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Friday, February 20, 2015

Daily 2 Cents: Black Disc Appeared After 2013 Bilderberg Event -- Huge UFO Over Hillsboro, Ohio -- International UFO Congress Lands in Phoenix

Black disc with bright aura appeared after Bilderberg event

Watford, GB - 6/10/2013: The reasons I waited two years before coming out with my story is that I thought my sighting was a common one. After searching online and looking at many of the pictures I realized my sighting can be absolutely counted in the top five per cent for clarity and for the fact that certainly what I saw couldn't be confused with anything I knew.

Let's start from the beginning: at the time I was living in the North of Watford near a hotel called Grove and where from the sixth to the ninth of June 2013 it was held the Bilderberg group meeting, a closed-door gathering where prime ministers and tycoons meet every year. I had never seen before such a high level of security and hundreds of police men gathered from all around England to patrol the area. I remember an helicopter day and night flying over the area, even weeks before. A metallic fence was built all around the hotel and an entire road was closed, forcing the people living there to go to work with the passport.

When the gathering finished all the security shutdown completely in just few hours. It was one of two days after the end of the Bilderberg that I had my sighting. It was about ten o'clock in the evening, and the bedroom's window, facing the other way of the hotel, was open. A light brighter than the stars captured my attention and I started looking more closely to try to figure out what it was. Then the light became brighter and brighter, moving toward me, until I clearly recognized a disc shaped object completely black with the light all around. I couldn't explain how the object could still be so dark, when it was completely sorrounded by a light. It was like if the center of the object was not emitting any lights and that didn't make any sense to me.

But even before thinking this, my first thought was: then they really exist! And they are really like they have always been described!

I tried to reach out my phone with the eyes fixed on the object. But I didn't want to loose any seconds of a so important moment, and then when it started moving away on my right I realized it was too late for a shoot. It drifted away slowly and it took more than 30 seconds to disappear.

When it was closer, I didn't hear any sounds coming from the object, but the details were so clear that if it had been an airplane I could have clearly seen the windows. However the shape was solid black and I could only recognize it because of the bright light around. It was like a disc with a sort of bump along the lower side and a dome on the top of it.

Afterwards I thought it could have been a drone, considering that the Bilderberg was held the days before. I googled extensively about all the types of drones, but I couldn't find any that could explain my sighting. I also couldn't find any reports in the local news. However when I searched in Youtube words like "Bilderberg", "Watford" and "ufo" I could find a video about drones. So it looked like drones were deployed over the area, but they were so different from what I saw that I simply ignored those videos.

Now I often feel angry for the biggest error in my life: not having been able to take a picture of what I saw that day, and for not being able to talk about it without being considered crazy.

I hope someone can give me some more information about similar sighting. I'm not interested in other types of ufos, lights, strange objects. I wanna only have some more context about that particular kind of disc shaped black objects. - MUFON CMS


Huge UFO Over Hillsboro, Ohio

UFO investigator David Garrison forwarded this post from one of his readers:

"Last night (2/18) while in town (Hillsboro, Ohio). We were leaving and it was dark, after 9pm. We were at the light and I saw something above the trees to my left and looked and realized they were square lights, but too big to be a plane. I asked Robert, "What is that?" When he looked the bottom part of whatever it was came down below the skyline and this was a long bar type thing with huge silver lights on it. Ultimately the object was probably (from ground site and so on) 200 feet in length. The width? Not sure about that.

Flat, lights at both ends and we both believe that we could see a silhouette on each side of the width of it."

NOTE: Any follow-up information would be appreciated. Lon


UPDATE: UFO Over Oregon Highway Was Only Perimeter Lighting

Portland, Oregon - 2/17/2015: We were driving from Portland to my son's house and saw several arching lights in the shape of a disc. We stopped to take pictures of the unmoving craft it sat there as we watched it hovering. Amazed at the size of the ship we had to stop and take a better look. It didn't move an inch even after we left back to on the road to Lewiston.

Next to exit 25 eastbound - MUFON CMS

NOTE: Seems to be in the vicinity of Rooster Rock State Park along the Columbia River...Lon

UPDATE: I received this email from a reader:

The UFO reported over Rooster Rock is simply the overlook on top that has perimeter lighting around the edge of the parking lot. It looks like a huge UFO from the freeway to anyone who is unfamiliar with it. I've seen it many times myself and marveled at how spooky it appears in the darkness. Randy


International UFO Congress Lands in Phoenix

The government's massive cover up of the existence of extraterrestrial life can be vexing to believers, but once a year dozens have the opportunity to gather near a Phoenix-area resort where they can discuss the "cosmic Watergate" in peace.

That time arrived with little fanfare Wednesday morning with the opening of the International UFO Congress and, as always, an opportunity for believers to meet with a hypnotherapist to recount their experiences of alien abduction and rehabilitation.

"It gives people the opportunity to talk about their abduction experiences without fear of ridicule," said hypnotherapist Yvonne Smith said.

There will be no ridicule at the We-Ko-Pa Resort near Fort McDowell Casino, said Alejandro Rojas, one of the event organizers, because the International UFO Congress is dedicated to disseminating information about UFO mythology.

The International UFO Congress was established in 1991 and held annual conferences in Laughlin, Nev., until 2011 when it moved to the Phoenix area, Rojas said. The event continues to feature speakers, panels and Smith's popular therapy sessions where survivors can talk openly about their alien encounters.

Smith said many of the people she speaks with have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and are traumatized from the event they experienced.

"Most often people just want to know what happened to them," Smith said. "They ask if they are crazy or if it was all a dream."

Conference attendee Jeanne Madden said she was visited by an "entity" multiple times since 1995.

"It's happened about 15 to 20 times," Madden said. "In 1995, I was taken from my bedroom at night. I remember being on tables and seeing a tractor beam light at the foot of my bed."

"I like to think they were helping me on some level," Madden said, "I believe I have an implant. They shoved an instrument up my nose and stapled something in my head."

“I like to think they were helping me on some level. I believe I have an implant. They shoved an instrument up my nose and stapled something in my head.”
Jeanne Madden
Madden said she was frightened after she was first visited because it was "beyond reality" but said that an event such as the conference would have helped her.

"It would've helped having something like this to listen to other people who have similar stories to know you aren't crazy," Madden said.

Everyone told Travis Walton he was crazy after he said he was taken from a wooded area in northern Arizona and held for five days by alien life forms.

"I was hit by a blast of energy," said Walton, author of "Fire in the Sky" and "The Walton Experience".

"I remember being on board the craft and in pain, I didn't know where I was," Walton said. "I saw creatures and flipped out ... In hindsight I realize they were trying to revive me."

Walton described the creatures as being hairless, big-eyed and less than four feet tall. Statues fitting this exact description were littered about the conference.

Those sorts of descriptions are common, as are the government's efforts to cover up the existence of extraterrestrial beings said Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist who was selling copies of his books detailing the government's plot.

"Secrets are kept by security clearance and need-to-know basis," Friedman said.

Friedman, 80, said he has been giving lectures and writing books for years because he said the inaccuracies in Project Blue Book, a study by the United States Air Force about UFOs, enraged him and from there he found an interest and a passion for the subject.

Project Blue Book, which was declassified last month, did nothing to quell true believers' convictions at the event on Wednesday as they traipsed through a room full of booths with books detailing the stories of those who had been abducted by aliens and listened intently to speakers.

Derrel Sims recounted his experience with aliens at the conference and said that he, like Walton, saw small creatures with big, black eyes.

Sims, a private investigator, was at a vendor booth filled with paraphernalia of extraterrestrial items that had been removed from people on different occasions.

Sims, a self-described "former CIA employee", said his purpose is to find physical evidence of alleged human and alien contact after he and his son were both visited by "entities".

"I remember seeing a pure white body in my room," Sims said. "It was skinny and spindly. I thought he was going to bump into the wall and he heard me thinking that because he turned around and looked at me."

Sims said his crusade for finding proof truly began when his son was visited when he was 6 years old.

"I was within 18 inches of one once," Sims said. "I am looking for DNA evidence."

Sims said he has encountered various people with credible stories and physical proof, including three NASA employees and a district attorney.

Sims said the district attorney was abducted with his wife at 11:29 p.m. and has three hours of time he cannot account for.

Sims then pulled up a watch he said was the district attorney's at the time of the abduction and showed that the time was frozen on 11:29 p.m..

The watch was also melted from the inside, Sims said.

Sims will be a speaker Thursday at the event where he said he will tell stories and show his evidence.

The International UFO Congress lasts through Sunday, Feb. 22 and has different panels, speakers and films each day.

Registration for the event has ended online, but the vendor booths are free and open to the public. - AZCentral



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