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Monday, February 09, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Neil Armstrong's Secret Stash -- Mystery Milky Rain Falls in US Northwest -- Glowing Faceless Humanoid

Secret stash of Moon artifacts found hidden in Neil Armstrong's closet

These are the contents of a mysterious white bag found hidden in Neil Armstrong's closet: Weird looking lamps, wrenches, utility brackets, sights, and a film camera that later was identified as the one that captured the famous Apollo 11's descent on the Moon's surface. Nobody knew about it, including his widow.

According to NASA, Carol Armstrong sent photos to Allan Needell, curator of the Apollo collection at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, who immediately knew what was inside: It was a McDivitt Purse full of parts from the Eagle, Apollo 11's Lunar Module:

After Neil Armstrong's death, his widow, Carol, discovered a white cloth bag in a closet, containing what were obviously either flight or space related artifacts. She contacted Allan Needell, curator of the Apollo collection at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum, and provided photographs of the items. Needell, who immediately realized that the bag—known to the astronauts as the Purse - and its contents could be hardware from the Apollo 11 mission, asked the authors for support in identifying and documenting the flight history and purpose of these artifacts. After some research it became apparent that the purse and its contents were lunar surface equipment carried in the Lunar Module Eagle during the epic journey of Apollo 11.

These artifacts are among the very few Apollo 11 flown items brought back from Tranquility Base and, thus, are of priceless historical value. Of utmost importance is the 16mm movie camera with its 10mm lens. The camera was mounted behind the right forward window of the lunar module and was used to film the final phase of the descent to the lunar surface, the landing, as well as Neil Armstrong's and Buzz Aldrin's activities on the lunar surface including taking the first samples of lunar soil and planting the US flag. Thanks to the Neil Armstrong family, the Apollo 11 purse and its contents are now on loan at the National Air and Space Museum for preservation, research and eventual public display.

Images & descriptions of all the items can be found at Gizmodo


Werewolf free since 2013 (probably) but worrying rise in ghost and alien sightings

Somerset and neighbouring areas like North Somerset and Bristol appear to be werewolf free. But ghosts, UFOs, witches, aliens and zombies remain a concerning statistic.

Avon & Somerset Police has been quizzed by a Freedom of Information request asking how many sightings had been reported of the supernatural, occult and extraterrestrial creatures. And the police force answered.

Question: How many reports of ghosts, UFOs, werewolves, witches, aliens and zombies have there been over the past three years. Broken down into each category please on a year-by-year basis.

Answer: Our records show that there have been 295 reports which mention the specified words or variations of the words in the last three years.

The following information is only good for up to July 2014 as the request was put in last November:

Click graphic for larger version

Ghost sightings have gone up significantly, and before you think it is Halloween costumes being confused for the real thing, an unrelated Freedom of Information request asking how many costumed suspects had been arrested said: "Between January 2013 and July 2014 there have been no reports mentioning ghosts which specifically involved ‘fancy dress’."

There isn't any more up-to-date requests for data on ghosts, werewolves, etc, so we can't categorically rule 2014 was the year werewolves didn't bother Somerset or surrounds. But for seven full moons last year it appears it was. - Central Somerset Gazette


Mystery milky rain falls on Washington, Oregon

A peculiar downpour of milky-colored rain has been affecting parts of Washington, Oregon and Idaho.

Reports of the unconventional downpour were received by the National Weather Service from more than fifteen cities on Friday.

The rainstorm was believed to have moved in from the Pacific as it covered homes and vehicles in droplets that were described as 'milky' or 'dusty', prompting concerns from residents.

Experts have since been collecting and analyzing samples of the rain in an effort to determine the origins of its strange color.

The most likely explanation at the moment is that the rainstorm passed through a cloud of ash from a volcano that erupted in Russia more than 3,000 miles away. Volcano Shiveluch in Kamchatka Krai was reported to have spewed debris up to 22,000ft in to the sky at the end of January.

Another volcano that erupted in Colima, Mexico is also thought to be a possible culprit. Read more at USA Today


Glowing Faceless Humanoid

Albert Rosales forwarded the following report from the MUFON CMS:

2-3-2015, midnight, Belton Missouri: Two weeks ago my husband was awakened out of my sleep in the early morning hours and saw a small red laser light that traveled across the ceiling and down the northwest corner of the bedroom wall. I reported the incident to the local police department. Our first thought was that someone was playing a prank with either a laser pointer or worst case scenario a gun sight. I did however; have a problem with my husband’s laser theory because his bedroom window has heavy bamboo blinds that are pulled more than halfway down. It would be difficult for anything to penetrate the thick bamboo blinds. As far as I was aware that was the only incident that occurred that night. This morning he called me into his bedroom and told me that he had seen a being in his bedroom around 6:00 AM. He said that it appeared to be self illuminating. “Very bright” He said it was about my height, which is approximately 5 foot five inches and that it glowed and it had no face.He said it's head was a little larger than human. He said when he saw it; the being was near the bedroom door, apparently when it realized my husband was watching it, the being looked slightly over its shoulder at my husband and very quickly exited the bedroom. My husband said it had no discernible features, it had no face. It was then he told me that the night he’s seen the laser, he’d had also seen an approx 3 foot by 3 foot square shape projected on the mirror of his closet doors. He said it looked like a large picture frame and that there was a very bright light illuminating from within it, with strange black symbols that resembled hieroglyphic‘s inside of what he described as small boxes they were also illuminated. He said he’s never seen anything like them before. I asked him why he hadn't mentioned this before. He told me that he couldn't understand how there was this large imagine in his mirror, because there are no windows on the west wall of his bedroom, so it couldn't have been a reflection. He wasn't going to mention it until he saw the being this morning. He told me he’s very unnerved about these sightings, since they are becoming repetitive. I'm concerned because my husband is not one to make-up stories. He's very practical down to earth kind of person. If he said he saw something, he did. But he wouldn't file this report however, he did give me permission to file on his behalf. And that he will relate the story if asked about it. I found some pictures on the internet and asked if any were similar to what he saw in projected on the mirror. He choose this picture, as it was very close to what he saw.



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