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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: ISS Feed UFO Capture -- Dog-Like Alien Observed by Bella Thorne and Family -- Prepping For a Huge Solar Storm

ISS Feed UFO Capture

Lubbock, TX - 11/4/2015 - 10:0 PM: I was in bed watching [Link moved to FI Section/cms/tg] and I saw the orb/sphere like object just materialize over the earth's horizon and then it dematerialized about 30 seconds to a minute later. I first saw streaks and I was thinking maybe they were reflections from the space station but then this object materialized and then Faded out slowly and disappeared. I have no idea what this object could be. The object was spherical and gray in color with illuminated copper tones. It seemed to give off light as well as reflect it. I just couldn't believe what I was seeing. I have never seen anything like it. After it dematerialized, the live broadcast was interrupted by a message stating the system is either switching cameras or the system is experiencing some technical difficulties. This was a Very weird experience. - MUFON CMS


Dog-Like Alien Observed by Bella Thorne and Family

August 25 or 26, 2005 - Pembroke Pines, Florida

In the must-see documentary “From Here To Andromeda” director David Sereda spoke to members of the Thorne family. The youngest person present is Bella Thorne, who, of course, would go on to become a popular Hollywood actress (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2254074/). In 2014, she played Adam Sandler's daughter in “Blended” and was a rising Disney star, playing opposite Zendaya on “Shake It Up”. Her oldest sister, Dani, also an actress, was also present, as was her other sister, Kylie. Her brother Remy was also there. They discuss a strange event that happened during the arrival of Hurricane Katrina in Florida in 2005. David asks them to discuss what happened.

Kylie Thorne: “Well, at first, we went outside because we wanted to... It wasn't raining and the wind, it was just like a light blow because when you're in the eye it's not really like a storm, it's more like a calm and stuff, but then we started seeing these weird lights that were, like, green and it was kinda like a lightning and then it was blue and then it was lightning.
Dani Thorne: ...and then it was red.
Kylie Thorne: I know.
Dani Thorne: ...and then they started flashing. And then, first, we were in our house and then we went outside and then it was really, really windy, like a helicopter was over you, like my little sister started going 'Ahhh!' (holds out arms to mimic being pulled in the wind) so it was really fun and then we were like, 'Please, let it rain! Please, let it rain!' and then we were in the middle of the eye which was pretty cool and we saw...
David Sereda: You were in the eye of the hurricane?
Dani Thorne: Yeah. Yeah. It was right over our lake.
David Sereda: Before it hit New Orleans?
Dani and Kylie Thorne (speaking at the same time): Yes!
Dani Thorne: And so we went outside to go look at all the rain and stuff and then it started to get too windy so my mom told us to come back inside. And then my cousin said he saw something flashing out there so my dad went out to check it out and he started having like, freaking out, 'Oh my god... Oh my god... There's lights! There's lights!' So we came out and there was green, like flashing green, a couple times, like three, then there would be blue twice, and then once red, and it would go like in a pattern like, green three times, blue twice and once red, and then it started stopping for like five minutes. And each of the houses it would be one, two, three, four, like that. And the first house had like red sirens going off inside which was really weird. And then we were like 'Whoa, what was that?' and then it went one, two, and then the next house, and my mom was like, 'Ooh, maybe it's aliens' and, first, I didn't believe in them.
Kylie Thorne: Yeah, we thought it was a joke and we were all like, didn't believe in them.
Dani Thorne: And then it started doing it and we were like one of the second houses so we didn't get the light flashing in on us and she was like, 'Maybe they're taking over their bodies?' and I was like, 'Yeah, right' and then we went back inside. And we went back outside because, like, we were looking outside through the window and it was all foggy and like murky except for like this one little hole in our window was just like if someone went like that (makes swirl motion) and it was all just foggy and stuff and so we were looking through it and we saw someone run past it. And my dad was like, 'There's someone in our yard! There's someone in our yard!'
Kylie Thorne: And we were all freaking out.
David Sereda: Do you think there was an alien?
Kylie and Dani Thorne (speaking at the same time): Yes!
Kylie Thorne: The figure was all black...
Dani Thorne. It walked like this (pretends to walk hunched over) and it's back was totally like this. It sort of looked like a dog standing up but it was a lot, lot taller.
Kylie Thorne: And it was all hunched over.
David Sereda: What did it look like (directing the question at Remy)
Remy Thorne: Something like a black thing. You can't tell from a distance, we were in our house, but it ran across the lake that we had in our backyard, and it ran across it, but it was so fast we didn't know what... exactly what it was... we couldn't see the exact form of it... it just 'boom', it just ran.
David Sereda: What did the UFO actually look like, itself?
Dani Thorne: The actual ship was (makes circular motion in air with hand).
Kylie Thorne: It was... We were on the top of our house, on the second floor, and we were looking at the little hole and we saw right next to it, these lights going round and round, red. And when that whole row was done, it would go to the bottom and then it would be red again. And it would go around again and then it would go back to the top.
David Sereda: What about the structure? Was it metallic?
Dani Thorne: It was like...
Kylie Thorne: Dark.
Dani Thorne: Yeah, it looked like, you couldn't really see anything, but when the lights were flashing off, you could see that the lights were also like, beaming off the surface, so it looked like a silver-ish, metallic color, like an airplane sorta and you couldn't really see anything.
David Sereda: What about the shape?
Kylie Thorne: It was like a dome (makes dome motion with hands) and then it had lines like...
Dani Thorne: And then it did different patterns like dut dut dut (jerks hands back and forth in one direction, and repeats the motions backwards) and then it would do it like four times and then it went like this (makes zig-sagging motions with fingers) then it went 'woot, dot dot dot woot' (fingers motions a circle and jerking in forward motion).
Bella Thorne: I was crying.
Kylie Thorne: We thought it was...
David Sereda: Did you see Mel Gibson's movie Signs?
Dani Thorne: Yes, that's exactly what the creature looked like.
Kylie Thorne: Except it wasn't like blue or green and it didn't have a weird face.

Source: David Sereda's “From Here To Andromeda”, (youtube.com/watch?v=T5lCAwHL0cc)

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


A Likely Explanation For Alien Abductions?

The October issue of The Psychologist is mainly devoted to psychological considerations of human interactions with outer space. The article I found most interesting, about close encounters with aliens, was written by Christopher French. Nick Kanas also speculates about how astronauts will cope with deep space travel. One fascinating scenario for interstellar expeditions described by Kanas involves a giant multigenerational starship on a 200-year expedition to Alpha Centauri (the closest star system to our solar system). The crew is socially engineered to ensure a stable population adequate to the limited space, food and water resources on board. The initial crew (150-180 people) are young, childless married couples who will not have children until they enter their 30s. The number of children would be limited to the population needs of the mission. The breeding cycle repeats for subsequent generations such that the population stratifies into echelons of well-defined demographics of roughly equal numbers over time, clustered into age groups about 30 years apart. The older members teach the youngest members, and the middle echelon performs routine maintenance work.

Most readers will know of Spielberg’s blockbuster 1977 movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but may not know that encounters with aliens are grouped into four categories: close encounters of the first, second, third and fourth kind. Christopher French convincingly explains away all stories of such close encounters.

A close encounter of the first kind is a simple sighting of an unidentified flying object (UFO) with no other supporting evidence. More than 95 per cent of UFO sightings are later explained as misidentified weather balloons, aircraft and so on. There is no reason to believe that the tiny percentage of sightings that cannot be identified are anything strange. A handful of sightings will naturally lack sufficient evidence for identification, just as the police cannot find enough evidence to solve every crime.

A close encounter of the second kind is a sighting apparently supported by physical evidence, typically photographs. However, these photographs are often ambiguous pictures of ordinary objects. It is now easy to fake a photograph using Photoshop, for example, and there have been many hoaxes. No convincing evidence has ever been produced to support a genuine close encounter of the second kind.
A close encounter of the third kind involves direct contact between humans and aliens who often have messages for humans, for example about the dangers of nuclear war.

Stories of close encounters of the fourth kind, where a human is abducted by aliens, now outnumber stories of encounters of the third kind. In an early 1957 report a Brazilian farmer described being pulled into an alien spaceship and forced to have sex with a female alien, who made barking sounds during intercourse.

The experience reported by Betty and Barney Hill in 1961 shares common features with many reports of encounters of the fourth kind. The Hills were driving home when they sighted a UFO. They arrived home later than expected and were to unable to account for a period of two hours. Betty started to have dreams in which aliens pulled her into their spacecraft and medically examined her. Years later, both Hills were hypnotically regressed by a psychiatrist and recovered detailed memories of the 1961 alien abduction and medical examination.

Experts agree that most people who claim alien abduction experiences are sane and sincerely believe they have encountered aliens. French proposes that a common phenomenon, sleep paralysis, could make many think they had contact with aliens. Sleep paralysis occurs just before one falls asleep or wakes up, normally lasts a few seconds and may feel a little odd, but no more. But in a minority of cases it can be a terrifying experience, accompanied by a strong sense of evil, difficulty breathing, seeing lights and grotesque figures, hearing voices and feeling one is being dragged out of bed.

The next step for many is to consult a hypnotherapist in order to recover “lost memories” of the encounter. French argues, quoting considerable evidence, that hypnotic regression is very likely to produce false memories. The whole alien encounter phenomenon seems to have nothing to do with outer space and everything to do with inner headspace. - A likely explanation for alien abductions


Prepping For a Huge Solar Storm

For our electronic way of life, the Sun is a formidable foe, and the White House is taking protective action against it. On October 29, the White House’s National Science and Technology Council released its strategic plan to prepare for an extreme space weather event that could destroy satellites, spacecraft, and vital telecommunications systems.

Many of these electrical systems depend on each other, which is a recipe for disaster. “These critical infrastructures make up a diverse, complex, interdependent system of systems in which a failure of one could cascade to another,” the Council reported in the plan. Read more at The White House is prepping for a huge solar storm that could kick us back into the Dark Ages



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