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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Pleas For UFO & Extraterrestrial Disclosure

Well...here we go again. Another round of pleas that our government disclose what they know about UFOs and extraterrestrial life. The political parties have started the process of whittling down their nominees for president...thus, the question of disclosure becomes a part of the rhetoric.

But, of course, some of us realize that it will never happen. Better stated, a true disclosure will never be offered to the public...unless it become so obvious that there really are non-terrestrial beings and advanced interstellar craft. Then an announcement of some kind may be forthcoming.

I found the following article this morning:

Push is on for 'comprehensive' extraterrestrial hearings on Capitol Hill

We’ve recently seen a drone crash a congressional hearing on drones, but what would happen if there was a hearing on extraterrestrial life?

Stephen Bassett, executive director of Paradigm Research Group and founder of the Extraterrestrial Phenomena Political Action Committee would like to find out.

While he’s pushed for congressional hearings on the topic in the past, Bassett is launching a new effort to overcome the “truth embargo” about the government’s involvement with alien life forms.

It comes in the form of “The Congressional Hearings Initiative.”

“Once this evidence is properly looked at, the way it should be, any reasonable person will come to the same conclusion,” Bassett told Roll Call.

Bassett is flooding approximately 180 members of Congress with meeting requests.

And if Basset gets his way, he doesn’t just want some skimpy meeting done for show.

“The goal is to get one of the committees to commit for comprehensive hearings,” Basset said. “Not three witnesses, come up [to] the Hill for half a day and give ’em a spiel. I’m talking about 25, 30, 35 witnesses, at least, testifying over a week, two weeks if possible. The reason is we’ve got those witnesses and the issue is not an issue that you can dispense with something trivial.”

Two people Bassett should get in his corner: John Podesta, President Barack Obama’s counselor, and former President Bill Clinton.

Considering Podesta’s comments that his “biggest failure” was not securing the disclosure of UFO files, it’s a natural fit.

And as far as Clinton, he did once tell Jimmy Kimmel that maybe the only way to united the world would be with an alien invasion.

So really, a congressional hearing on extraterrestrial life could also double as a world peace hearing. - Sun Times

So now we should have a former U.S. President and former White House insider 'helping' to find the truth. Mmm...are we to believe that President Clinton never reviewed any information pertaining to UFOs and alien beings while he was in office? The same question goes to John Podesta. Why didn't they make the effort to disclose the information at that time? Yeah, that's right...they wouldn't have dared chance it. I'm sorry that I seem cynical...but this shell-game, in my mind, is absurd.

During the 36th annual Kennedy Center Honors in 2013, President Barack Obama joked that he was making history for going where no president had gone before.

While honoring Oscar-winning actress Shirley MacLaine, who claims she has seen UFOs before, including "a mothership", Obama mentioned Area 51, a secret military installation north of Las Vegas that many in ufology believe is home to crashed flying saucers and alien bodies.

"Now, when you first become President, one of the questions that people ask you is, 'what's really going on in Area 51?'" Obama said. "When I wanted to know, I'd call Shirley MacLaine."

"I think I just became the first President to ever publicly mention Area 51," Obama added. "How's that, Shirley?"

I want to state that I truly believe that it is rational to assume that non-terrestrial beings exist and that these beings, in some capacity, may currently inhabit this planet. I have interviewed many experiencers and have seen some incredible evidence as an investigator. I'm totally convinced that humanity is being observed and manipulated by these highly advanced species...a process that has continued for millennia. There has been speculation that our species is a hybrid of human and alien DNA. This may very well be true but it has yet to be to be confirmed scientifically. Then again, our DNA strain may be so ancient that distinct human and alien genes may be impossible to isolate. Nevertheless, this is not what I want to write about at this time.

Since the 1950’s, Hollywood has been producing movies that deal with UFOs and alien beings. Most of the early films were full of hokey costumed creatures, tinfoil covered spacecraft and ridiculous story lines. On the other hand, we were given the impression that these aliens were either malevolent or were here to make sure the human species did not destroy itself.

Eventually, these B-movies science fiction thrillers evolved into high priced, computer enhanced mega productions that garnered millions of fans (ex. ‘Star Wars', ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, etc.). Technology provided instant gratification with the ability for anyone to pop in a tape, then later a DVD, into the player at their convenience. We just sit back, relax and watch in high definition (and sometimes in 3D) wondrous interstellar craft and amazing alien beings interact with our species, either in the present time or long into the future. The plots and stories are a multiplicity of good vs. evil...and everything in between.

Yes...I fell into the same trap. My interest in the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomenon was exacerbated by Hollywood’s magic and the ability to make me wonder if what they portrayed may actually be close to the truth. Whether we are just being entertained or witnessing a primer for what we can expect is the real question. In other words, are we being conditioned...programmed, brainwashed or however you want to phrase it. Are we being made ready for the inevitable?

In the summer of 1996, Twentieth Century Fox released the film Independence Day It projected the tale of an alien mothership with a mass one-fourth of that of the Moon, that entered Earth’s orbit and deployed several dozen saucer-shaped destroyer spacecraft. Each of these craft are 15 miles in width and positioned over some of Earth's major cities. These destroyer craft coordinate and eventually deploy a WMD capable of leveling large cities, as well as dispatching the inhabitants. The U.S. President and most of his Cabinet reach safety at Area 51 where they discover that the aliens had visited Earth previously. Three dead aliens, as well as a complete attack craft, had been recovered and were stored underground. At the end of the day, which happened to be July 4th, the humans figure out how to destroy the aliens worldwide and ultimately become independent again.

Independence Day’ was written/directed by Ronald Emmerich and written/produced Don Devlin, the same pair who had previously created the film Stargate Not only did ‘Independence Day’ rejuvenate the science fiction genre in films but visually introduced us to alien forces plotting a strategic and tangible invasion against earth.

In today’s ufology, it’s my opinion that a majority of witness comments and theories, certainly the most well-known accounts, are usually based on film narratives produced in the 90’s and beyond. There are popular notions that predate this period, namely famous UFO crashes and retrievals. But after some analysis it seems the bulk of the modern UFO lore can be traced to the last two decades, as well as to a handful of individuals.

I’m not implying that the UFO and extraterrestrial phenomenon is somehow a myth. As I stated earlier, I believe there are beings of equal or higher intelligence that not only travel to this planet or dimension, but may also inhabit it as well. On the other hand, these beings and their appearance, mannerisms and mode of transportation are most likely not the same as our popular culture describes them. I’ll admit that I am as guilty as others in using some of these popular descriptions when I post on my blog, though I try to avoid it as much as possible.

We can debate the arguments for disclosure and if the world is ready for that reality, but at the end of the day, those arguments are still based on assumptions that still lack credible evidence. Even if there was some evidence that supported the theories that the government had intimate knowledge of alien beings, disclosing the existence or visitation to our planet of non-human entities would certainly qualify as a ‘world after’ event (ex. ‘world after 9/11’). I think the government knows more about UFOs and alien beings than it publicly acknowledges, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are covering up secret agreements, underground bases, genetic hybridization or any knowledge of where extraterrestrials come from.

Those people who are interested and involved in the study of UFOs and extraterrestrials need to look at the logical evidence that is provided and not compare it to the computer generated flash and stories used for entertainment. As well, an absolute need for disclosure serves only as security for our conscience. Real disclosure will not be on human terms. Disclosure will be on their terms, the non-terrestrials, whether we can accept that or not...Lon

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