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Friday, November 13, 2015

'Gas Plant Entity' / Beeville, TX Incident Agonize Witness...Recalls UFO Encounter

The following account was forwarded to me after the witness read A Look Back: 'The Gas Plant Entity' and, in particular, the witness report from Beeville, TX:

I'm 57, but I'll never forget the incident that happened in 1967 as I and 2 friends were walking to FMC elementary school from Navy housing a quarter miles distance (Chase Naval Air Station near Beeville, TX). We first saw a silver egg shaped craft being followed closely by a Navy helicopter cruising about telephone pole height down the road we were just getting ready to cross. They weren't moving fast, and the chopper was so close it's rotor was almost touching the silver craft. The craft was just slightly smaller than the chopper, which was one of those large choppers you'd see back then rescuing downed pilots. A "Sea King" or some such name. It passed us so close we got blasted by prop wash. The only sound was the chopper.

We watched as this parade moved at a sedate guessed speed of 25 mph following the road, moving past us a quarter mile, to be drowned out by a jets roar. We turned in time to look almost eyeball to eyeball with the backseater in a trainer F6 Phantom roaring past at tree top level. The chopper had peeled away and the silver ball began to gain altitude and speed. We watched as it shot ahead of the jet that just past us and another jet in war colors (Vietnam camo, black and green), coming from 120 degrees clockwise to the trainer F6. Both the silver ball and the Phantoms disappeared and, us being navy brats, continued on towards school jabbering about the cool training exercise we just got to see.

We got about halfway across a waste land of bike trails all us kids played on between FMC and Navy housing when Jeff, my buddy's kid brother said he saw the silver ball drop on the other side of the road we crossed after the surreal air show. Naturally we stopped and started heading back to see what's what. This is where it goes sideways. I just wish I could remember it. Something was floating or loping towards us, and the thing the lady described and the picture of the thing in the gas works gave me a panic attack. All I know is the next thing we knew was standing on the curb across the lot in the direction we were originally headed and a shore patrol truck stopping and getting chewed out for hiding and worrying everyone. Then the SP made us run all the way to the school office and he left.

When we told the principal, a retired navy officer himself, this admittedly outrageous story for being late 3 hours which we didn't remember, we were separated and I eventually was talked to by 2 guys in Navy tans, but no rank or insignia showing. Then, after telling them the story again I was called a liar, told my friends had admitted it was a story for playing hooky, and to forget about it and to get to class. I said I was hungry as it was after lunch by now and was sent to the lunch room where a disgruntled old Hispanic lady fed me leftovers. Then I spent the rest of that day normally, I guess, but when I went to walk home I was scared and ran all the way. Also, my dad, a first class data analyst, and my mom told me when I got home to just chalk what happened up to a day dream. Which was weird even to me then but I was a good kid so I just blew it off.

But as I aged this memory haunts me, and I have had other encounters, along with family members, involving these damn flying things. The last occurred almost 20 years ago now, and I'm hoping that whatever they are have found other more interesting pursuits and will leave me be.

But I do wonder why the picture and description set off a few minutes of terror in me. Thanks for listening. This is the first time I've ever told this to anyone outside my family. CD

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