church.

There's a cemetery up the road from here, the dogman was leaning against one of the taller gravestones just staring at her. It stood up, turned around and walked into the woods. Had tall pointed ears and a creepy long snout. Not to mention a bushy wolfish tail."

Fast-forward to the present day. Ron Shaw has had so many eyewitness experiences that it's become an almost daily affair to have some sort of interaction on the many acres of his northern Minnesota property. The video JC and Ron put together for this article includes their accounts of how the dogpeople are attempting to win Ron's dogs over, bribe them if you will, with gifts of food!

One of the facets that make this case so interesting is that there is a multi-generational interaction, on both the human and on the cryptid side. We note in the video that everyone involved with this story feels that these creatures we are dealing with present day are the grand babies of those Ron's grandparents dealt with. In fact, there are parents, siblings – a whole family involved.

JD Johnson was also in the video remarking his own experiences that don't seem to align with normal behavior for local animals. He has his opinions on what these creatures are, and its interesting to see how father and son work side by side on these cases. They work together very well...and from my perspective, though they are much alike, they both have strong opinions that sometimes differ from one another. Which is a good thing...iron sharpens iron. We need to think broadly when we are discussing these strange creatures, as JC says again and again. There is no umbrella to catch all the answers that explain and unify each case. Some may be werewolves, other skinwalkers...and others may be interdimensional or physical full-time dogmen. Things we just do not have the tools or language to cope with yet.

Another very curious side to this case is that the beasts seem to have a strong rapport with JC. Ron said that if JC is around the chances of seeing these dog people increase from 50% to 98%! “The Bitch”...who is referred to as Allura, is or could be the matriarch of the group of dogmen that seems especially to be fond of JC's presence...to a degree that's almost alarming! He has captured what he thinks could be photo evidence of this gigantic cryptid.

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