Friday, February 06, 2015

The Stanley Hotel: A Look Back

Over the years I have seen many unusual photos and images from the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Several years ago, I received an inquiry with images. Tell me what you think:

My family just stayed at The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park Colorado on Saturday July 7th. We just got home and started looking at some pictures. We noticed in two of the pictures an elderly Gentleman who seemed a bit out of place. The first picture you can see him standing in the doorway. (The Macgregor Room) If you look around his neck it looks like an old fashioned thick tie not tied yet and some mist in front of him. He is tall and thin and balding. The room was also roped off at the time. My Wife then took a picture 16 seconds later up the stairs, and it seems to be the same elderly man with no bottom half going up the stairs, and if you look at his hand, it looks very odd. She swears that no one was in the picture when she took it, and never even saw an elderly man. There was a wedding reception going on, but this was before all the guests arrived. You can see the D.J. in the pictures. Could this have been F.O. Stanley?

I received the following email after I replied and asked if I could post the images on the blog:

Absolutely! My wife and daughter swear that they never noticed this gentleman in the pictures at all! Especially the one on the stairs. My Wife said when she took that, she knew nobody was in the way. If you zoom in on his neck too, on the doorway picture, it is a really odd shape. The tie also stumps it a tie? it is like a blob of black or blue. You can see the mist on the front off him as well. It is like he is staring into space! The arm is really long as well. The picture to the right of him looks like the same person as well. She was standing at the bottom of the main stairwell off the lobby when she took these. I still can’t figure out where his bottom half is on the staircase either. Also the hand is very odd. Try to recreate it with your own hand. Thanks for the interest. These are great pictures!

Well make your own determination. Feel free to comment. BTW, I have posted a few links with other images forwarded to me that were taken at the Stanley Hotel...Lon

Photos: The Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, Colorado - 9/13/08

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  1. The neck could have something to with the
    glass curvature,
    the hand with the camera angle.

    If there was no one there when she took the picture,
    then those little aspects are really irrelevant,
    aren't they?

    I would try to more closely examine the lower portion of the staircase picture to examine his "lower half" to see if that is
    as it initially seems.

    That is the most significant detail,
    to me.

    The others are somewhat arguable.


  2. Who is the child standing to the left of the man in the doorway? Why is the child not mentioned in the summary of the photos. Am I the only one that has noticed him?


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