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Monday, November 16, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Terrifying 'Shadow Man' Encounter -- Demon in the Phone -- Mass School Anxiety Attack

Terrifying 'Shadow Man' Encounter

No date given - Canada

Greg in Calgary, Canada called to tell a creepy shadow man story.

“I was seventeen years old and my best friend had asked me if I would house sit for his mother. They were all leaving, going to Calgary. We were in a small town at that time. I said, Yeah, sure, no problem. So, the day they left, it was winter – the day they left, we had the worst blizzard I've ever seen in my life and it knocked out all the power in the whole entire town. The phone lines and the power lines were separate so I was talking with my girlfriend on the phone for about four hours. Then I decided to go to bed. I had a dog with me, a doberman, that lived in the house. So, I walked down the hallway and picked the last bedroom. It had the biggest bed. So I laid down to go to sleep and I was just about there and every door in the hallway started slamming. My friends knew that I was there alone so I thought, okay. I got out of bed, I ripped the door open and I screamed. There was just like, nobody there. So I went looking around the house. Nothing. Nobody. Just me and the dog. So that creeped me out so I lit the candles again and I phoned my girlfriend again and the dog started going absolutely crazy. It started trying to get in behind me, whimpering and whining, you know, we were both on the couch. It jumped off the couch and tried to get under the couch. It started clawing at the floor. I said to my girlfriend, this dog is crazy and just as I said that, something moved out of the corner of my eye. And I look up and there's this thing standing there at the end of the dining room table, just staring at me. I stood up and threw the phone at it and it must have went through it or it missed it because it banged against the wall. It was pitch black. It looked like a person - a man. As I looked at it I felt instant terror, like, um, I was about to die. Something in my head said 'Run!' and then it said 'Run fast!' So I bolted out of the house. Like I was saying, it was a blizzard so all the roads were like snowdrifts. I ran all the way RCMP station and the town cop and two constables were there and I told them that there was somebody in the house. So they came with me to the house – we had to walk. It was only a few blocks so the two constables went in and I waited outside with the town cop. The two constables went up to the front door and they announced: 'This is the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, is there anyone in house?' There was no response so the constables went in and started to search the top floor. A couple of minutes later one of the constables asked me and the town officer to come in. So we went in and we went right into the kitchen. That's where he lead us and the officer that was in there shown his flashlight onto the counter-top close to the dining room and all of the butcher knives were laid out on the counter, smallest to biggest and he looked at me and he said, 'Did you do this?' and I said, 'No, that's creepy, why would I do that?' So, while we were talking about that, the constable went down into the basement and then he asked all of us to come down there. So we went down into the basement and right before you get to the bottom, there's a very long hallway and a big metal door. The big metal door was wide open and there was this massive, like, four foot snowdrift into the basement. So that was really unsettling. So we searched around the yard and the only tracks leaving the house were mine and I didn't think about the dog and I told the constable that there was a dog here, so we looked for tracks and, the way the trees sheltered around the house, we would be able to see that because the wind is less around the house and there was no tracks at all and the dog was never found. I felt so bad.”

Source: Coast To Coast – October 31, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Demon in the Phone

From Darkness Radio

Hi Dave and Tim.

Love the show! I was at an antique store this past Friday while visiting relatives in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I sat down on an old chair that was for sale, and all the sudden my smart phone screen went black. I could hear the sounds, so it was working. The screen overheated and started to burn and become discolored. It was then, that I saw the face. When enlarging the image, you can see the eyes are not human!! I am convinced this spirit was attached to the chair and transferred to my phone! I am afraid to take it to the cell phone store to have the screen removed for fear this demon will escape. The phone is still under warranty for 1 more month. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! I am attaching the image for you to see. - A Demonic Face Appears In A Phone!!


Ghost in the Corridor?

Photo was taken inside the old abandoned Poole Hospital sanatorium shortly after it was closed down in 1989, seems to show a strange figure that can be seen standing at the far end of the corridor.

The hospital, which originally opened in 1932, had remained a notoriously haunted location for several years after closing down but was eventually demolished back in 2002.


Mass School Anxiety Attack

Ambulance crews have treated 40 pupils at a school in Yorkshire after several collapsed during an assembly, prompting what fire crews believe was a “ripple effect” of anxiety-based nausea and faintness.

Fire service specialists said they had found no hazardous substances at Outwood academy in Ripon, North Yorkshire, and the mystery mass illness could have been caused when four pupils fainted in an over-warm assembly hall during a Remembrance Day service.

Police said one student was taken to hospital by his parents, and another received treatment at a minor injuries unit.

The alarm was raised shortly before 12.30pm on Wednesday following reports that a large number of pupils were feeling unwell. Police were called to the school along with ambulance and fire crews, including specialist hazardous substance teams.

One pupil, 15-year-old Joshua Hall, said: “We were all in assembly for Remembrance Day and people were just passing out towards the end. It was pretty scary, it was talked about the whole day and it kept getting worse and worse.”

Another student, who asked not to be named, said several students collapsed in the school hall. She said: “When the first boy was sick, we thought it was a one-off but then there was a big slap on the floor and someone had fainted. After that it was a bit of a domino effect, another three or four collapsed and then people started leaving the hall to get fresh air. One of the boys who fell was a bit concussed and had a big lump on his head. After that they ushered us out quickly and a couple of girls had panic attacks.”

Rumours of a gas leak were posted on a Facebook forum for parents at the school, but Dave Winspear, from North Yorkshire fire service, said specialists detected no hazardous substances.

He said: “Children were feeling unwell, nauseous, dizzy. The ambulance service treated children for those symptoms. We worked through our protocol to see if there was anything untoward and assessed the school for any hazardous materials.”

While the cause remained unknown, Winspear said the assembly hall was warm at the time. He added: “We are of the view the children just fainted and there was a ripple effect throughout the school. More children felt anxiety and started to feel concerned and the thing has escalated.

“I would like to assure you, we have carried out a very thorough assessment and found no hazardous materials or anything untoward in the school environment.”

A spokeswoman for Outwood Grange academies trust, which runs the school, said four students fainted during assembly, one of whom bumped their head. “Following the assembly, a further 20 students presented themselves during the course of the morning complaining of feeling faint and dizzy. At this point the academy, again as a precaution, called an ambulance.”

In all, the trust said, 40 students were treated on site. All later rejoined lessons or went home as normal.

Yorkshire ambulance service said it received a call at about 11.30am reporting that a number of students had “fallen ill suddenly with nausea and feeling faint”.

It said: “We dispatched a number of resources to the scene including a doctor, three ambulance crews, two rapid response vehicles, a number of clinical supervisors and our hazardous area response team.”

Incidents of sudden mass illness and fainting are not unknown at schools or other big gatherings of young people. The most famous such event took place in 1980 when almost 300 children taking part in an outdoor brass band competition in Nottinghamshire suddenly suffered vomiting and other symptoms.

The cause was never pinpointed, with some officials suggesting at the time that it could have been mass hysteria. However, a later BBC investigation said a subsequently banned pesticide had been sprayed in nearby fields and could have caused the illness. - Ripple of anxiety-based nausea affects 40 pupils at Ripon school



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