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Monday, November 23, 2015

Are Pennsylvania's Anomalies Related to Underground Facilities?

I recently received the following eyewitness account. The content may be a bit bizarre for most readers. It is on the fringe, without a doubt. But there is some content that parallels particular information I have read and heard from other witnesses previously. I am not going to reveal the location until our investigative team checks out the particulars. Thanks for understanding:

I live in south-central PA (Specific location information redacted). (Specific location information redacted). There are lots of watersheds and tunnels under this hill that is made out of limestone / quartz. It is a vortex and there are lots of ‘portals’.

I film UFOs as my hobby and have done so for years. I have lots of sky friends and lots of visitors. I don’t post anything. There is too much alien activity to explain. The point is it is a very active area for ET and alien UFO activity.

There is a network of underground tunnels under this Appalachian Way and lots of friends living under the surface. This tunnel network is vast and goes to many underground terrains - where various species passing thru and who are not native residents. But by and large I have found most all are benevolent. They speak to very few humans if any, they have been here 1000s of yrs. And I might guess this hill was a sacred place where American Indians communicated freely with these neighbors. I’ve lived here 30 yrs and befriended them may years ago. Lets just say I have an arrangement to STAY OUT OF THE WOODS. AND I RESPECT THAT ARRANGEMENT I HAVE MADE WITH MY NEIGHBORS TO RESPECT THEIR PRIVACY. Although they have invited me to go to their houses, I respect their privacy. We are friends and I have no doubt that if I was in danger they would come and get me and hide me.

I am here to tell you about this CREATURE you call MOTHMAN which I am sure I and my husband have had several encounters. At night I would hear a screaming in the back woods. And some nights I would listen to it and wonder what it was. I have just heard it for the last 2 or 3 yrs and more so this year.

At night I would sit on the back porch and listen to it screaming for long periods of time. At one point I thought it was two of them having sex. I tried to convince myself and blow it off that it was just two animals but I could not identify what animal it could be. It was not a raccoon or a fox or any any other animal I could identify as indigenous to this area. I knew what it was but would not face it. At first we would hear it only occasionally far from the house at the bottom of the hill on watershed area about a 1/2 mi from the house. Then last year the screaming started to come closer to the house but still maintaining a good distance. But the scream was higher on the hill and more towards the back where the creature could perhaps see us from a distance. Then this year it became more and more frequent and very close to the house like every other night for a period and then it would leave and return several weeks later.

So after that I never heard the two of them making whatever they were doing but only the one. And as it continued nightly moving closer and closer to the house I knew exactly what it was as it seemed to be making some kind of contact with me. I could feel it watching me like an animal does that lurks and stalks its prey. Being aware of his watching me I tried to speak to it raising my voice to speak to it to see if it was intelligent and to ask it to leave. I did not receive any intelligent response but what limited response I received was savage acknowledgement that I was communicating with some reply of silence that he was listening. I asked him to leave and he did that night. But he continued to return in the nights that followed.

I was concerned the creature would eat my dog if I let him out at night. I made sure I walked him on a leash when this creature was lurking around. Slowly the creature came closer and closer to the house and so close he was hardly a stones throw away singing to me hiding behind trees. Apparently the creature was attracted to me in some way and when I went on the back screened porch it would sing or scream communicating to me his pleasure to me. I felt that he was transmitting his thoughts that were as far as I could understand were very barbaric and base, animal like.

I hate writing this to you. I try to be nice to all of them but this one was different. I knew it was a 3D creature, was nocturnal and living in this concrete world. I could sense it was a sub-terrestrial being of sorts. It was animal like as far as I could see. I don’t judge these creatures. It does have some intelligence. Perhaps a half alien and half human creature. I yelled to it and told him it was not allowed here or near me and that it is against rules. You are not allowed here and may not interfere with my space or come within my property line which butts up to the woods. He backed off. But continued to return several weeks later.

Finally I found the solution. My husband rushed into the house frightened - he wanted to take me out to listen the the creature singing close to house. My husband was worried and afraid the creature would eat our dog. I knew what it was. ‘Oh its that creature again.’

I went out on the back screened porch and he was closer then ever singing at me. When he saw me he clearly became excited and started calling after me with this screaming screeching sound. He may have been 75 ft from the enclosed porch. This screened porch is raised on the 2nd floor so I was looking down into the place the screaming was coming from - searching for it.

This creature was insistent and the longer I stood the screaming sounded like sounds of desire and longing.

The creature must have sensed I was an empath or had some specialness in its estimation that made him stand there for nights and sing to me. Several times in the past I told the creature to leave and shut all the flood lights off and slam the doors and close all the blinds to make it go away. This is not the first time this creature has been the topic of conversation between my husband and I.


He never came back to sing to me again. I am a night person and often get up in the middle of the night to have a smoke on the porch and I would hear him outside in the woods moving around in silence and positioning himself to get a better view being a person of interest to him. He never sang to me again, and eventually left. I knew when he was there looking at me. But I have not seen him for a while. He lost interest in me or perhaps gave up and is gone now.

I did report him to the people in the ships that fly over head when they come and ask them to remove this creature. That I did not know who put this thing here and that he is dangerous and unruly to humans and frightened me. And I guess they lifted him off. I don’t know, but the creature its gone.

I think some creatures that live very deep in the Earth and who do not, nor have they ever, come to the surface somehow make their way up. Perhaps he is a creature dropped from a ship for them to get rid of - to play a joke on humans. I don’t know. But I just tell the sky people in the ships and it seems they took care of it. EG

NOTE: The witness was writing is reference to this post - Mothman-Like Entity - Lancaster, PA Area. This link may be of interest as well - Communion With The Mothman.

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