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Monday, November 23, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: House of Time Travelers -- 'He's Superhuman!' -- Rolling Lava Ball

House of Time Travelers

No date given - Flagstaff, Arizona

Toni in Illinois called in to tell of some bizarre encounters she had while living in at a house in Arizona.

“I moved into a very similar house, the Wales house, just north of Flagstaff Arizona. It was my husband and I and our son who was in the seventh grade at that time. We wanted to put a doctor's office in the house and we wanted it out of town. So we were having a very difficult time finding a place and all of a sudden we ran across this place that was for sale by owner and cheaper than the market value they had for it. It had everything we needed. The owners didn't live there. There was a caretaker there and she talked about time travellers who would come and sit on the bed. You could see their indentation on the bed. We didn't think anything about that. Shortly after we moved in, my son, the next morning after. I don't know, we'd only been there about a week, but he asks, 'Was someone in my room last night?' I said, 'No' and, you know, kinda let it go in one ear and out the other. Then I started having really horrific dreams. To me, it was the devil. It was pure evil, black under a big spotlight and I was being offered these beautiful glass spears and I just kept saying 'No! No! No!' and I woke up and I was sitting up straight in bed and I look over to my husband who was still asleep and there was a little being maybe four feet high with a beautiful bright white light around it. I could see through it. I could see our cloths hamper behind it. I just went, 'Whatever!' and I laid down and started praying. I closed my eyes. I was so shook up from the dream that when I saw the being and I just had the feeling that this was good. So I laid down and I prayed then and I didn't open my eyes again. When I went to sleep, I was fine. I don't know. Another time we had one of my son's friends, he was there for the weekend. We were getting ready to go out and eat. Everybody had showered and went upstairs. Now the front part of the house was an original homestead, log cabin which had been sheetrocks on the inside but the walls were 10 inch thick logs and then the siding on the outside, so it looked the same and a two story addition had been added to that. So we had all showered except for this boy who was staying with us for the weekend. He came running down the stairs just outta breath and he said, Who was upstairs? Who was upstairs? And we looked at each other and we said 'No one was upstairs.' And then he said, Who was the old man in the flannel shirt in the mirror? Then we were starting to realize that something was going on there. Well, the short of the story is that I was driven out of the home. I didn't live there very long at all. We had been married 20 years and I still love the man but he changed in that house and he would get, it's kinda like The Shining, he would get right in our face, nose to nose, and yell and scream, things that he never did before. He didn't really ever have a drinking problem or a drug problem. He was a doctor. I do believe there may have been some sexual encounters with one of his patients and that is ultimately why I left and when I left I talk my son, and all our animals and our houseplants and later he said to me, 'You took everything that was alive.' And I did because it was all mine. So, anyway, we remained somewhat friends through the years and this was just about a year ago. We were having coffee at his... So he lived there for three years. He remodeled it and during that time period there was an elderly man who came up from Phoenix. I wasn't there at the time but my son and my ex-husband were there and the man asked, 'Have you ever seen the old man in the flannel shirt?' He said he grew up in the home. So, anyway, it was the same entity. He also said that there was a little girl who was haunting the house. She had fallen in a nearby forest and broken her neck. They found where she fell off the horse in the woods but her body was found right up next to the house. They never knew how her body got there.”

She goes on to claim that her ex-husband sold the house to people who only lived there for 3 months. A year later, the house was sold to another family who only stayed there no longer than six months. According to her, it's still on the market.

Source: Coast to Coast - June 5, 2015

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


'He's Superhuman!'

In DC met with some friends and met this individual Stan C. Petrov (they call him the inventor and he is the CTO of company called Inovatzia -not a secret ).

At first I didn't notice anything unusual however after shaking his hand it felt cold as ice yet he didn't appear in any distress, than we sat on the table and ordered food (he didn't eat any of it ?! Not a single bite ).

As he was telling a story about the ancient Thracians and their believes in immortality He got a phone call (his phone lid up, looked like Apple but was light and had bit of gas or steam coming out of it). He said they "invent things" I asked him can I see it and he let me play with it - this thing was the lightest (iPhone like phone) - felt light and looked like it was made of gold/silver metal or metal like material?! He told me that he is "testing all sorts of materials " well I can Say that.

This material was nothing like what I have ever seen or felt - the shine, and texture simply nothing to compare it with.

Next he showed some photos and videos to my friend. I also looked into the screen - incredible photos and videos of all sorts of microscopic organisms living on people however the colors details and resolution was nothing I have ever seen.

Further more there was photos and videos of all sorts of medical machines in various "trials" that truly looked like Star Trek sort of technology.

At some point my friend's battery died and Stan pulled out a what appeared to be tiny rectangular thing with blue and red light coming out of it in pulses? "Reactor of some sort?" In about 4-5 min my friend's iPhone 5s went from dead to 40% - than Stan talked about that "too much amps we don't want to fry your battery" this device was not like a battery, but looked like mini radiator and as it started charging its surface got sort of wet and than icy.

Afterwards my friend and I went to my house. There my friend shared with me that Stan has likely saved his life "I was really sick Stan was introduced to me by a friend." " I got his contact info and met him."

"After listening to me he said that he can't help me since he is simply a medical student. He was really nice and knowledgable as well as supportive. I befriended him .... at some point he talked about some thing making some sort of serum.... "

My friend further shared that "Im not proud of this but I borrowed some .... without him knowing and I swear I believe it helped" , He also shared that Stan's physical appearance has not changed at all for years?! "I knew him for over .. years he hasn't changed physically at all and he never sleeps always works making toys!".

He showed me photos with Stan together for over xx years ago !!! And as far as I could tell he had not changed at all in fact at the restaurant he was wearing the same jacket and shoes!

For real?!

Finally during our meeting as Stan was describing his "dream world" or actually Stan's reality - time just lapsed - we had been at the restaurant for over few hours, but I swear it felt like 10-15 minutes.

Also my iPhone and Smart Watch had both shut down?!

I know my report may sound crazy, but I'm simply expressing what I saw and felt.

I'm not the type of person that believes in extra terrestrial life forms, however Stan is either superhuman or not from this planet.
After this encounter and based on what I saw "the toys" I will seriously consider the possibility of alien life forms or superhumans.
I called my friend yesterday to express this possibility and he thinks I'm paranoid - lol

"Stan is eccentric inventor that's all. If he is hiding things why would he allow his patents to be public?"

Well I looked through his patents using the Google search engine and guess what, none of the things I saw were mentioned in the patents I saw.

So do aliens or super humans exist? Stan is one of them.

Don't know hope this report is useful to somebody. - MUFON CMS

This is Stan...


US and China work together to avoid space war

A new space hotline has been set up between the two countries to help prevent future misunderstandings.

War in space might sound like something out of a science fiction movie, but as offensive and defense space technologies become ever-more sophisticated it might not be long before rival nations start shooting each other's satellites out of the sky.

Now in a renewed bid to stop this from ever happening, China and the United States have set up their own direct communications line through which they aim to share information about their operations in space to prevent accidents or misunderstandings that could lead to war.

The setup is similar to the nuclear hotlines used by Russia and the US during the Cold War.

"Up until about nine or 10 months ago, we had to send notifications to the Chinese via their ministry of foreign affairs," said assistant Secretary of State Frank Rose.

"The chain would go from Joint Space Operations Center to the Pentagon to the State Department, to the US embassy in Beijing, and then on to a contact there."

With the new hotline however the matter of communicating with China about possible collisions or other potential hazards in space can be achieved much more quickly and effectively.

"Hopefully, it would get to the right people in China at the right time," said Rose. - US-China Space Hotline Set Up To Avoid Conflict


Rolling Lava Ball

Hi! I wanted to share my story in the hopes that someone out there can tell me what I saw; I'm still just as baffled today as I was when it happened.

This was back in the mid-90s and took place a few miles west of Palmer, AK. I was driving home around midnight on a narrow, curvy road. I believe it was late summer. There was a shallow ditch on each side of the road and thick, swampy forest all around which, at night, was basically a wall of blackness.

Because of all the curves I was going pretty slow; maybe 15-20 mph. I noticed a faint orange-ish glow a short distance ahead to my right, in the trees. It lit up the tree trunks and bottoms of the branches, but just barely. It's difficult to describe; it didn't look like fire, it didn't flicker, just a steady, dim orange glow.

Naturally I slowed down, trying to see what it was. The source quickly became apparent as this thing---which I have always thought of as 'the lava ball'--- rolled out of the forest, up the side of the ditch, crossed the road in front of me and rolled down the ditch on the other side, ultimately to disappear into the forest on my left.

I got a very good look at it. It was about the size of a pickup truck tire, but a sphere. It looked for all the world like a ball of cooling lava; it had dark, uneven, crusty looking 'plates' on the surface, laced with jagged cracks from within which came the orange glow. Its speed did not noticeably change, it was moving at about a walking pace regardless of if it was going up the side of the ditch, down the other side or across the level road. At no time did it leave the ground; it seemed to roll along the ground like you would expect a ball to do. It traveled straight across the road as if it meant to get to the other side; it wasn't randomly meandering about. I can't explain why but I had the sense that it was very heavy. I don't recall any sounds, nor do I recall anything else odd; no missing time, no feelings of dread or anything along those lines.

There is just no way a lava-spewing volcano would have gone unnoticed in that area, and as far as I know lava doesn't typically behave in that manner anyway. Would love to hear any possible explanations for what I saw.- H



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