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Tuesday, February 03, 2015

New Mexico: Bigfoot Reality

The following narrative is a subsequent submission by the same witness...Gen. George Patton, Human Experiments & Bigfoot, which I posted this past Saturday. The witness lives in southeastern New Mexico. The Bigfoot or 'furry people' activity the witness describes is similar to the activity seen in the Navajo Nation reservation / Four Corners area. Even though more New Mexico residents are beginning to realize the presence of these beings...let's hope that there can be a peaceful co-existence:

One of the truly exquisite things about living in the high desert is the night sky. Most nights of the year, where I am, at nearly 7,000 feet, it is like black velvet, with diamonds tossed across it. The stars are bright, big, and beautiful. Immediately after moving, one of my favorite things, even in the miserable cold of winter was walking the dog, very late, after midnight. It was like the night sky was there, for a special display, just for walking the dog.

It all began during the winter of 2000, late at night, maybe 2:30AM or so. The first time I heard something strange, it was a loud huffing and puffing, like someone breathing in and out - loudly. It sounded like cows I've heard, but louder and a bit stranger. Having been on the outs with an on-again-off-again fiancé who could be a total jerk at times, I wondered if he had been prowling around. I mentioned it to him a few days later. He started making a noise that was similar, but not the same.

About a week later, about the same time, I was terrorized by the scratching of two raccoon at my bedroom window. My bedroom window is a double window, and level with the ground. Making myself go look, I peaked through the blinds. The two creatures were terrified, clawing the glass, trying to get inside, like they were trying to get away from something.

There was nothing I could do. I went back to bed, terrified. A few minutes later, they were no longer at the window. I heard them scream, horribly, then there was silence. Raccoon never again prowled around my window. We had numerous feral cats. Once in awhile, at night, there would be this blood-curdling scream, then silence.

For years, in the evenings, around dusk, I'd pull into my carport, and have this feeling of something not quite right. I was almost afraid. There were evenings when I would rush to unload my car, and get inside, before dark. It was a creepy feeling, like something was watching me.

Something or someone would prowl around my carport. I swear everyone in the neighborhood was feeding feral cats. This would lead to skunks sneaking in for dry cat food. Skunks and cats get along quite well. I learned during this time that you could rarely smell one of the skunks, unless they sprayed, which happened, rather frequently. I would leave a can of wet food outside for a family of cats I was feeding. The cat food would be put on 6 inch styrofoam plates. If I did not get them picked up, on a regular basis, I would go outside to find the plates arranged in a formation – quite often in a perfectly straight line.

It was obvious someone was prowling around the carport. At that time, I did not have a close neighbor, which was also a bit creepy. I quit taking the dog outside for evening walks, rather switching to pee pads. Night was weird. A friend set up security lights for me. They lasted about a month or so. I would see them flash on, through the peep hole in my front door. I’d go look and nothing would be outside – maybe a fleeting shadow of a person, but that was it.

This went on for years. There were times when I felt almost under siege. In 2005 my older dog died, and was replaced by an obnoxious yapping puppy. He would rush into my entry, lunge at the door, and bark, hysterically. I’d turn the outside light on, and see nothing.

That was the problem – nothing. Something was outside, prowling. By this time we knew there was a mountain lion who resided near-by. There were numerous deer. Bear would amble through on a regular bases. There would be raccoon but they were never around back, just the carport. There was something of a pecking order. The feral cats would eat, then share with the skunks. Raccoon would come in, later in the evening. By morning, nothing would be left of the cat food.

Around this time, I enlarged my front entry and added a larger peep-hole. I also had a glass storm door put in front of of my new front door. I never locked the storm door. Things continued on and off for another 5 years or so. Then, one night, late, the dog lunged at the front door. By this time he would sometimes bark, but not often. I went to check on it, not turning on the light in the entry. I could hear the storm door open, and saw the handle on my front door move. Terrified, I checked the peep hole, which was now dark. Something, the palm of a hand was over it.

The following evening, I started locking the storm door. A few nights after that, the dog lunged at the door. By the time I turned on the outside light, nothing was there. The following morning, I discovered that something had peed all over the storm door, starting at the half-way point of the door. The door was about 8 inches of the ground, with a three inch step up into my home. The bottom half of the door was at least 5 feet off the carport floor. The pee had dripped down, all over the glass.

I was told that it had to be one huge dog, to pee that high.

In 2004, there were numerous Bigfoot reports on the Mescalero reservation, several along Carrizo Canyon, which is not that far from where I live. Like everyone else, I found it fascinating. It turned out that one of the girls who was peeped is a friend of a friend’s daughter, in the same class at school with her.

No one wanted to talk about it. That seems to be a theme around Lincoln County. No one wants to talk about it. I’d read the Lincoln County report, and tried to talk to someone involved in it. Forget that.

I knew there were Bigfoot in the area, but that was it. I also had given up walking the dog, outside, at night. It was too spooky. Just the knowledge that lions and bears, oh my, were prowling, within attacking distance, was enough to keep me indoors. Adding the fact that something else might be out there, and I don’t even like opening the front door, even though the storm door is locked.

I do not want to see what’s out there….

There comes a time when a person becomes just plain old paranoid. You know something is going on outside. You can feel it. But – it doesn’t make sense. It isn’t all the time, either. Just some evenings, something doesn’t feel right. I began noticing, about 4 years ago, that my weird feelings were often accompanied by a brief whiff of Eau de Mephitis mephitis. But, unlike the normal emission from the southbound side of a northbound creature, this odor did not linger. It would come and go, fairly quickly. It was also not all encompassing, and strong. Anyone who has ever had the misfortune of having their bedroom windows anointed by such an odor knows how nauseating it can be, and how it will linger. Instead, it was more an earthy version, rather like a bit of wet dog, along with skunk odor. Even stranger is that the odor moved. I could smell it at one part of my home, then another. The odor would be in the front, the carport, then a few minutes later, it would be under the balcony doors where I sit and write. Some nights it would be outside my bedroom.

I reached the point where I was so spooked that I would stay up, working most of the night. I’m a night-owl anyway, so it wasn’t much of a sacrifice. My brain doesn’t function before noon. Unless I’m working on very annoying edits and layout, I work better after midnight. I noticed when I would go to bed, and turn off the lights, I could hear something outside. The dog would bristle a little. I started leaving the television on all night. Then I started leaving the bedroom lights on all night.

(Last week, I went to bed a little early – around 2:30. When I turned off the kitchen lights, the dogs (small) ran to the front door and growled. They then ran downstairs and growled. On the level of my guest room, they looked out the window, growling. I thought about leaving a light on in that room, but did not. I also noticed a slight skunk odor. Tired, I just left the lights on in my bedroom, along with the television.)

Not long after putting the weird feelings and the odor together, I told myself I was losing my mind. The area had experienced a major wild-fire, with the mountains surrounding me being burned nearly to a crisp. I was talking to a friend who lives elsewhere. She told me that one of her children told her about the big brown Easter bunny who stood up while their car was driving past. The person was about 5 at the time. She was forever terrified of the big brown Easter bunny. Finally, she told her mother – 30 years later – what the big brown Easter bunny really was. My friend told me to face reality.

I started watching the burned out mountain side, having seen something charcoal color blending in with the remaining pinion trees. Then it would move. It was winter – bears hibernate in the winter. I’d go to take photographs, but by then it was no longer there. I’ve since photographed the entire area, for comparison photos.

I faced the fact that we were dealing with a Bigfoot. Around that time, a friend was telling me about the hug bear which was dumpster diving. They decided to get a photo of the bear, and would leave fruit on a patio table. The bananas would be peeled, eaten, with the peel remaining on the table. The apple cores would remain. Bears don’t do that.

Finally, I asked a neighbor if she had noticed anything. She wanted to know just what. I told her. She told me she thought she was crazy, but knew what she had seen. A good 10 years earlier, while driving to Alamogordo, on Highway 70, at Apache Summit a Bigfoot ran out in front her her car. Both she and her daughter saw it.

Apache Summit has a weird feeling to it. There’s something eerie, almost unworldly when you drive through it, rather like the forest primeval. It is quiet, almost silent. I have since learned that numerous individuals have had the same Bigfoot experience there. As usual, no one will talk about it.

My friend told me, while walking her dog at night, she would feel things, notice the skunk odor. One evening, she saw our visitor walking around the equestrian states. She was less than a block away from it, with her young dog starting to go a little crazy. By the time she was back by her front door, it was half-way across the lot, walking toward her. That was her second experience seeing something in that area. She no longer walks her dogs at night.

We finally admitted what was going on, discussing other incidents. She too felt strange at night. I told her, I swore I had seen things moving in my carport. She told me she swore she had seen things moving in my carport – always just a big dark shadow that disappeared, quickly. She also limits her nighttime comings and goings.

Another friend has noticed something prowling around her home. When I told her what we thought it was her answer was “Oh, shit. I was avoiding that.” She too has noticed the specific odor, and had that creepy feeling. Her dogs do the same thing.

Last summer, my sister was driving me home. I was telling her about it. Her boyfriend likes to track, has found footprints, things like that – elsewhere. I told her, the night before, while we were outside talking, at a another location, you could tell when they were around – the feeling. She noticed it. She noticed it later in the evening after I had left. When we reached my home, she noticed it as soon as I did. The next day I told my friend about it. She said right before I drove up, our friend had been in her carport, rattling her front door, to make the dogs bark. She has a large security screen door – metal. Her front door was open, for air. She could smell him.

Somehow I ended up in a conversation about it, at a friend’s office. His secretary, who had once worked for dispatch for several municipalities told me the majority of the 911 calls in our area, at night are to report Bigfoot activity. She had worked up in Washington, in a rural county, as dispatch. Several of the calls she took about Bigfoot have been uploaded to YouTube.

Our friend is quite tall. The only time I’ve ever seen anything of him is when I was looking out my living room window. I saw a tall shadow moving. It’s all I want to see of him. He is a dark umber, which is why he blends with the charred pinion and cedar on the mountain. And, I was told people see him up there. She told me that a lighter colored mother and baby had been seen at the dumpsters near our local Walgreens. There is another, which is to roam around the ski area. The woman was telling me about a local residence, where they are constantly pelted with sticks and stones. Someone I know, who lives near the river, recently told me that one comes up and slams the side of her double-wide, periodically. I know someone who has his family property surrounded by game cams, looking for one.

At least I know I’m not out of my mind, that other people have had the same experiences. No one wants to talk about it. What I do know is that game is plentiful. This area has so many deer they are becoming a nuisance. The herds of elk are growing. There is water. There are places to hide. There is pinion. Just don’t expect me to go out looking for it.

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