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Monday, August 15, 2022

'Gorilla People" in BC: Personal Bigfoot Sightings & Encounters Received From Readers

I've posted several personal Bigfoot accounts that we have recently received. It's interesting to see how people respond to their own sighting, and how they describe the experience.

These account have recently been forwarded to me by readers:

"My dad had a strange encounter. He had snuck on lands the local natives near Fort Babine,  British Columbia say is forbidden to even them. When he went around trying to ask why, some native teens said "The gorilla people live up there and don't like humans on their land." Dad said he thought that was funny because we are in British Columbia and don't have gorillas, so he and a friend snuck up one afternoon and spent the day hiking in the forbidden area.

Later, when they came to a clearing at a river, they saw what looked like 2 giant hair-covered (not fur) apes washing food, that seemed to be talking in what he said were rapid grunts, snorts, whistles and chattering impossible for a human. His friend slipped as he came out behind my father and he said both figures stood up and the male was about 10-foot-tall and picked the other smaller female one up like a sack of potatoes over the shoulder and ran off. 

Dad and his friend bolted, but were chased and also described trees breaking every few seconds all around them as they ran. Not branches, but trees. Dad said he feels it was meant to run them off their territory. My dad is a super serious Japanese man, not into paranormal or superstition, so I believe him.' LM


"About four years ago, I was hiking near Juneau, Alaska. We started the hike at 5am. About eight hours into the hike we heard what we thought was either a bear or a moose. It sounded like a very big animal, but we couldn’t see it.

We kept hiking and we then realized it was following us from the far left, maybe 25 yards away. We decided it was a bear and we stopped and my cousin took out his pistol thinking we might have to unfortunately kill this bear. We then saw what made us both freeze for about a minute in terror. About 12 feet up from a particular good-size tree we saw a very large humanoid head covered with thick black hair and had gorilla like facial features. After about a minute we shook off our freeze fright and whatever it was then moved back behind the tree. 

We immediately turned around and sped walked back. It didn’t knock over trees but whatever it was it stalked us for another 30 minutes or so because we could hear this thing moving through the forest due to its sheer size. People say “why didn’t you take a pic with your phones?” The thing is that was seriously the very last thing that was on our minds when our lives were in-danger of being killed by this thing." E


It's 2013 on Kodiak Island, Alaska. Myself, ex-husband and the neighbor's 17-year-old son, saw a  Bigfoot during the middle of the day. Had no cellphone with us. Other things happened as well. We thought about calling it in, but decided not too. We didn't want our island paradise inundated with all kinds of publicity.

I did find out that back in the 1950's a video was made about Bigfoot on a part of our island that raises cattle and buffalo, a place called Pshagshack, on Kodiak Island. Now, there's a rocket launch facility there. My horses and my neighbor's horses had a graze lease where we saw Bigfoot. Our horses never seemed bothered by them, which made me feel there wasn't a threat to us people." MAB


"I had an unexplainable sighting in Lancaster, CA. This was like 25 years ago (around 1997) but I'll recall it best I can. Me and my girlfriend at the time were hanging out at the dunes at 150th St. E near Ave. K. We were waiting for some friends, but no one showed so we decided to leave around midnight. All night we heard the dogs from a nearby ranch barking, but there's all sorts of critters out here like coyotes and stuff so we didn't give it a second thought.

We were heading northbound on 150th St. E. towards the Ave. K intersection. As we arrived there I saw something move from the west side of the street, I could see it silhouetted against the night sky. Then it turned its head and looked at the car. Its eyes were higher than the street sign it walked out from behind, which was about 8 feet tall. It stared at us the entire time it crossed the road, which took all of maybe 3 seconds at best. I made my turn and drove off not even thinking. I looked down and saw I was going 145 mph so I slowed down and asked my girlfriend if she saw what I saw. She could only nod her head.

I took her home and went home myself and called the Sheriff to see if they had received any calls about disturbances from the ranch out there. The Deputy who answered asked what kind. So I told him an animal, he asked what kind and ran down a list of critters that are local. I answered 'no' to them all naturally. A little annoyed he asked what exactly I was asking about. So I told him to prepare himself and told him exactly what I saw. Without missing a beat he says, "Well, you know, it could've been Bigfoot." and I told him not to patronize me. He proceeded to inform me that Bigfoot has been reported to them more than a few times and that with the drought going on all the critters were coming down out of the mountains. He told me they pulled a 400 pound black bear off the 14 freeway that morning. I thanked him for his time and assistance and we hung up.  That's my story." B


"In the summer of 2016, Clingmans Dome, NC on the Appalachian Trail, doing a night hike from 9 pm to 4 am, then pullout of woods. I stopped to eat a snack shortly after 1am carefully to avoid bear attraction to our location. All of a sudden, down the mountain came a yell, screech, roar of a magmatic proportion that was a combination of a lion, bear, and angry giant all in one.

I quickly put the trash in a bag and headed down the road to the car, quite disturbed and watching my back. Bigfoot is real. Too many authentic sightings by law enforcement and park rangers. Now my own experience. Shortly after that night, a Bigfoot sighting was made known at Clingmans Dome." KC

Have you had a sighting or encounter?
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