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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Head Probed by Unknown Beings -- The Grey Lady of Hampton Court Manifests -- Climbers Mystified by 'Bloodcurdling Screaming'

Head Probed by Unknown Beings

Costa Mesa, CA - 3/19/2007: I would carpool with my husband each workday for college. He would work in his office and I would grab a bit of sleep as it was still very early and before my classes started. It was 4 AM when I was putting down my seat as usual to take my nap. It was dark in the parking lot, I put my blanket over myself and closed my eyes and felt a presence. I can't say if I heard anything but I just felt something there perhaps the figures cast a slight shadow. I turned onto my back to look out the window and suddenly I could not move or scream. I saw 2 figures that appeared like the grays I have heard of. They were a little taller than the car. They had a light gray and smooth flesh appearance. I could not move my head so I could not look at their bodies much but to see their heads. I was caught by their eyes. Very dark and deep looking and had the almond shape. The shape of their heads was elongated and larger than their bodies. An metal cold cylindrical instrument with a needle on the end of it, was coming through the window at me and it started entering my head. The area at the instrument at the window seemed almost like melted glass if I could find words for it. I wanted to move away from it but couldn't move at all. It hurt like a searing, burning intense pain. I was thinking my thoughts to them, "stop, go away, don't" but they didn't communicate with me in any way that I remember. I was terrified! I just wanted them to stop what they were doing. It felt as if that tool that had a needle with a long handle had gone into my sinuses above my right ear. I couldn't believe it seemed as though it was going through the metal and the glass of the car and into my head! How? I could not move at all but for my eyes and that seemed to be a bit limited? The tool retracted instantly and they were gone as quickly as they appeared. I could move again. I was out of that car so fast and into my husbands office so fast! I was now hysterically telling him what just happened and he thought that I had just had a nightmare but it was very real. I had not had time to go to sleep. I have had sinus issues and have since gone out on permanent disability. I had a sinus surgery and they told me that they found rat cells? I asked how that could be? The doctor changed the subject and never did answer me. I feel that it had to have come from that time in the parking lot. I have had pain in that same area of my head off and on since that attack. I get a searing pain that I can't really even think when it happens. I call them attacks. I don't know what they did but I don't like them at all! They have caused me a lot of continued pain. For me the object was the tool they sent into my head as I did not see any craft. - MUFON CMS


The Grey Lady of Hampton Court Manifests

For nearly 200 years she is rumored to have haunted the corridors of Hampton Court.

But now the ghost of the famous Grey Lady may finally have been captured on camera - by a schoolgirl and her iPhone.

Holly Hampsheir, 12, thought she was taking a fairly routine photo of her cousin Brook McGee, also 12, during a day out at the 16th century stately home. Read more at Is this spooky apparition the Grey Lady of Hampton Court? Schoolgirls claim to have captured ghost of servant who died of small pox after nursing Elizabeth I at the palace


Italian fisherman may have caught world's largest Wels Catfish

Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari caught a 280 lb Wels Catfish Thursday in Italy's Po Delta river, setting a new record. The U.K. Mirror reported that the catch is the world's largest wels catfish to be caught by rod and reel.

While the PO Delta River is known for being home to massive wels catfish averaging 6.5 feet, Ferrari's catch measured 8.8 feet. This type of fish is known to have a ferocious appetite and consume anything it comes across.

Wels Catfish are the second-largest freshwater fish in the region, ranking just behind the Belluga Sturgeon.

After Ferrari had a quick photo shoot with his massive catch, he released it back into the river. - AOL


Climbers mystified by 'bloodcurdling screaming'

When a "bloodcurdling screaming" was heard on Ben Nevis (Scotland) on Thursday, I feared the very worst.

When I winter climb I like to listen. I listen hard.

There are so many useful cues that the ear can pick up on. Cues that tell you what's going right and what's going wrong.

There are sounds that comfort the winter climber, like the rising tone of a piton being seated into a welcoming crack.

There's that thud an ice axe makes as it vibrates in really good, sticky ice. The clip as a karabiner snaps shut, holding the rope that will stop you if you fall.

Then there are the sounds that warn us. The whoomf of windslab on a slope that's primed to avalanche. Or the skittering of crampons on bare rock in a desperate search for ice.

And then there are the sounds you definitely don't want to hear. Sounds you wish you could forget. Read more at Climbers mystified by 'bloodcurdling screaming'



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