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Friday, November 20, 2015

Flying Ray-Shaped UFO - Ingleside, Illinois

I received the following report Friday:

Hi - I witnessed something I can't explain. Maybe you can help. It was Nov. 2nd about 6:30am I was driving to work eastbound on E. Grand Ave in Ingleside, Illinois. I had just passed the Gavin Elementary School and saw what looked like a sting ray or manta ray flying across the road, not far from Fox Lake. I almost ran off the road. It must have been 20 ft long and about 50 ft over the road. It was a light gray color but not shiny like metal. It was a dull light gray. It reminded me of a smooth plastic tarp. It wasn't going very fast. There were a few cars coming in the opposite direction but they didn't react from what I could tell. I know it sounds weird but I swear that this is what I saw. There was no tail, but was shaped like a sting ray fish. There was no flapping of the wings. It just glided across the road towards the preserve and Long Lake. Can you help me out with this? SH

I emailed the witness this afternoon and received some follow-up information:

It was probably 20 ft long and 20 ft wide at the wings. There were no markings though there may have been some small structures underneath towards the middle. I could not distinguish what it may be. There was no sound from what I could tell. It was traveling on a straight course but I soon lost sight of it after it flew over the road. It may have dropped in altitude. There have been UFO sightings in the area in the past. We're not that far from Lake Michigan and north Chicago. I appreciate the information you sent about the flying ray-shaped UFOs. If I hear or see anything else, I'll contact you. SH

NOTE: If this was indeed a flying ray-shaped cryptid / craft, the description is very similar to others I have received in the past...though, this particular example is much larger than any other reported to me. 20'x20' is quite large and I would have expected some chatter coming out of that area...though, again, we don't know what these objects are. I've suspected that it's a bio-form craft...a mechanical / biological hybrid of some type. I also believe that not all people can visually distinguish these objects...simply because these sightings are mostly during the daylight and other people in the vicinity don't seem to notice it's presence. Lon

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