Monday, February 09, 2015

Flying Ray-Shaped Cryptid - Richmond, Indiana

Once again, I have received an eyewitness sighting report of a flying ray-shaped cryptid. Are these flesh and blood creatures...or some type of bio-engineered UFO? This is still a very bizarre phenomenon:

This is very hard for me to publicly write about. It was so, so strange and I have only told a few people because they just think you are crazy - when you tell them you 'saw a sting ray fly over the street from one bunch of trees to another.' I mean we are in Indiana – nowhere near the ocean for one thing but even if we lived by the ocean, why would a sting ray fly into trees?

Anyway, this is what I saw on my way to work one early fall morning around 6:30am – still not all the way light out but light enough, plus there are street lights up and down the way I drive to work. I am coming up to a 4 way stop, no cars around so I go. I am looking downhill kind of, following the street and seeing no cars. I kind of glance up a bit and see this huge sting ray looking thing fly from one side of the street, kind of like out of a group of trees and going over the street into another group of tree tops! I was astonished is the only word I can think of to described it – never had much of a reason to use that word but that sums it up! I was like OMG! OMG! Well I started praying Lord what was that? It was so weird. I felt like I wanted to cry. I was kind of afraid, many emotions ran through me after the initial astonishment. I kept asking myself did I really see what I just saw, over and over all the way to work. I kept thinking 'ok – did that just happen?!?!'

Well for days I could not stop thinking about it so I told a couple of people and they don’t believe me - I know. Well I started to look at pictures on the internet to see what I might compare it to and I come across this huge Manta Ray picture and underneath it says “Devil Ray!’ SO then I look up on the internet some things about demonic creatures slash sting rays and I come up with this whole bunch of stuff about water spirits so that is what I really think it was. For one brief moment I saw a demonic water spirit that has the form of a sting ray. Our town has been known to give people the feeling of a demonic hold or something and now I believe it. This town has all kinds of problems and if you look up these water spirits you can see what they bring. Anyway – that’s what I saw and now I am seeing you have others that have seen the same thing. This makes me so happy that I am not CRAZY! Have you seen the strange creature in the tsunami video? I think that is the same thing! Thank you for posting these sightings. TS

I contacted the witness and received more information:

The location was in Richmond, IN between S 16th & E Streets and S 12th & E Streets overhead. I was driving west on E Street.

It was grayish (shark-like) gray on top and whiter on the bottom, but it looked just like a giant sting ray gliding over the street. We lived in Florida for years and there are a lot of petting places that have star fish, sharks, turtles and sting rays so I have seen these things up close. It is hard to explain but you know how the edges of a sting ray like wave as it glides through water, well the edges of it were doing the same thing but through the air. I barely saw the long tail thing from the back as I was watching the edges of it wave and glide.

There is a river (East Fork - Whitewater River) – if you continue down E street west you would run in to it. Which would be S 1st Street. I go over the bridge to my work

NOTE: The area of the sighting is a mix of residential & commercial properties on a two-lane road. The witness' description mirrored that of an actual Manta Ray...with very little deviation. It's unusual for one of these cryptids to be seen in populated location...but I truly feel the witness observed what she described. Lon

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  1. My wife had pointed out something in the sky the other afternoon that was flying at a high altitude and it was grayish black on top, white underneath, and was a pretty large size. It appeared to be gliding though the air, and in no less then 10 flaps cleared the field of view that would take an airplane close to a minute to clear. It swam/flew for about a minute in a set area, then left at a great speed. I've lived in so cal my whole life and have never seen anything like it.

  2. My name is Clarine Russell, saw the same thing in baldwin ga in the afternoon. I thought it was beautiful. It looked like a stingray gliding though the air.

  3. Anonymous11:24 PM

    I wonder if people are seeing a time distortion occurring across millions of years. Those areas were covered by a shallow sea 30 million years ago,

  4. I've seen a gliding "manta ray" cryptid. It looked as if it were cloaked- think the predator movies. I watched it glide gracefully and silently directly over my head, no higher than 100 feet in the air. Very strange and it made me question so much about the world we live in. This sighting was probably 5 years ago in the small city of Gastonia, North Carolina.

    The reason I'm posting about it tonight is because I witnessed something similar this evening. It looked like a rigid line of very dim christmas lights flying through the air. No fluid movement, just moving horizontally through the air, while aligned vertically. The "lights" were very very dim, almost hard to see. The object was flying with the wind on a slightly breezy night. It didn't appear to be very high in the sky, maybe 200 feet.

  5. Me and other two friends saw what it looked like a flying mantaray
    it flew directly above us, it seemed like it was made of of some type of sheers material
    I could see ripples on its surface moving across it, it was brownish in color, it was nightime but the city lights illumiated its underbelly, it moved silently and steady on an west to east direction
    this happened in San Salvador, el Salvador in the early 80's
    I will never forget that experience, my friends and I are almost 50 yeras old now but we still remember this as if it had happenes yesterday


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