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Friday, November 13, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Encounter With 'Alf Man' (Photos) -- Oklahoma Bigfoot -- Mystery Purple Slime Coats Norway Fjord

Encounter With 'Alf Man'

Red Oak, TX: On June 17, 2015 around 1:30 a.m. What appeared like my son burst open locked back garage door in to kitchen where I was sweeping. I said have you been out jogging? I said this because my son appeared to be dripping wet yet it was not raining outside. He didn't say a word. put his head to my head and I was out cold. Lost track of time. Was out of it. My son actually did get home around 6:30 or 7:00 a.m on June 17, 2015. Got in trouble at work for no call no show. Boss complained that I kept forgetting things and stop acting like a retard. unlike him. So, I went to near by hospital er for a check up on june 20, 2015. They said I was fine.

But, I just knew something wasn't right. So I reviewed all phone messages. videos and pictures.By the way my sons phone stopped working that night then got lost altogether.

I had called son to see if he was ok at the precise moment the entity burst in. So I heard what should have been a voicemail message. recording has since changed, then vanished. I still have bits and pieces of it. But not what I heard on the original.

Original voicemail message:

crash door opening. Me: have you been out jogging? Then: falling struggleing dog barked a few times.

Entity: said my name three times in a growling garble voice that sounded just like the one in the movie forth encounters with that supermodel in it mia poltovich (can't spell her name) also heard frequencies like someone trying to tune in a radio. all that recording has vanished. now all you can hear is me; Have you been out jogging? struggling, sniffling like I had a runny nose and dog barking..

My phone video: shows an entity with a big nose and scraggly hair doing something to me (blowing gas or operating on me as i'm coming back in to consciousness) I saw: Why is that woman screaming? (I believe a video (the devils reject was playing in the living room) Entity backs up quickly on moves off to my right. at first it looks like a man, but when I print off a picture it looks like a big nosed entity resembling that character in that tv show in the 80's called Alf.

I have another video of something making a growling noise. Will try to send it to. It took months in my free time to print even a picture of this thing. videos will not send, print, turn green screen etc. phone kept saying it doesn't support that file type or extension. started with an E like eix.

When my son arrived home everything was normal. Didn't remember a thing and wouldn't have even bothered checking in to the events of June 17 if I hadn't almost lost my job due to absent mindedness that week.

Went to hospital again with stomach pains. as I do have a hernia. more test were run in more detail. as I was came in on a ambulance and was admitted to hospital for 3 days. A few odd things did show up which i'm still researching, requesting records and x rays.

1. abnormal findings (were found, but Dr. won't explain)
2. Cylinder shaped object with air in it was visible on x-ray

Received a odd phone call from head nurse seeing if I was ok after I was discharged. She hinted around to request my medical records especially x-rays. - MUFON CMS


The Hunt For Bigfoot In Oklahoma

Some have hunted it, others have encountered it. But many don't believe it exists. We're talking about Bigfoot and hundreds of hunters worldwide believe this mysterious creature exists. So, News 9 went along on a Bigfoot exhibition here in Oklahoma to see for ourselves.

Under the tall trees of southeast Oklahoma, the slightest shake of a bush, lures curious campers.

"We've caught all sorts of known sounds that we can't attribute to known animals," said Randy Savig with the Missouri chapter of the Mid American Bigfoot Research Center.

Each driven to explain something they can't.

"I really wasn't looking for it- it just happened," said D.W. Lee, the executive director for the MABRC.

"Something big and hairy runs right across my headlights," remembers Rob Johnson, a former high school wrestling coach.

"This dark gray-grayish thing just kind of off stood up," Savig said.

"I was looking through a night vision scoop," recalls Lee. "And he popped up and looked at us for a couple of seconds, and then it went down and rose back up and looked at us again."

You can save the snarky comments. Lee said he's been called "crazy" plenty of times.

"I just take in stride," Lee said

Lee claims the MABRC has 500 members worldwide, all of them steadfast in their belief in the existence of Bigfoot. Many claim to have heard the creature.

"It's just a big screaming monkey the way I see it," Lee said.

Some have claimed to have seen it, taking pictures, which seem a bit unclear.

"They look like a gorilla but they walk on two legs just like we do," Lee said. "They know to stay away from anything that can harm them."

At least once a month, Lee and his group gets away from work, family and their regular lives to learn about a life shrouded in mystery.

"I don't go hunt big foot. I research Bigfoot, there's a difference," Johnson said.

During the day, parabolic microphones and infrared cameras get set up but it's under the moonlight that they leave camp to explore, making as much noise as they can with the hope that the curiosity will bring out the Bigfoot.

Some of the guys will ride these trails throughout the night on ATV's, while others are more methodical, mapping out the terrain on foot.

But on this night, strategies to lure the mystical creature fall short, but at the campfire, stories of past encounters always endure. Morning brings another opportunity to prove what everyone here already believes.

"It's a mystery," Johnson said. "I'm here not to solve the mystery; I want to be part of the history." - The Hunt For Bigfoot In Oklahoma


Mystery purple slime coats Norway fjord

A mysterious purple slime has emerged off the coast of northern Norway, coating millions of cubic meters of a picturesque fjord with a strange mucoid, margarine-like substance.

“We have not been able to find out what this really is, other than that we are talking about large amounts of jellyfish,” Roger Larsen, associate professor at the University in Tromsø, told state news broadcaster NRK on Sunday.

“The images we are picking up from the echo sounders and other equipment are totally atypical. We have tried to gather information to find the answers, but I am absolutely sure that this is something we’ve never seen before.”

Larsen, who has been surveying the emergence of the slime since fishermen first began reporting it in late August, said that the substance had collected in a 200m wide belt around the Lyngen Fjord.

“We are talking about millions of cubic metres,” he said.

On Monday, Tone Falkenhaug and Jan Helge Fosså, oceanographers at Norway’s Institute of Marine Research (IMR) argued that the slime might have been caused by a gigantic bloom of cigar comb jellies which had then partially disintegrated.

“It’s probably dead or partially dead jellyfish, and we think its the kind of jellyfish we think it is is called Ctenophora Beroe,” Falkenhaug told The Local. “We can’t explain why it is like this, but it's not uncommon that jellyfish appear in very dense aggregations like this, especially deep in the fjord.”

She said that while she had herself never seen a bloom of jellyfish breaking down into a mucoid substance, the phenomenon had been documented elsewhere.

“I have heard that you can get this when it’s rotten, that you get this purple mucous from jellyfish. If you have dense blooms of jellyfish, and they fall down into the water column and they start to disintegrate." - Mystery purple slime coats Norway fjord


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