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Tuesday, August 09, 2022

Bigfoot to Human 'Communication' Explained by Experiencer

An Alberta, Canada experiencer describes their encounter with Bigfoot, and how it communicated with them. This was in reference to an article I recently posted about Bigfoot and lost time.

I recent received the following account:


I just read your article on the man who had missing time. I found it interesting because my Bigfoot encounter up the road from my place was a super positive one. I even had a conversation with the Bigfoot. He speaks in images, but I'm used to that because I think in images and had to learn communication. I didn't speak until I was five. I'm a weirdo and I'm not afraid of a lot of stuff, seen lots of crazy things over the years.

Anyway, I was shown that Bigfoots are protectors of ancient facilities/sites, Earth, specific bloodlines of humans and stasis pods, which explains why the nuclear physicist would of been hated and then screwed with. He has been involved in some pretty shady crap and its obvious because of the fact that he knows and has experienced Bigfoots entering specific "facilities."

Bigfoots camouflage a lot because of us and its genetic, not technology, caused and they can naturally affect frequencies and this is why the hallucination, plus the texts. Our phones are all waves, which are frequencies. He showed me that many Bigfoot are sealed into areas long ago, but the beings he was guarding had left about ten years ago. Also to note, the park up the road where the Bigfoot was that I communicated with, has land  owned by none other than Queen Elizabeth. Its her personal property which was gifted to her by our premier in the 1970's when he had also created many parks here in Alberta, Canada. Every park seems to have some weirdness as you know. Also there are giant mounds in he park area, but not in the Queen's area. Bigfoot showed me that he didn't go to that area.

If you walk all through the park you will see trees ripped up and some upside down. But he lets me forage and leaves me be, no missing time and my dog is always fine. Many people in the area have seen him. He is alone and many avoid the park because they have bad experiences. Maybe if people were not douches who disrespect nature then they wouldn't have a problem. They are very simple, but they see into you and if you are immoral then watch out and that guy is lucky he came back. But clearly they want people to know because they have been making it more obvious why they show up.

The government would never be able to see them and they can be right in your home and you would never know. They are pretty powerful creatures who communicate telepathically with images and not words. Now, I tell you this because I'm just pointing out the obvious with that guy you wrote about.  Anyway have a great day and hope you find what you are looking for." S

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