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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

More 'Weird Customer' Encounters Described by Employees

Business employees describe their strange encounters with unusual customers. There are references to strangely dressed people, annoying patrons, and the 'Creeper Sleeper.' I truly believe that people and their idiosyncrasies can, in some cases, be much stranger than the paranormal.

"This was about a week ago, but I can’t stop thinking about it from time to time because it was so odd to me. I’m a cashier at a grocery store. I have been here for almost a month, so still pretty new. But I’ve never heard of any customers like this one before. I’m checking out this guy and he strikes up a conversation with me which basically went like this:

Customer: How do you like your job?

Me: Oh, it’s alright!

Customer: Just alright?

Me: Well, yeah! Some days are busy, but some days are pretty chill and light on work.

Customer: Would you give that same answer to your boss?

Me: (confused probably.) Yeah.

Customer: I could secretly be your boss you know

Me: Oh. True


Customer: Whenever you’re asked that question, you’re supposed to say you love your job

I didn’t know how to react, so I just said 'Oh, okay. I’ll keep that in mind.' Of all the stories I heard I never thought there would be customers that expected you to suck up to your place of work." NN


"So a few days ago a very "odd" woman came into my work (restaurant).

She was older-middle-aged and appeared to have had multiple plastic surgeries, and dressed like she was on spring break in high school. She came in and stood at the hostess counter. When she was greeted by my coworker, she snipped "MENU! I NEED A MENU!"

My coworker handed her a menu, which she grabbed out of his hands like it was a dead bug. She laid it on the hostess stand without opening it and yelled "DO YOU HAVE A [name of sandwich]?"

He responded, "Yes, we certainly do."


After getting her all situated at a table that had just the right amount of light and not too cold and oh let's not forget that diet soda, which she swore up and down it wasn't diet and the server "was trying to kill her." Her food arrived.

Crazy lady showed no interest in her food and instead wandered up to a couple enjoying lunch.

Crazy Lady: "Hey, do you guys live around here?"

Man: "Uhhh, like maybe 20 minutes away. Why?"

Crazy Lady: "Oh, ok, I just hate everyone from around here. It's just not normal. I'm from Jersey, don't you know? It's so much better there. I just can't stand it here!!! Everyone is just a redneck! It's disgusting! Don't you think so?"

Man: "Uh, what?"

Before she could respond, a floor manager came over and asked her to return to her seat. She did, but not before telling the manager that everyone who lived around here was "just a dirty hick."

Not sure if she disturbed anyone else while she ate, but after her meal, she returned to the hostess stand and stated, "Just so you know, that was the worst food I've ever eaten. I'm sure I'll get sick now. What a terrible place!" And with that, she left without paying.



"There’s this guy who came in our store right before closing, last Saturday night. He walked up to the register and said, “I need a job.” My boss said, “You can apply online through (so and so) dot com.” He then replied, “Do I have to use a computer to apply?” We said yes (of course) and he said he didn’t have access to a computer. He proceeds to walk away. I and my boss just figured he was drunk; he looked like an ordinary guy with a clean t-shirt, pants, and dressy shoes. Nothing weird.

Today, I saw the same guy walking around the store lurking around. He approaches me and inquires, “Can you get me something for free here? Like a muffin or banana?” I replied “No” with a straight face and walked away.

I’m not sure if he’s newly homeless or what. I’ve been working there for over a year and have never seen a guy so peculiar.

P.S. He was wearing the same clean clothes." FI


"I work as a cashier at a Mexican fast food chain. The location where I work is near a large, internationally known university and a number of historic sites, so we get a lot of tourists. This story happened last summer.

I noticed the woman when she walked in, she was Asian and had a small daughter in tow. It was late morning, just after we opened, so we weren't busy yet. She had a lot of trouble ordering, as she barely spoke any English. No big deal, we have dozens of customers every day who speak minimal or no English, and our team is pretty good at helping them get what they want.

She gets to the counter, along with the burrito she's ordered, and I'm able to confirm her order, and that she doesn't want anything else. Excellent. I read her the price, "Seven-twenty-eight," and she pulls a wad of hundreds out of her wallet. Uh, okay, I have several customers a day who pay with hundreds. No big deal, though this was an absurd amount of money (several thousand dollars, at least).

But then, she counts off eight of them and hands me $800. Later, I realized that she had probably heard the price as 728, not $7.28 and that perhaps if she was wealthy and Japanese, the price hadn't seemed that unusual. However, at the moment I just stood there, befuddled by someone paying 100 times the correct price. I handed back seven of the bills and she looked just as confused as I did, before breaking out in hysterical laughter, realizing her mistake. My manager, watching all of this, had to go into the back to hide because he was laughing so hard at this exchange.

I've had a lot of crazy things happen there (fights, strange customers, last week an arrest of a customer during our lunch rush) but I think this is my favorite memory, because of how silly it was." M


"I work at a suburban coffee shop. Since we are in the suburbs, we really don't see any homeless people, and we don't get too many crazies. While the "bubble" around our city is somewhat worrisome, as many people here have had no exposure to those different from themselves (this town is 92% Caucasian as of the 2010 census, and the median salary is six digits), we do have one very strange customer, who we call the 'Creeper Sleeper.'

This man comes in most mornings about a half hour after we open, and proceeds to set up in one of the comfy chairs. His backpack, Vaseline, and lotion go on one of the end tables, then he comes and gets a tall iced coffee. After this, he promptly falls asleep in the said chair for the next five or six hours, his laptop opens on his lap as though he's trying to pretend that he's working or something.

When he finally wakes up around noon, he takes the Vaseline, lotion, and laptop and disappears into the bathroom for the next half hour. This guy seriously makes me uncomfortable, and I try my best to avoid speaking with him when at all possible.

Unfortunately, he saw me getting into my car one day. My car has a few bumper stickers; a touristy one from a vacation, a Norwegian flag, one from the Rally to Restore Sanity put on by Jon Stewart a couple years back, and a small cross. He had to spot the cross, and has decided that I'm his favorite employee because I'm "a good, upstanding Christian girl". So now he tries to chat me up, tries to convert my coworkers, and generally creeps us all out.

And no matter how brusque we are with him, he won't take the hint and just go away, which is what we'd really like him to do." D


"I’ve been a cashier for over two years now so I’ve seen all kinds of weird, funny, and borderline insane things happen while working. Today has been super slow until I helped my last customer. He was an elderly gentleman just buying a few small items so I greeted him and scanned his items then told him his total.

As I waited to see what his method of payment would be he started unbuckling and unzipping his pants and I was shocked so I quickly looked away because 'what the heck?' Then he quickly started apologizing and said, “No no, I’m not trying to be indecent or anything! I’m just wearing two pairs of pants and my wallet is inside.”

I slowly started to look back and I saw that he was, in fact, wearing a second pair of pants under the first and digging for his wallet. I just laughed awkwardly and he paid and started to leave. I told him to have a great night and he just said “alright” in the most serious way as if accepting my words as a command. The strange part was the top layer of pants didn’t seem to be painting pants or anything like that, they were just normal slacks from what I could tell. Overall interesting customer compared to the rest of this night. It cracked me up and I think I’ll remember this one for quite a while." HJ

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