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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Woman's Alien Craft 'Visit' -- Man Chases 'Future Self' -- Amazing 1,111 Carat Diamond Unearthed

Woman's Alien Craft 'Visit'

Yates City, IL - 2012-09-15: Around 12:04 am alone in the house, me and the Kitty cat Marcy heard the doorknob move. I decided not to go by the door it was locked anyway.

I started to get tired and went to the couch. Heard something in the basement. Then something hit the roof, then heard buzzing noise, then couch started shaking. Next thing I knew I was on a ramp. Bright, I could not make out the shapes of the ship.

Where am I? I thought to myself. Then I seen a woman and man when I got to the top. They grabbed my hand and said we just want to do a test on you real quick. And I said no leave me alone or I`ll get Jesus after you. Then other people back there said c`mon we're just going to do a simple test.

Everyone looked human, and the girl was beautiful with a white outfit and a silver bright headband and blond shiny hair. I said wow you're beautiful. Then I said, By the way, where do you guys live at? and she said, Well we live on planet Mars. Everyone has their own planet. we go by numbers to call our planets. Everybody gets along with each other. We come in peace and harmony. I just want to tell you, You are ruining your world down here with pollution and war and stuff.

There were strong pipes for oxygen in there. then I seen a brown door, skipped that one and went to another room that had two chairs, and buttons for control. They said they had a round craft and there ship was made magnetic. The sun seals their ship, and gives it power.

She said there are worlds for everybody. we live behind the stars, and we like to visit planets.

Square buttons on controls.

Square windows going around.

Only takes two to fly, also autopilot.

Doors slide open.

She said God made your world and ours. She said you are a very powerful lady, and I said I like talking to you. She said the same, and suddenly I was back on the couch. - MUFON CMS


Man Chases 'Future Self'

Richard from Northern Ireland calls in to tell of a truly weird story.

“I want to tell you a story but I'm not sure if it's a time travel story or not. I'll tell you this story. Back in the 80s... mid-70s, I was earning more money than I probably should have for a person my age. So I was in the bar one night being the centre of attraction and I was at the bar, buying everyone drinks, everyone in the bar. A guy popped me in the back of the head and I won't say because children listen to this show, but he said the A-word, you know, the A-word?, and run out the door. Well, my hackles got up and I run after this guy and what I was going to do to him. And I run and I run and no matter how hard I run, I couldn't catch this guy and at the very end of the block two blocks up he turned around and he looked at me and this guy had white hair and black glasses. I was in my 20s, I had bright red hair but there was a familiarity about this guy. But now I'm 57 Art and now I have pure white hair and black rimmed glasses. I don't know if it was my subconscious or a warning or something from the future warning me about my behaviour. I knew there was a familiarity Art but what through me was the white hair and black glasses because I never imagined myself having that look but now I look at myself in the mirror and I know exactly who it was. I'm 57... the exact image of the person that I chased that night.”

Source: Midnight In The Desert with Art Bell (July 24, 2015)

Transcribed by Jamie Brian


Scientists Grow Working Vocal Cords

The breakthrough could make it possible for people who can't speak to undergo a 'voice' transplant.

Scientists have for the first time succeeded in growing human vocal cords in a laboratory - an achievement that could provide hope to thousands of people who have lost the ability to speak.

The cords, which can make sounds very much like those of a natural human voicebox, were produced using two types of cells grown around a special biological 'scaffold'.

"Our vocal cords are made up of special tissue that has to be flexible enough to vibrate, yet strong enough to bang together hundreds of times per second," said researcher Nathan Welham of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. "It’s an exquisite system and hard thing to replicate."

The scientists behind the breakthrough are hoping to make a variety of synthetic vocal cords available to treat patients suffering from a range of different vocal defects.

"Part of the advantage of using an engineered tissue is that we can customize the size and make the tissue to fit the defect, and also fit the size of the vocal fold in the male or female or child that would be the recipient," said Dr Welham. Read more at 'Voice transplants' one step closer after scientists grow human vocal chords


Amazing 1,111 Carat Diamond Unearthed

The boss of a small diamond company says he is at a "loss for words" after several large diamonds, including the largest in more than a century, were recovered in Botswana.

Canada-based Lucara Diamond said the 1,111-carat stone was found on the south lobe of its Karowe mine in the southern African nation, declaring it the world's second-biggest gem-quality diamond ever recovered after the Cullinan diamond which features in the Crown Jewels.

The company said that it was yet to be fully examined and processed, meaning it was impossible to put any kind of value on it. Read more at Largest Diamond For 110 Years Discovered



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