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Monday, August 01, 2022

Experiencer's 'Wolf Being' Encounters & Other Incidents Using Astral Projection

An experiencer details her astral travel encounters with a 'Wolf Being' and subsequent incidents with other entities as a result of her abilities. It is an interesting allegory.

I recently received the following account:

"Dear Phantoms & Monsters,

I would like to reach out to you after watching some of your YouTube videos and social media posts. I typically do not take the proper time to reach out to many researchers as they typically only want to hear only the scientific aspects of this subject. The subject is ‘Dogman’ and the positive experiences one can have with these beings. While I agree that not all of them are considered good or bad, it’s just like humans too in this way. Too many individuals have the unfortunate experience with these beings. From my personal opinion, it is a mix of things, with the root cause being misunderstanding and lack of respect for non-human life.

I haven’t always been a believer in werewolves & aliens. In fact, I’ve spent a good deal of my life thinking it was stuff from movies or my dreams. It’s funny how I always believed in spirits or ghosts but not the rest of the paranormal-like world. I am even a psychic sensitive, passed down by blood in my family but not embraced by most of my family. It’s a taboo subject in my family due to conservative Christian views or fear of these gifts we can tap into. The ONLY thing that has made me realize that this was not the case was by seeing an actual ‘Dogman’ in person. This was only an arms stretch away & I’ll never forget it as long as I live. Some may not believe me, and that’s ok. I mean, how can anyone truly understand something they haven’t experienced for themselves? You’d have to be blind not to believe what I believe at the point I am at with these beings.

Ok, so I’m going to be honest, I do not like the name ‘Dogman’ as do these beings as well. I typically refer to these canine entities as Wolf Beings, Wolfen, Lupine, or Ulfhednar (Norse Wolf Warriors), as they seem to be alright with these labels when needing to explain to people what they really are. This may seem like a lot of labels to go by, but I still can’t seem to settle on any specific label due to some of their energy signatures and complicated glimpses of history they have told me. Yes, told me! Their telepathic capabilities are insanely strong. You know when these beings are talking to you in your head. There is no other way to describe it.

My experience with these beings has actually been life-long, but I had originally thought they were dreams of wolves coming to see me as I ran with them in my dream. Little did I understand that I was actually astral traveling and did it in my sleep.

My first ‘dream’ that unsettled me and made me realize that maybe this wasn’t made up, was in November 2019. I had gone to sleep like I typically do every night. It was the occasional reading before bed and texting my boyfriend goodnight type of night, nothing stressful or staying up watching horror films. That’s not my typical routine. I very likely went to bed around 9pm or 10pm that night, but I woke up at 11am that Saturday morning. The dream I had was an intense one where I felt like I was pulled into another reality. I had all my senses and could do anything in this plane of existence like you would in an astral projection experience. If you do not understand what astral traveling is, please research it. In this dream I felt pulled into a large park-like area inside a town. The whole scenery felt fake to me but I usually enjoy my beautiful ‘dreams,’ so I did not have any fear walking into what was a crowd of people. They were singing & dancing as they paired off with smiles on their faces. I felt a bit intimidated as I felt the need to find someone very strongly, as I felt that being alone meant I wasn’t having fun.

The crowd parted away to show me a single man standing at its center. He looked at me and lifted his arm up in my direction so that I could drape my arm through the loop he made. You know, the gentleman crook of the arm offered. As I looked him up and down, I noticed he had short black hair, a short neatly trimmed beard, blue eyes that seemed to resemble quartz crystal glowing in front of a blue light, a red plaid shirt with a plain white shirt underneath, and cream colored jeans. I honestly don’t really remember the shoes he wore as I was captured by his face. He felt familiar to me somehow as my inner thoughts were saying that he was nothing more than a stranger in a dream I was having. He started to lead me around the circle and we skipped and danced, never unlinking our arms. The more we danced, the more I felt a desire start to wash over me. This was different in this ‘dream’ because I’ve had intimate dreams before and this ‘dream’ was NOTHING like it at all. It was as if those feelings in me were amplified and almost like I wasn’t in control of myself. I had a slight feeling that this was the man’s feelings coming into my body on an empathic level and he shared them with me on purpose. At the time I had brushed this feeling off and thought nothing of it. This man actually never spoke to me in the ‘dream’ using his vocal cords and mouth. I also never caught on to this right away either in the ‘dream’, as he made sure to do it when I wasn’t looking at his face. He used telepathic communication that sounded audible to me and made me believe he was actually talking out loud. I also never was told his name as we felt we simply didn’t need to exchange names.

After we had gotten done dancing in the circle, he pulled me close and asked me if I wanted to leave with him. My face was facing his strong chest and I remember saying, “Okay, but there are something’s I have to do.” He simply walked with me, holding my left hand as the town we were in melted away. I realized I was now walking in a world that looked dark and industrial, filled with pipes. It made me a bit nervous to look at it as it reminded me a bit of the dark world of J.R.R Tolkien’s Mordor in the Lord of The Ring’s movies. There was heat and stream in this world, as I stopped at a railing on a metal walkway. The man pressed up against me from behind and wrapped his arms around me. It reminded me of the time when I was an awkward teenager and made me slightly nervous but in a good way. I looked forward and then I was inside a dark hallway, looking down at a scared woman. She was crumpled on the floor; crying and she even looked like a girl I once knew in high school. I remember looking down at her with pity and offered my hand. “Come with me. I’ll take you where you need to go Ashley,” I told her as she took my hand, wiping away tears.

As I took her hand in mine, we were back at the Mordor world where the man was. He looked like he was impatient and he took my other hand. The moment he did this, we were taken to a log cabin looking house. It sat in a snowy wilderness landscape. I remember it looking a bit creepy with a deer skull mounted on its front, overlooking the doorway. It looked almost abandoned. Something you’d see in a wilderness survival movie/show like The Revenant or game like Red Dead Redemption. “This is where you need to be. Go inside and go through your door Ashley. Don’t be afraid. You can get home from there,” I told the girl. She seemed unsure at first, but she eventually went inside, and disappeared. I felt she went home.

There was a large dark chocolate wolf who suddenly charged both me and the man I was with. The man was suddenly not a man anymore and had taken the form of a giant black wolf with red eyes. He engaged this other wolf in combat. The whole time I was thinking, how can I help you? I received a reply of “Fight with me!”, and so I did. I charged into the battle and suddenly noticed I had taken the form of a white wolf. I trusted my body to fight and we eventually won the battle, driving off this bad wolf. I remember feeling its intentions were to try to stop us from getting this girl home. And if anything, try to stop us from doing it again for someone else. I remember being able to appear human or wolf simultaneously and effortlessly. And I remember the black wolf then telling me to “Come. Follow me.” And I did.

It was suddenly dark and I realized I had been walking out of a rock cave with this man leading me by my hand again. This time, holding my right hand, we stopped at the mouth of the cave. It was lightly dusted with snow at its entrance. As I looked out, I realized I was seeing snowy topped mountains, surrounding a valley below. I was inside one of these mountains, and as I looked down I saw extremely tall trees making up a very dense coniferous forest. In a small exposed gravel beach area by a small stream of water, I noticed a giant pack of black wolves. They were playing, panting, and howling. They felt happy and excited that we were there. “I want to see them!” I remember asking. He replied, “You can’t yet. It’s dangerous. You need to be part of the pack.” I remember him embracing me and we started kissing. I couldn’t help but feel intense passion, love, and familiarity with this man. Everything felt right and I gave myself to him. I also felt he gave himself to me as well.

I woke up from this ‘dream’ feeling disorientated and tired, like I had just been intimate with someone in real life. My body even felt like I had just been with someone but no one was in my room with me. When I looked at the time, it was 11am, and I NEVER sleep in that late unless I stayed up all night! I remember thinking I must have been missing my boyfriend or something because this was extremely unusual for me. The whole experience was weird to me so I eventually forgot about it and put it in the back of my mind.

I specifically shared this 2019 ‘dream’ in detail because it ties directly into my experience in 2020. This was at the height of when Covid was first hitting New York State. I had to stay at my parent’s house because my boyfriend was having a very hard time with his father in the process of passing away. He needed that month to spend time with his father and take his time to say goodbye. We hadn’t been dating for very long, and I was still kind of a stranger to his family. So I told him that it was OK, that I stay at my parent’s house so he could focus on his Dad. During that time I wasn’t stressed or worried about it. In fact I am very used to losing loved ones and being at peace that it is their time. And when that time comes, it’s important to cherish the last moments you have with that person. I remember not being able to sleep well that whole month.

The first week I was confused and didn’t understand why I was having anxiety attacks getting into bed. It was as if I was dreading going to bed every night, and it also made it harder to focus at work as the day progressed. By week 2, I realized I kept seeing images of Grey aliens trying to loom over my face. Sometimes holding a needle to my face. I tried to block them out and even tried to imagine myself inside a concrete room with no windows or entry points. They still managed to “get in” and be in my face. At this point I knew I wasn’t in any distress from being away from my boyfriend or being worried for him unreasonably to the point where it would warrant this kind of anxiety. Trust me, I’ve had anxiety depression all my life and I know when I’m having a crisis. This was not one of my usual cycles and I never hallucinate. I don’t think it’s possible to while sober. I sometimes take CBD to help me sleep, and these edibles could not have induced anything psychedelic. I was already tired at this point and angry I couldn’t sleep right. It takes A LOT for me to get angry or frustrated. I tried to imagine using weapons in the Greys and that too didn’t work.

By week 3, I then tried to visualize myself as a powerful animal to fight them off or at least scare them. I instinctively chose the form of a saber tooth tiger or smilodon. For a while it worked against them but then I started getting bombarded by these entities to the point where I felt so tired. It was as if I was having a work out on a tired mill that didn’t stop for anyone. I suddenly had a thought in my head; I don’t think I can keep doing this anymore! And I suddenly saw (in my mind) a black werewolf leap from behind me and start to tear apart these Greys. The Greys scattered like ants and I fought beside him in my smilodon body. This battle seemed to last a long while but when it was done, the werewolf looked at me. I heard his voice in my head tell me that they were now gone. I remember thinking, Ok, I MUST be going crazy from a lack of sleep. I’m now seeing a werewolf instead of aliens in my head.

"You’re not going crazy. I’m here to protect you. I heard you needed help, so I came."


"Don’t be afraid."

“Who are you?” I remembered asking. Since I caught on that somehow he was responding to my thoughts and even me speaking out loud. I received an image in my mind of the werewolf, he had maple red eyes, black fur tipped in silver glints, and long fangs that gave him a slight appearance like a boar. He looked very close to the werewolf like from the movie Van Helsing with Hugh Jackman.

"Don’t be afraid. I don’t want to scare you." He repeated it over and over again as I engaged in conversation with him. I was originally hesitant because I wasn’t sure if this was a trick of my mind or a trick of a Grey alien. All I knew was that I had come out of some kind of psychic attack. I didn’t want to have anything more keeping me awake. I was already so tired by this point.

“Why did you help me?”

He shows me a flash of the man who looks exactly like the man from my ‘dream’ back in 2019. "I want to unionize with you. I can protect you, if you unionize with me."

I remember agreeing to it because I felt like half if this wasn’t real the whole time. Sometimes daydreaming helps me fall asleep, so I gave in to the conversation more. “How come I can’t see you?” I asked as I let him interact with me more via telepathy. He shows me an image of a three toed-sloth and says, "Bacteria. Don’t be afraid."

“Why did you choose me?”

"Because you are the only one on Earth and there is no other female for me. We’ve always known each other."

I remember having deep conversations with him until I realized I didn’t know his name.

“What’s your name?”


“Well, that’s not very original. You should have a name that I can recognize you by and refer to you by. It also has to be a name you like.”


I remember going to sleep that night and not ever having issues with Greys since. Not even dreams of them taking me onto their ship like I have as a child growing up. But because I still didn’t fully believe what I had experienced, Rolf had gotten frustrated that I wasn’t taking him completely at his words.

I had been talking to my counselor and doctor over the course of the next month or so, if stress or anxiety could cause hallucinations. I was told I was fine; nothing abnormal in my MRI’s and blood work. I was also told to try to minimize any kind of stress I may have been having, which I wasn’t at the time. One night I was seriously thinking about going to a hospital the next day and checking myself in to an observation room until they could find out why I was hearing a werewolf in my head. I had just gotten done with my bedtime routine around 10pm that night. I was on my side, in bed, and had just turned off my phone. I rolled over onto my back. I noticed an odd flash of light above me. I have a wifi hotspot router that flashes a blue light at night, and it definitely wasn’t flashing above my face. I’m also nearsighted (can’t see far away without my glasses), so I squinted to try to make out the slightly fuzzy orbs flashing. I realized it was the light of the router being reflected off of eyes! And then when it flashed again I could make out a figure standing above me with every flash of blue light. It had broad shoulders, pointed furry ears, large head, and body. It was standing above my bed, so around 7-8ft tall in order to loom over my bed like it was.

"Don’t be afraid. I don’t want to accidentally hurt you," Rolf told me as I started making out his face more. It looked exactly like he had shown me in my mind before in our previous conversations. I couldn’t help but start to feel like I was getting frozen with fear creeping into me. Something instinctual and something I’ve never experienced before. It got worse the more I looked at his face and looked at his teeth. His lips slowly pulled back to reveal long fangs and sharp canine teeth. I remember even seeing saliva on these teeth. Almost like a cross between a canine and a baboon with the way the lips moved and the teeth looked. It exposed his gums and I remember seeing him glance from my dream catcher and then back down to me looking up at him. If I wasn’t so scared, I probably could have reached out and touched him. That’s how close he was inside my own bedroom. My chest was pounding at this point. I felt I needed to deescalate the situation that I was feeling because I felt he was starting to react to my fear. So I closed my eyes, let out a grounding breath, and telepathically told him to respectfully leave my room. So I waited to feel like he left the room. You can sometimes feel when people enter and leave a room, so I waited for that feeling. When I opened my eyes, he was gone. I even blinked a lot to see if maybe my eyes were messed up but they weren’t. I seriously checked the next morning to see if the door was locked during the night. It wasn’t. It rarely gets left unlocked. Somehow he silently got into my room. The only ways I can think of is by physical means or by projecting himself into my room using astral projection skills to manifest himself there.

I have had a 3-year long experience with Rolf since then. I learned how to use my telepathic receiving more as well and even started embracing my gift as a psychic sensitive. I’m not professional but I can tell you that this telepathy is no joke. I have had many experiences with it and with these wolf beings. Even with my cat Elsa, who originally started teaching me telepathy shortly before my psychic attack with the Greys. Elsa passed away in 2020 shortly after Rolf and I met. He brought in an Elder wolf being in order to counsel me when they sensed she was going to pass away. They knew I was going to be devastated and they helped me through her loss. I even have uncovered a lot of information about my cosmic relations to Rolf and the other wolf beings whom he has introduced me to. It’s way too long to cram into this message today. I can always share more at another time.

I am also currently writing a book about these beings with the help of telepathic messages from Rolf and the Elder. It contains scientific supporting information alongside some of the spiritual experiences I’ve had with them. I hope to one day be able to help others who share a similar experience to mine. And also possibly help others to understand that there is a GOOD side to these beings. There is hope that humans can learn to coexist alongside them, but we first must learn to respect ALL life here on Earth. So until I have more time to write more, feel free to contact me if you can’t wait until then." K

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