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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Aliens Removed My Ovum -- Remember Ollie? -- 3 Beings Walk Out of Glowing Craft

Aliens Removed My Ovum

Manasquan, NJ - 1964-12-18 - 2:00AM: Our family had at least five contacts over a four year period.

First my daughter Martha described her experience. Then Connie told me what happened to her. John described an "owl" who came in the window.

"But he didn't get me, I hid between the edge of the mattress and the wall"

Then the most detailed information came from a child who,at that time was a little less than four. Finally, exactly a year later they came for me.

Three Aliens named Xeno, Nem and Omah took me away and removed ovum

All of these contacts happened at night probibly after one AM in our bedrooms. I have kept this to myself for years and told the children not to discuss anything about their experiences because I didn't want to get the reputation of being mentally ill and I wanted to avoid our being the "crazy McCann Family" At that time NO ONE believed in Aliens or Flying Saucers and if I had spoken of it I would have had personal difficulties with neighbors and others. Times have changed and if anything I can say could be helpful I will cooperate fully. - MUFON CMS

NOTE: The presence of an 'owl' or 'owl-like flying being' during these events is a theme that is described by many abductees. Some of the descriptions are similar to those of Mothman witnesses. Personally, I have noticed references to 'an owl' or 'owls' on several occasions before an anomalous event. Lon


Boar Gone Wild in Istanbul

A wild boar emerging from the shores of the Bosphorus river terrorised local residents while rampaging through the Beykoz district of Istanbul, Turkey, on Thursday.

The crazed animal crashed its way through the busy streets of the district, in the Asian side of the city, evoking a reception of mixed hysteria and humour from locals. The unusual incident was captured by several locals and CCTV footage.

Initially the animal was spotted wading its way through the Bosphorus before barrelling through the busy streets attempting to get into shops. A rise in boar sightings has been blamed on construction work in the northern forests of Istanbul's European side.

The ever expanding growth of Istanbul to cater for its growing populace is threatening the boars natural habitat. Construction work in these areas has meant the boars are having to relocate to the Asian side of the city.


3 Beings Walk Out of Glowing Craft

Kileen, TX: I was outside letting my dog take a leak and a couple of fields over (I live in the country) a silver disc with a glow (no other lights) landed. Well, it did not touch the ground, it hovered just above the ground. A platform lowered beneath the UFO and 3 beings walked out. They did not look like typical grays we all see. They walked like humans but were smaller. They were too far away to see any details, but it was obvious they were not your typical gray.

My dog was going nuts and wanted to run towards them, but I grabbed his collar and put on the leash. Since it was late and I was just letting the dog take a leak, I did not have a camera or my phone on me. Once I got the dog under control, I ran - fast - back to the house to grab a phone or camera (whatever I could get my hands on first). By the time I got back outside, there was nothing in the field. Nothing! It was completely gone. I had my dog with me still and let him off the leash. He didn't even sense anything anymore.

Has anyone else encountered this?

I am a professional employed person. I do not do drugs, don't smoke and only drink for special occasions. I have never had mental issues and I have never believed in UFOs. Never. But I know what I saw. I called a friend of mine the next day who believes in this stuff because I knew he would not ridicule me. Nobody else in my family knows of this, I fear their reaction. He told me to come to this site and post my story. - MUFON CMS


Real Bigfoot Bought by Attorney in 1976?

Here’s the story as we heard it. Whether you believe it is your business.

About three weeks ago, Michael Miller, 34, a partner in the law firm of Landay & Miller, of 110 E. 59th St., heard about the existence of an animal that was reported to be a possible “Big Foot” - the American version of the Abominable Snowman.

Miller arranged to examine the creature - he scrupulously avoids calling it an animal - at a secret location in New York City. He described Ollie, as the creature is called, as being between 4 and a half and 5 feet tall, bald, freckled and about 7 years old.

The Meeting

Here is Miller’s description of his meeting with Ollie:

“I was brought into a room, and then he walked in. He looked around. He walked right up to me and gazed squarely into my eyes. Then he sat down in a chair next to me and crossed his legs.”

Miller said that before the introduction he had been “interested” in Ollie; after the meeting he was “very interested.” So interested, in fact, that he signed a contract to buy Ollie for $8,000 plus transportation and handling - a total of about $10,000. Read more at Bigfoot may have been purchased by an attorney in 1976

NOTE: of course Ollie (the Chimp) was the real thing and able to walk upright...but was not a Bigfoot. Lon


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