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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Ozzy Osbourne Tours Roswell -- The Dog Angel -- Pope Francis' Miracle Kiss

Ozzy Osbourne - he rock and roll and reality television celebrity has been around the past few days around Roswell, NM. He interacts with the locals and even snaps pictures with them. He was with his son Jack at the International UFO Museum on Thursday to shoot for the History Channel.

People have been spotting Ozzy around the small town, and some are claiming they noticed him at Wal-Mart. Ozzy snapped pictures with the locals in Chili’s last night. The photo has been spreading in Roswell and across social media.


The Dog Angel

Allan in Edina, Minnesota called in to talk about an experience he had with a strange man and his lost dog.

“This happened... it was in the early 80s, I believe. I had a beautiful black Labrador named Max. I lived down by the Guthrie Theatre in Minneapolis. A nice neighbourhood on the side of a hill. One morning, I let Max out and he took off and he didn't come back. We had to go over to my mother's house for brunch. It was a holiday, either Christmas or Thanksgiving, I believe. So I went out and looked for him but couldn't find him, so we went to mothers. We came back in the afternoon. I went out and drove around looking for him and I couldn't find him so we went to bed that night. He was gone so I didn't think he was ever going to come back. Well, we had a grandfather's clock that chimed on the hour every hour and, at midnight, I heard a knock on the door and then the doorbell rang so I got dressed. I went down and there's a guy standing there in a long overcoat, big hat and he's got Max on a leash. I said, 'Oh, that's Max!' and he said, 'Yeah, yeah, I found him'. He just kinda mumbled and he never looked at me. He looked away from all the time and he had big hat on, a big brimmed hat. I said, 'Well, where did you find him?' and he said, 'He was across Hennepin Avenue' and I said, 'How did you find my house?' and he said, 'Well, he lead me back here.' He had him on a leash and I said, 'Can I give you some money or a reward?' He said, 'No' and he unhooked him from the leash and gave him back to me. I call him the Dog Angel. He just turned around and walked down the steps and disappeared. This was at midnight, the stoke of midnight. It was just a very strange situation. We got Max back and he never wanted anything. He never gave me a name, never said anything else, just turned around and walked away. How that dog got across Hennepin Avenue without getting hit by a car and leading him back to my house at midnight? And who would who would go out looking for an owner of a dog at midnight? It was just very very strange. He never looked at me. I never saw his face so I thought, this is very strange. So I call him the Dog Angel.'

Source: Darkness Radio June 15, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Mom Gets Surprising Text From Late Son's Phone

After Carole Adler’s 21-year-old son died while training to become a Colorado State Trooper, she continued to text the cadet’s phone, saying she loved and missed him, trying to mend her broken heart.

One day, she got a text back.

Kell Husley, a police sergeant in Greeley, Colorado, received a new phone number and was getting the messages Adler was sending to her boy, Taylor Thyfault.

“So I sent a text back and identified myself, and said ‘I’m with the Greeley Police Department, and I don’t think your texts are going where you think they are,’” Husley told the KUSA television station in Denver.

That text began a relationship between the grieving mother and police sergeant who was doing the job that Thyfault was determined to do.

Thyfault had many goals for his life. His high school do-list included some teenage pipe dreams – wrestle an alligator, swim with sharks, go cliff diving – and some goals he was able to accomplish – graduate high school, join the army, be the best son possible.

Then, in May, Thyfault was struck and killed by a driver-on-the-run during a police chase near Longmont, Colorado. The driver accused of killing the cadet has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder – another police officer was critically injured — according to Longmont Times-Call.

“Every day, it hits me like a ton of bricks, when I can’t text him,” Adler told the TV station. “We’re just that close. Everything that happened in his life was in my life.”

Adler, who texted her son often when he was alive, continued to text him after his death, spilling out her loss and anguish. An Aug. 4 text said, “The urge to text you talk to you is strong tonight. I miss you. So much. I just want to see you feel you and hear you. I don’t want you gone from me.” [sic.]

At first, Husley, a 33-year veteran officer, ignored the texts that were coming over his new phone, which had been assigned Thyfault’s old number. Then, after a particularly wrenching message, he texted the cadet’s mother and offered to change the number.

Adler, however, likes the connection, the kismet of her boy’s cell phone number resting with a police officer. And Husley likes hearing about Thyfault’s passion, which reminds him of his cadet days.

“It’s good for me to remember all the wonderful things he was looking forward to,” Husley says. “It’s like I always have a little angel in my pocket now.”

Taylor Thyfault was posthumously promoted to a Colorado State Patrol Trooper, according to a memorial Facebook page. - Mom Gets Surprising Text From Late Son's Phone


Pope Helped Cure Baby’s Brain Tumor With ‘Miracle,’ Say Parents

A baby's unexpected recovery has been attributed to divine intervention after a meeting with the Pope.

Gianna Masciantonio, who had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor at the age of one, had been taken to see the pontiff during his World Meeting of Families trip to Philadelphia

After receiving a kiss to the top of the head however doctors were surprised to discover that her tumor had shrunk considerably - so much so that it has since almost completely disappeared.

"You can't really see the tumour, in all of the scans it's just a blur," said her mother Kristen. "She's getting better and stronger. She's blowing kisses. She's starting to point at things."

Both parents have attributed her recovery to divine intervention.

"I think all this is from God, the Pope is a messenger from God," said her father Joey.

"Last year was about living in honor of her. Now we're going to get to live with her." - Pope Helped Cure Baby’s Brain Tumor With ‘Miracle,’ Say Parents



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