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Friday, August 26, 2022

Old Snake-Skinned Woman Manifests, Attempted to Possess Witness

A San Francisco apartment exhibits a variety of unexplained activities. One night, an old haggard, snake-skinned woman appears and attempts to take control of the witness. Afterward, the activity stops.

I received the following account:

“It was winter of 2006 and I had just moved to San Francisco, CA from the Pacific Northwest to attend college. It was my first time living away from my family, so I shared a one-bedroom apartment with my high school best friend. We were living off-campus in an apartment building in Nob Hill. My first semester of college was chaotic and stressful as expected, but nothing could have explained the mystery of our apartment.

It started with the boombox mysteriously turning itself on and off. I thought I had accidentally left it on overnight when it would start playing on the radio, but it kept happening, even when we weren’t home. Things progressively got weirder as our kitchen cabinet doors would open and close themselves when no one was in the room. As more weeks passed, the bathroom door and bedroom doors would open and close on their own in the middle of the night, sometimes slamming. Eventually, we would experience all these happenings at night, which increased our fear of our apartment.

One night after an impossibly long day at school and work, I made dinner, finished some homework, and went to sleep. I randomly woke up in the middle of the night to find myself exactly in the same position in my bed, with everything in my room the same as before falling asleep, but I’m completely stiff. I can’t move. I try to speak, but I don’t have a voice, and my mouth won’t open. My focus is pulled to this dense, black cloud looming in the corner of my ceiling, and I can’t look away, as much as I want to.

A figure starts to emerge out of this plume, and I see an old woman with straggly, long black hair. She’s very pale, meek, with sunken features. Her skin is gray and textured like a snake, and her eyes are black and hollow. I can only see the top half of her body as the rest of her body is submerged in this black fog. She’s summoning me. She doesn’t say anything to me, but I feel her presence, and I feel her wanting to take me off this plane. I’m scared and shaking, terrified I might die. This woman is trying to take my soul. I feel her pulling on my chest, moving me, lifting me off my bed about a foot. I still can’t move, but she continues to pull me higher and higher toward her. I’m trying to fight back. I’m trying to scream and yell, but I can’t, still have no voice, and am still paralyzed.

I realize I must communicate with her the same way she did with me (telepathically), and I ask her to let me go. I plead that it’s not my time to go yet, I have so much more to live for, that she’s got the wrong person and after a few minutes of crying and begging she releases me back down to my bed. I fall hard about 6 feet onto my bed and wake up. My eyes open and everything is still exactly as it was, but I still can’t speak or move. I convince myself that I’m still in my dream, that if I close and open my eyes again, I’ll wake up. I try it again, and this time I can move. I find my voice, but I still can’t tell if this was a dream or reality. Everything looks exactly as it had moments before, but now I’m able to move around.

Completely freaked out, I run to my roommate’s bed upset and trying to make sense of what happened, and ask to sleep with her. She obliges. She consoles me and calms me down after about an hour, then directs me to count sheep with her until eventually I fall back asleep and stay asleep until morning. After my confrontation with this unexplained figure, our odd occurrences stopped. The doors no longer opened and closed themselves, and our radio stayed in its on/off position, and we never had another issue again.” J

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