Friday, February 13, 2015

Witness: Power Plant Explosion Preceded By Beam of Light

I received a brief email on Thursday afternoon from a woman with information concerning the Escanaba, MI power plant explosion on Monday February 2nd. I found the above images taken by other witnesses. First...a quick overview of the situation reported in the local media:

Residents awoke to find themselves without power due to a mysterious explosion at a power plant located in Escanaba, Michigan. The said explosion caused the neighborhood to be covered in darkness.

"This morning, about 1:15, we had a major malfunction out at the Power Plant substation with an explosion, Which, in turn caused major outages throughout the entire city. We haven't done a situational review yet, We haven't had time, we've been trying to get power. With the outside temperatures this morning down to five or six, we're trying to get people warm." - City Manager Jim O'Toole

"My husband works in the power station there, and he called at 1:30 in the morning and said, 'Don't freak out, there's been an explosion but everybody's fine, I knew everybody was safe and no one was hurt. - Escanaba resident Rhonda Goodwin

Local media link to the power plant outage

NOTE: I received an email from a woman who stated that her friend lives about a mile from the power plant. She tells me that at 1:10 AM this friend witnessed a distinct bright beam of light just prior to the explosion. Her words were 'it came down from the heavens.' She said that she also noticed subsequent beams of light after the explosion. The witness was outside at the time and noted that she didn't heard any loud noises...just the bright beam of light and the light from the explosion. I have made a few inquiries since receiving this email. If anyone else has supporting information, please forward to me. Thanks...Lon

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  1. We don't know about beams of light here in Phoenix--where it's in the high 70s today--but we do know about very bright light bombardments that would appear to be explosions, but aren't.

    One of those was view on live TV with our local Fox affiliate station was broadcasting a look at the city with a large--make that huge--explosion-like flood of light. Nobody including local law enforcement, Arizona State University, or local utilities, has an explanation for what happened.

    The interesting thing to me is, my son has seen a number of these bombardments. He has his own pedicab business and is often on his way home in the wee hours of the morning when he sees them. He says there is never any sound, nor apparently is there ever any reported damage.

    Sorry about the explosion at the power plant. The Lord God has your back in these matters.


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