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Thursday, February 12, 2015

A Brilliant Flash of Light

I received the following correspondence about a week ago and have been attempting to contact the witness:

Hello - on the night (around 9:30 PM) of November 10, 2014 I was driving home on I20 heading west. I had been in Jackson, MS visiting relatives and I was heading home to Shreveport, LA. I make this trip many times per year, but I saw something that night that I cannot explain.

I was approaching Monroe, LA near the turnoff to Garrett Rd. I noticed something was on the connecting road between the east and west bound lanes. Other people noticed it because the brake lights on the vehicles were lighting up. As I slowed and and got nearer, I could see that it was a little person running around in a circle with it's arm extended - like it was imitating an airplane. Since it was dark, I couldn't make out any features. By that time, some of the vehicles had practically stopped and I pull off onto the turnoff shoulder. I was afraid that it was a child. I called 911 and was told that others had made similar calls.

I got out of my car, then noticed that a police cruiser was on the eastbound lane approaching the little person. I stood at the back of my car and watched. The police officer pulled into the connecting road. At the same time this little person was running away on the grassy medium, heading west towards my direction. It was still difficult to make out the features on this little person, but I could now see that it was not a child. It was dressed in what looked like a long dark colored cloak. It stood about 3 ft. tall and was making a hideous squealing sound which reminded be of a scared pig.

It continued to run west and had passed me. There was another police cruiser on the westbound lane shining a spotlight on this little person. Then suddenly, a huge brilliant yellow light flashed from above this little person. It was blinding and lasted less than a second.

I was shocked and stunned. My knees became weak and I needed to get back in my car and sit down. I looked out my window and didn't see any spotlights or vehicle lights. It was completely dark. Even the highway lights were off. I tried to start my car, but it wouldn't even turn over. I sat there dumbfounded wondering what had happened. Then after 20-30 seconds, the car turned over and all the highway and traffic lights were coming back on. I didn't see the little person after that.

I pulled onto to the turnoff and eventually found my way back onto I20 heading west towards home.

I still don't know what happened that night. I do believe that there was lost time since I noticed that my clock showed 10:13 PM.

For several weeks, I was hoping there would be some news about this incident, but I never noticed anything. I contacted the police in the Monroe area and there was no record (according to them) of any calls. That was very unusual - I know this incident occurred. There were many witnesses who lost power to their vehicles as well.

Do you have any suggestions for who I can contact? Could you contact me at xxx-xxx-xxxx. Thank you. BB

NOTE: The witness is a middle-aged man who wishes to remain anonymous at this point. I believe he is a bit intimidated since no one has come forward in reference to this incident. I did reach him by telephone on Tuesday and we discussed other avenues for obtaining information, including the local media. We talked today, in which he informed me that none of the media had received any reports. I made a few inquiries this week...but to no avail. I hadn't seen any reports on the MUFON CMS or NUFORC. BB believes that at 10 or more vehicles were affected by the bright flash of light. I asked about the little person and what his assessment was. He was reluctant to go into detail but suggested that he felt that the little person was responsible for the flash of light. I believe this may have been a non-terrestrial encounter of some type. There are several scenarios one could make for the flash of light...but I'll leave that up to you. Any information from the readers would be welcomed. Lon

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