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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Mysterious Encounter: My 'Wolf' Story

I received this report today:

One of my earliest memories, one that has always stood out clearer than most of the most recent memories that I have, is when I was about four or five years old and I was visited by two beings when living in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York.

I was in bed, awake and it was night time. I remember feeling something, like a tingle of emotion that came from the window in my room. It was the only window and outside of this window was one of those metal fire escapes that you would commonly find on buildings in the late 1970-ish era. When I got up to see what I was sensing, and I remember the feeling very clearly, I saw two beings outside of the window, sitting or crouching out on the fire escape, looking in at me. It was the feeling you have inside your belly, like butterflies, when you are on your way to see very close friends, or if you are about to see your blind date for the first time after weeks or months of becoming close by just writing to each other. It was a good feeling that was reaching out to me as if calling me.

I had a night light in the room and I was able to see them clearly as I approached them. On my left, outside of the window was a girl with large eyes and skin that almost glowed, like a pearl under the right lights that make it seem to glow. She was wearing a large red hood on her head that had some kind of yellow or golden writing or runes along the edge of the hood that edged close to her face and down her neck. I couldn’t see any hair since her hood was large and deep as her face barely poked out. She was calm and her eyes were so full of caring, and love and calm.

On my right...her left, was what I could only understand at the time as being a dog, but it’s features were more canine, like a dog person and there was soft emotion in the eyes, even though the face was fairly viscous looking. Its fur was dark and I could not tell the color, but I noticed a single braid coming down from the left side of its head, starting at the ear, and running down below the window sill.

They did not speak, but I could feel such a powerful sense of familiarity with them, as if I have known them as my own family. As I approached them, wanting to go with them, I began to feel another emotion that slowly crept in. This feeling was uncomfortable and sad, as if my mommy and daddy were going away and I did not want them to go. I felt sadness and I struggled against it because I wanted to go with them, but they were trying to push me away gently. After another short moment, I don’t know how long, I suddenly felt fear. It was not my own, but it was projected into me, like when a loved one suddenly lashes out at you and you can’t understand why. I suddenly became afraid of them as the image of, as strange as it may sound, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf was projected into my mind. I can be honest that as a child I never found that story scary at all. Once I felt this sudden fear, I turned and ran screaming.

It was as if they were telling me goodbye, a difficult goodbye, but I felt it clearly. Since then, during my entire life, I have felt empty and longing for them. Growing up, before I learned anything about E.T.s or anything from space, I would always look up at the night sky and when I saw a light moving, I would feel such a deep feeling of expectation, only to have it dashed when it was only an airplane passing over head. It was as if I were left at the bus stop to wait for someone, and every time headlights came down the road, I got excited, ready to go home, only to have a car come by that was not my ride. I have had a few experiences along the way to make things seem even stranger until I grew older and learned more.

I have sketched out a pic of what I remember and I will try to attach it with this message. I heard your interview the other day regarding the Skinwalkers and I felt I should share this story with you, even if it falls into the category of your “standard” story that you may get from many people. I have been yearning to have a regression for many, many years in order to resolve many issues in this current life time. I thank you for what you do.


NOTE: I have not talked to the writer, but I would not be surprised if a hypnotic regression would uncover additional encounters with other beings...either corporeal or immaterial. Was this incident a thought form manifestation of some type? It's possible...though, I could assume that there was an intelligence associated with this particular event. I also believe that many assumed alien encounters and abductions are spontaneously manifested by witnesses...not much different than the poltergeist phenomenon. I'd be interested in reading your thoughts. Lon

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