Friday, November 20, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Mysterious Predators Slaughter Goats in Namibia -- Violated by Unknown Beings -- Two Figures in Silver Suits

Mysterious Predators Slaughter Goats in Namibia

Unknown predators that reportedly devour and suck blood from livestock have haunted villagers at Onheleiwa, Oidiva and Oikango of Ongwediva constituency in Namibia.

Over the years, untold numbers of goats have been killed at Onheleiwa and Oidiva villages and at Oikango, where the situation is said to be worse.

Villagers are convinced that the creatures have something to do with witchcraft. They once accused an elderly man who has a house at Onheleiwa village and his sister who had a house at Oikango village of being the owners of these strange, blood-sucking beasts.

Oshana Police spokesperson, Christina Fonsech, said the police were called at Onheleiwa where they followed the creatures’ footprints on several occasions.

According to her, the creatures’ footprints are bigger than a dog’s footprints, and police could not identify the creatures.

“We followed them but they walked until a spot where they just vanished. It’s difficult to explain what happened to those footprints because they looked as if they climbed onto something but it was in an open space, so we don’t know what happened,” she said.

Olivia Shikongo had her whole kraal wiped out by the creatures, leaving her with only two kid goats.

According to Shikongo, all that was left were traces of hooves and heads of some of the goats, while other goats had their stomachs cut open and had no intestines or liver.

“When I heard the goats making noise, I started to scream. It seems that they could no longer kill the goat that they had bitten so they left. When we went to the kraal in the morning, there were only three goats. One goat, which is the bigger one, was fighting for its life. There was no trace of five other goats that were also at the kraal the previous night,” she explain.

According to her, when she and other villagers looked around all they could find were the footprints of the unknown creatures while her five goats seemed to have disappeared into thin air.

Shikongo lost a total of 11 goats in two nights.

“I was only left with two small goats that we now lock up inside a room in the house,” she said.

The villagers that claim to have seen the unknown creatures, said they look like tigers. Although the community members are also scared for their lives, they said they understand that the animals do not attack human beings.

“If you find them at night, they just sit still on the side of the path and wait for you to pass by,” said another villager.


Chased by the 'Moon'

It's an old story of mine. Happened to me when I was working for summer as student in Wisconsin Dell, WI area in Summer of 2003. Event happened in early calendar summer at night (around midnight) on some night of probably late July or maybe early August. Night was kind of bright thanks to a bright full moon.

At late night (probably before midnight) I wanted to get some fresh air and decided to have a lonely ride in my car. I took my car from home (we were living between Lake Delton and Wisconsin Dells) and traveled at night through Broadway (in Wisconsin Dells), then leaving Wisconsin Dells downtown area behind and taking right turn on some highway (from google maps I think it was Route 16).

I have traveled a couple miles East and then pulled over to small local dirt road (on left) ending in the middle of a corn field. I stopped the car, shut engine off and enjoyed the beautiful view of the bright full moon in front and above me while sitting in car (kind of in the middle of corn field it was). I kept my windows rolled down and enjoyed the warm summer breeze.

I smoked a cigarette and at some point I noticed something odd. The sky got a little brighter than it was before, for some reason I started having a very strong urge to leave this place quickly, started looking around (nobody around, only seen maybe one or two cars passed on highway far behind me) and I noticed it got dead silent in this place.

Then I noticed it. it was the moon!!! and actually it couldn't be the moon, because it was located now in a different spot on the dark sky, I also believe it appeared bigger to me than a while ago (couple minutes it takes to smoke a cig). not really knowing why it scared the hell out of me. Immediately started the car and backed out of that corn field to highway shoulder and rammed on the gas pedal, I remember looking in the rear view mirror and seeing the "moon" now behind me while it was supposed to be on my right! geeeez ... accelerated like crazy and as fast as I could I started traveling back in Wisconsin Dells downtown direction. For a few minutes I was having this very very scary feeling that the "moon" was chasing me (maybe it was only trying to scaring me off who knows)... it all lasted maybe 10 minutes. Once I left the Route 16 the feeling went away, everything returned to normal. Moon was were it was supposed to be and there was nothing scary anymore.

I will remember that feeling for a very long time.


Violated by Unknown Beings

Cave Creek, AZ - 2003-07-20 - 10:18AM: We were on a camping trip in the black mountains about 45 miles north of downtown Phoenix. We first felt an abundance of static electricity in the calm night air. We stepped out of our tent to get some air when we saw numerous swirling lights. We were all very startled and stayed close together not knowing what to expect. We watched intensely as we saw the lights merge into one and slowly descend into a clearing approximately 75 feet away. We walked towards the object and saw three beings walk out and slowly look over their craft as if something was wrong with it. They beings looked man-like but walked in an exaggerated upright way and very stiffly. It was at this moment that we were noticed and we all walked toward the beings against our wishes. It felt like we were on a treadmill being drawn toward the craft. The next 45 minutes are very hurtful and make me sick to even think about. I will gladly speak to someone in person about the experience. We were all violated in different ways. - MUFON CMS


Two Figures in Silver Suits

Segora, NM - 2004-07-27 - 1:30AM: I am reporting this event for my husband. On Tuesday July 27th 130am my husband Justin was traveling south on Interstate 25 in New Mexico. He is a truck driver. The night sky was pitch dark. No moon or cloud cover. Traveling at 63 mph he noticed a bright blue light about 12 mile ahead on the exit ramp south bound side exit 138 it appeared to be like a blue laser similar to the light people put on the hoods of their cars. As he came nearer the ramp he saw two figures approximately 3-4ft tall. Each was either holding a blue light or the light was coming from their head area. He couldnt tell for sure. As he continued the figures appeared to be looking north and south. They looked toward his truck as he went by. The figures seemed to have on loose fitting bright silver suits, similar to Hazmat suits. He could'nt tell if they were wearing helmets. The terrain was flat and he did not see any vehicles in the area. The ramp was an overpass so nothing could of been out of his view. He slowed to turn around and go back but the next exit was 30 miles down the road. My husband and I have been driving trucks for 14 years, we have seen strange lights but nothing as strange as this. Please feel free to call if you would like a first hand account. Thank you Robyn Webster - MUFON CMS




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